Even Kate Winslet Battles Her Self-Esteem


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Even gorgeous, Oscar-nominated actresses like Kate Winslet battle with their self esteem.

Winslet, 33, has been quite vocal about her rejection of Hollywood's unattainable body image standards for women, and last year she won a libel case against an Italian gossip magazine that claimed she had seen a diet doctor.

Still, she says she feels like a "fat kid."

"I was fat. I didn't know any fat famous actresses," she tells December's Vanity Fair. "I just did not see myself in that world at all, and I'm being very sincere.

"You know, once a fat kid, always a fat kid," she adds. "Because you always think that you just look a little bit wrong or a little bit different from everyone else. And I still sort of have that."

The English actress has been nominated for five Oscars--two years ago at age 31, she became the youngest actress to do so--and has two children, ages 8 and 5. She's talented, beautiful and successful. And yet she still doesn't feel comfortable in her skin. Now, some people are saying that she was airbrushed for photos in the very same issue that she made those comments.

Winslet, who famously exposed the airbrush job that GQ did to her photos a few years back, denies the airbrushing.

To me, Winslet seems like a great body role model. Like so many of us, she battles her weight and her self esteem, yet she doesn’t let that stand in her way. And I think she's quite brave for making such an admission in an image-obsessed industry.

What do you think about Kate Winslet rejecting the Hollywood body image?

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  • 45
    It's so important that we look past all the rubbish that we are fed from the marketing people. When people like Kate speak out, I think it really does help many people. Another actress who has been very vocal is Jamie Lee Curtis. - 11/9/2008   8:42:00 PM
  • 44
    Kate Winslet is beautiful just the way she is and is absolutely a role model! - 11/9/2008   8:00:27 PM
    i always thought kate was a skinny actress. she's beautiful, smart, and very talented. - 11/9/2008   7:09:05 PM
  • 42
    Give them hell. I know I will never be a size zero and the pressure put on teen and tween girls to be thin is damaging. - 11/9/2008   5:56:44 PM
    I really like kate, but skinny actresses have their issues of self-esteem as well. - 11/9/2008   5:30:02 PM
  • 40
    Yay for Kate! I am tired of the media portraying models and actresses as being perfect. They're not...nobody is. The media also pretends that when we see celebrities in movies or photos, they really look that way. Even after loads of professional makeup, the celebs are still photo shopped. We have to remember that celebrities have professional makeup artists, stylists, hairdressers, nutritionists/trainers, as well as the media behind them to make them look the way they do. Anyone with those tools could look like a celebrity. - 11/9/2008   12:59:40 PM
  • 39
    It amazes me that someone who i consider to be so beautiful struggles. It proves to me that I am enough just as I am. Here we could be fawinging to be someone else, and you'd be shocked to know that they want to be you!
    We all struggle, we all have to find a way to battle through it. I think Kate Winslet is doing a great job! - 11/9/2008   12:18:22 PM
  • 38
    I have enjoyed Kate Winslet's acting ever since I saw "Beautiful Creatures." You could tell that she struggled with her weight even through the course of making "Titanic," and I think she looks better on the heavier side! Everyone's ideal weight is not skeletal; most of us look better with some curves. I'm glad she is forthcoming about her weight issues. Thanks Kate! We love you!! - 11/9/2008   12:06:49 PM
  • 37
    I've always loved her ever since I saw her in Titanic. And I really admire her for these statements and for her coming out against GQ for what they did to her cover photo. Anyone who thinks that they need to "touch up" photos of Kate Winslet is living in a whole different world from me. - 11/9/2008   11:42:44 AM
  • 36
    Kudos to Kate! - 11/9/2008   11:30:50 AM
  • 35
    I believe Kate is beautiful and her body is gorgeous because she is healthy looking. She is a REAL woman and looks perfect for her own body structure/type. Kudos to her for being honest, open, and real because she does not believe in conforming her unique self to show biz's crazy standards of today. - 11/9/2008   11:29:55 AM
  • 34
    She is a beautiful woman and I say "Good for her!" She's honest. - 11/9/2008   10:58:38 AM
    anyone who stands tall and maintains a healthy attitude about body image...is good in my books.....and Kate should be a spokeperson to young people......

    her attitude could save lives.....quite literally!

    and to admit she has doubts about herself...just tells me she is just like ME.....in that regard....
    - 11/9/2008   8:51:21 AM
  • 32
    Self esteem IS an issue that is really hard to 'get over' no matter how many months/years you succeed in whatever goal it is, whether it be weight loss or career oriented or anything!
    It seems that little voice that tells us we CAