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Get a Sneak Peek of My New Workout DVD!

By: , SparkPeople Blogger
10/21/2009 8:32 AM   :  66 comments   :  8,802 Views

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I can hardly contain my excitement as I write this post. There's something that I've been hiding for a while and as much as I wanted to, I wasn't able to tell anyone about it. But the day for my big reveal is finally here, and I hope that you will be as excited about it as I am!

Most of you know me from the SparkPeople workout videos. Some of you may also know that I created a couple workout DVDs for the SparkPeople Store. But what you don't know is that I designed and shot eight new workouts for a brand new fitness DVD a few months ago. This wasn't just any video shoot. We built our very own set, shot it on a real sound stage, and I even had my own make-up artist and stylist for the two-day shoot. Probably the most exciting part for me was that I bought eight new workout outfits to wear (and you know how much I love workout clothes!)

This isn't just any fitness DVD either. I designed it as a compliment to our new book The Spark, and like that book, it will be sold in retail stores nationwide. Look out world: Coach Nicole is going to hit the mainstream!

Now, you can get a sneak peek at one of the new 10-minute workouts from my forthcoming DVD: Fit, Firm & Fired Up in 10 Minutes a Day!

Every person who preorders The Spark before its publish date (December 29, 2009) will receive a bunch of free gifts, including special access to one full-length workout from this DVD, which won't be available for purchase until mid-December. (You get lots of other stuff by pre-ordering, too, such as 2,000 SparkPoints and steep discounts up to 50% off the list price!)

Here's what some other members had to say about the free workout:

"Love it, love it, love it!!! The energy is great, the instructions are thorough, the enthusiasm in catching! There's no question Coach Nicole knows what she's talking about and obviously lives the principles she's teaching. You look mahvelous dahling! I wish aesthetics didn't matter so much (referencing past video comments), but I must say the set and especially Coach Nicole look fantastic! Keep up the GREAT work!" –ANDREA0301

"I haven't had a chance to work out to the video, but I did watch it. I often travel for work and the video will be a great way for me to get a decent workout in my room. When I'm home, I tend to head to the gym more. I might buy the DVD when it comes out though because the workout was straight-forward and to the point. None of the cheerleader rah rah stuff (not that that's bad by itself, but it gets old after watching a routine more than a couple of times)." –CYSCOKITTY

"Wow! What a great workout! My abs are just screaming. I can't keep up with it, but I like that it isn't too easy. A great challenge! I must point out I love the backdrop and stage layout. The colors that were used are quite cheerful...a happy place to work out. Can't wait to see the whole DVD. I hope it is available for holiday gift giving, because I'll definitely put it on my wish list! Thanks Coach Nicole you've done a great job!" –ALEXIAAG

"I love that you take the time to instruct us without talking down to us. I avoid purchasing workout videos because I feel the people in them are fake and they don't help me feel good about trying to get healthy, rather they make me feel ashamed that I don't look like them."–ENUFALRDY
I think this quote from SparkPeople member LOWCOUNTRYGIRL best conveys our goals with creating this DVD:

“I would like to say that I credit my own success to using the SparkPeople videos. I have tried many workout videos in the past and never can stick to one. However, I have been using SparkPeople’s videos for the past three months and have gotten great results. Coach Nicole’s approachable style of teaching really makes a difference! Kudos to SparkPeople for having a REAL person as a positive inspiration to us all!”
I am more proud of this new DVD than of almost any of the workouts I have made so far. Similar to our popular "Bootcamp" challenges that have been so successful on the site, this DVD features seven 10-minute workouts, one for each day of the week, plus a bonus 15-minute cardio workout. There are two different workouts for each major muscle group (upper body, lower body and core) and it comes with a simple workout plan that explains which workouts to do on which days. You only need a pair of dumbbells to follow along, and like most of my workouts, it's highly suitable for beginners, while still giving options for people who are more advanced.

The whole point of the program is to make fitness a habit, to start a workout "streak" that lasts and get real results. It even includes several bonus features and training tips to help you get the most of your workout plan. My favorite workout on the DVD is called "Strengthen and Lengthen," and it's a yoga-Pilates fusion workout that you do at the end of each week for active recovery, light strength training and flexibility. If you don't want to follow the 7-day program, you can use the workouts on the DVD in a variety of workout combinations, some of which are programmed onto the menu for ideas.

It's exciting to think that if The Spark is successful, then by default this new DVD will be, too, since many fans of the book will likely want to buy the DVD to get started on their fitness programs. I know that I am not the most toned or leanest fitness instructor in the world, but I'm OK with that. I'm not about looking perfect or like some fitness ideal—quite the contrary. I just want to get regular people to exercise and be healthier, and I hope they will welcome me into their living rooms and see me as realistic and relatable. If that inspires them to pop in the DVD the next day, too, then I've done my job.

I hope that you will preorder The Spark (if you haven't already) and take advantage of this free workout preview, and that you can share in my excitement for this project! Please look for Fit, Firm and Fired Up in the SparkPeople Store this December and nationwide in retail stores and online book retailers in January!

If you pre-ordered the book, have you had a chance to try the free workout? If so, what do you think of it? Would you consider purchasing this new DVD when it's released?

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    I, too, preordered The Spark but have not seen the DVD. How do I see it? - 12/19/2009   11:39:07 AM
  • 65
    I pre ordered the book but never figured out how to see the video preview.
    Is it too late to see?? If not how do I access it.
    I love the concept of 10 minute increments. Sometimes that is all the energy I have left at the end of the day. - 12/17/2009   6:19:46 PM
  • 64
    you look amazing and the video looks super awesome, i am excited to try out some of these new moves you're showing off! :) - 11/21/2009   6:10:03 PM
  • 63
    You deserve a raise, Nicole. - 11/2/2009   10:51:07 AM
    I have also preordered the book and am looking forward to receiving it. Have not had a chance to try out the video. Gotta find it. I love this site and all it offers. I did receive my spark points but have not received any other bonus for preordering. - 10/25/2009   4:58:15 PM
  • 61
    I'm so happy to see you "going public!" You are an awesome trainer - I've benefitted hugely from every one of your bootcamps and now use your 10 m a day approach every day by mixing the videos all up, 2 per day, focusing on upper, lower, or core in turn. I will definitely be getting your dvd when it comes out! I tried the preview and loved it...but it kept stopping on me, so I never did finish it.... Anybody else have this problem? Help? Was it just too popular at the moment I was trying it? - 10/24/2009   9:28:25 AM
  • 60
    I have preordered the book but haven't had a chance to try the new workout! Thanks or the reminder...I will try it out this weekend! - 10/23/2009   4:32:48 PM
  • 59
    Nice work Coach! I haven't been interested in the other fitness videos (just cause I prefer to be outside) but I'm going to have to do this one now that I've seen it. - 10/23/2009   10:15:09 AM
  • 58
    I wish I hadn't already spent my $20 Spark gift certificate. I would have saved it to buy the DVD! Best of luck, Nicole. - 10/23/2009   12:59:37 AM
  • 57
    Congratulations! And very exciting for all of us to see your success! I will be ordering the DVD! - 10/22/2009   9:16:11 PM
  • 56
    Coach Nicole, As I've told you before, your videoes are wonderful for me as a blind "viewer"! I was able to do most of the abs workout with not asking for help. One exercise had me slightly confused, but I asked hubby to look at it and he helped get me in the right form! Nonetheless, the video was great and like someone else said, my abs were screaming! I simply can't wait for the new DVD and am happy for you and your debut into the mainstream! I have to admit, I kinda would like to keep you all to ourselves, but know you will be a huge and stunning success! I mean I'd like to keep you as our little secret to success! As soon as I can order it in December I will! I just ordered your Starter Kit workout DVD with my SP gift certificate and can't wait to do those workouts as well! I congratulate you and thank you once again for making videoes that a blind person can follow or a person who may have to just turn up the volume and workout from a different room....I am stronger, fitter and confident thanks to your accessable style and constant encouragement! Again, can't wait!! - 10/22/2009   7:32:17 PM
  • 55
    That's great. Will the DVD be available in all regions? I can't play US DVDs on my European DVD player and a multi region DVD player is not in the budget. I don't mean to sound negative but those of us outside of the US can't always fully utilise all the stuff you promote (for example using my gift certificate is useless since shipping costs are prohibitive). - 10/22/2009   5:06:21 PM
    Coach Nicole!!!! AWESOME!!!! I am so excited for you and for us. I remember reading about some of the not-so-nice comments you received and thought, HUH????? She is awesome! And you are!! Congratulations. I will definitely be purchasing the videos. Thank you for keeping us strong and healthy. - 10/22/2009   4:49:24 PM
  • 53
    Congrats!!! Way to go! I will be ordering the d.v.d. ....... thanks!!! - 10/22/2009   2:17:46 PM
  • 52
    I preordered the book and couldn't wait to try the video preview! I am a tried and true Nicole fan. I joined the New You Bootcamp in January and the Sweatsuit to Swimsuit Bootcamp in the spring. I continue to use the videos as my main strength training. You make fitness training fun and accessible to all! The new video met all my expectations and I look forward to its release in December. Thank you for all you do for all of us on SparkPeople, and now for everyone else, too. Congratulations and all the best! - 10/22/2009   11:25:11 AM
  • 51
    THIS IS SO EXCITING!!! Your workouts are AWESOME and the whole country NEEDS to see them!!! Congrats to you - you deserve this! Ever since your 15 min cardio session at the OH convention - I have been itching to do another class - that was so much fun!!! I will definitely get these videos so i can workout with you again! way to go!!! - 10/22/2009   11:24:24 AM
  • 50
    Nicole, you are by far my most favorite coach in the world :). I love your vids, and I'm so excited for you that you are gonna get to go mainstream and get some well-deserved national media attention (fingers crossed!) Can't wait to purchase the full video, and congratulations! - 10/22/2009   11:18:49 AM
  • 49
    no extra money in the budget right now, but I can't wait to start saving up for your DVD when it comes out! I love the way you lead a workout and I love the picture that's with this blog. You look so excited! - 10/22/2009   10:43:46 AM
    I pre-ordered the spark, got the free workout preview, and loved it! Coach Nicole, you are awesome! I love doing your exercise workouts on sparkpeople. I get a great workout, and you are so easy to follow! I wish there was a 30 minute workout on sparkpeople. - 10/22/2009   10:01:37 AM
  • 47
    I'm SO GLAD you're going mainstream! I can't wait to see this in stores, and I'm definitely going to purchase it! I enjoy all your workouts . . . you're so 'people friendly' and good with timing . . it's wonderful to join you in the videos. Looking forward to the DVD!!!!! - 10/22/2009   9:49:40 AM
    I cannot wait for the video to come out! I pre-ordered The Spark and have had a chance to see the abs workout, and it's killer! I'm looking forward to the video and using at as an alternative to the days when I don't hit the Y. I need variety in my strength training routines and I think this will be the perfect compliment. Thank you for making fitness so accessible and enjoyable for everyone! - 10/22/2009   9:42:08 AM
  • 45
    I totally LOVED the snippet that we received upon preordering THE SPARK. YOU are gorgeous in the video and soooooo professional! I am so flippin excited about this and will be saving my pennies for the DVD!!! You rock my Spark world, Coach Nicole!! - 10/22/2009   9:40:17 AM
  • 44
    nicole, you are SO gonna kick NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL BUTT with your new dvd. it's awesome! plus, never sell yourself short: you are young, vivacious, trim, toned, strong, and BEAUTIFUL! there IS NO BETTER combination than what you possess. so, reap the rewards of all of your hard work and dedication. you share the wealth of your knowledge and inspiration each time you connect with somebody. ROCK ON, COACH! you are my sparksuperstar! nancy - 10/22/2009   9:38:56 AM
  • 43
    Wow, Coach Nicole, I am sooo excited for you!! The video is great and you've included some exercises I hadn't seen before. Sometimes I look at exercise videos and wonder how this is going to be different from what I already have. Well, you did it! Your pre-order sneak peak video is tough, but made easy for those of us who are not as fit...yet. To me, it oozes what SparkPeople is all about! Great job! I am looking forward to the dvd. (It has also inspired me to do a bootcamp!) Kudos! - 10/22/2009   9:05:09 AM
  • 42
    You are a BEAUTIFUL example of healthy! I am a fan! - 10/22/2009   8:52:37 AM
    We're so proud of you! ^^ - 10/22/2009   8:35:16 AM
  • 40
    I preordered The Spark, & got my bonus Spark Points plus the icon and membership in the team, but for the life of me have not been able to figure out how to see this workout. Can someone help me? - 10/22/2009   8:10:15 AM
  • 39
    Congratulations, Nicole! - 10/22/2009   8:04:18 AM
  • 38
    I think we are all excited with you!!! I am going to get the DVD. I love your workouts! You make me feel like I really can do the work. Other DVD's intimidate me. - 10/22/2009   7:40:15 AM
  • 37
    i pre ordered th book, but I havent gotten the DVD yet - 10/22/2009   7:18:26 AM
  • 36
    I'm ordering right now... Yay, you! - 10/22/2009   6:30:32 AM
  • 35
    I just figured out how to preview the DVD workout. When you pre-order The Spark book, you get a thank you email from "The Spark Guy" in your spark mail. There is a link provided in this email that gets you to the preview of the DVD workout. Enjoy.
    - 10/22/2009   5:13:27 AM
  • 34
    Coach Nicole,

    I know you've blogged before about how you don't have the perfect body, nor the glamour, to put out a DVD outside of Spark - but now you have. You've broken through that "Hollywood concept" of beauty, and I for one am really proud you've done so.

    Why? Because you look like a very well toned, real person.

    38 years ago, I fell in love with a real woman. She was active, hugely fun to talk with, slender and attractive,but, she didn't look like a model or one of those movie stars. But I didn't look like one of those "Joe Six-pack" male models and I have never been confused for a male actor. I was military service combat strong.

    I don't know how many men have told you that you are a knockout (I'm old enough to be you grandfather, so don't take this the wrong way), but you really are. You don't look fake. You favor my best friend in high school. Smart, enthusiastic about life (though sometimes a little on the reserved side), witty, and I bet you make an awesome friend.

    My best friend is the only person (and only woman) I've kept track of and in contact with longer than my wife (wife = 39 years, BF = 48 years). She no longer holds the status of best friend (she's now my second best friend), that's reserved for my DW.

    My DW has committed to join me in following the Spark, starting November 5th.

    You are a huge reason she is doing so. I've had her watch some of your exercise videos. You are not frightening to her. You remind her of her best friend in high school and you're enthusiastic without being over the top.

    Congratulations on your video. I hope that as a zillionaire, you'll continue to help Spark us. - 10/21/2009   8:28:04 PM
  • 33
    Congratulations to Coach Nicole! I'm so happy that my special little website is moving into bookstores and dvd sales, tv - the spark is everywhere! I've been having a bad week, and this is great news that really makes me feel better. I'm happy for coach Nicole, and I'm excited to be a part of sparkpeople! - 10/21/2009   5:58:56 PM
  • 32
    Congratulation Coach Nicole! Yes, I would definitely be interesting in purchasing both the book and DVD. - 10/21/2009   5:21:47 PM
    Hi...I have a couple of questions that I hope you can answer. In the above blog, you state that "Every person who pre-orders THE SPARK before its publish date (December 29. 2009) will receive a bunch of free gifts, including access to 1 full-length workout from this DVD, which won't be available for purchase until mid-December. (You get lots of other stuff by pre-ordering too, such as 2000 Spark Points and steep discounts up to 50% off the list price!) I only received 1000 Spark Points and I know the discount wasn't 50% off the book. Can you clear this up for me? Thanks. - 10/21/2009   5:06:04 PM
  • 30
    Coach Nicole, I'm not sure if you realize how important you are to the healthy living community. People need to see realistic examples of fitness so that they recognize it as something they too can achieve. I think you look fantastic, and I have no doubt that your video will reach many people and lead them unto good health.

    (I preordered the book, but admit I'm getting a bit impatient. Make with the book already!) - 10/21/2009   4:56:37 PM
  • 29
    I tried out the sneak preview last night - it was a lot of fun! I am absolutely buying this video when it comes out. I am very excited for you Coach Nicole! I love that your workouts are very accessible to everyone, but still are super challenging. Simple moves usually, but it really gives me a great workout! - 10/21/2009   4:32:34 PM
  • 28
    Thank you so much Coach Nicole, because of you I have done more Spark videos than I ever thought possible. Before you, when someone mentioned a workout video, I would walk away imbarressed and depressed because I always thought these workouts were for the pros, not a beginner like me.

    Again, Thank you for all of your hard work and support for those of us who are not cardio and workout DVD pros. - 10/21/2009   3:34:37 PM
  • 27
    Yes, I just tried it last night and it's very good although. I'm more of a fan of cardio DVDs. You look great too - very glamourous ;-) - 10/21/2009   3:14:45 PM
  • 26
    Coach Nicole-
    You are wonderful on the video! I appreciate you NOT being a fitness stick model, but a real person. It's so cool you can be all of our personal trainer! The video is great! I didn't even get too sore from doing the workout.
    Is it possible to get it linked to the "My Fitness Workouts" so it's counted in our exercise for the day? Other videos are there, but this one isn't.
    WOO...HOO!!!! - 10/21/2009   2:09:36 PM
  • 25
    I have pre-ordered the book... not sure how I'm going to make it until January to get it. (lol) I couldn't get the link to run the video, I'm going to try again because I'm excited about the DVD too, it's the reason I pre-ordered! - 10/21/2009   2:02:12 PM
  • 24
    Will pre order today!!! - 10/21/2009   1:51:03 PM
  • 23
    I pre-ordered the book but did not pay attention to the details of all of my free stuff and I can not longer find the link to see the free workout to preview. Can anyone help me?

    Shelia - 10/21/2009   1:43:11 PM
    Congrats! I just did the 10-min. video again last night and loved it. I can't wait to buy the DVD. - 10/21/2009   1:35:09 PM
  • 21
    I pre-ordered the book, but have not seen how to get the preview of the video yet. I did get my points, but that is all. - 10/21/2009   1:30:17 PM
  • 20
    I haven't seen the video or pre-ordered the book --- but from your other SP videos that I have and have done, I know this new one is just gonna BLOW the competition out of the water! Looking forward to getting a few - great Christmas gifts!!!! - 10/21/2009   1:20:14 PM
    Congraulations, Nicole!
    Looking forward to ordering your exercise program. Love your little work outs on Spark. Thank you.

    Juliet - 10/21/2009   1:19:48 PM
  • 18
    Thats exciting!! I haven't pre-ordered the book yet, but I want to soon!! Can't wait to see the preview!! - 10/21/2009   1:02:18 PM
  • 17
    I preordered the book but havn't collected any of my bonus' yet. Look forward to doing the workout. Most workouts seem so complicated that I give up before I learn the routine. Thinking this one just might be more down to earth and usable for me. Great job. - 10/21/2009   1:01:20 PM

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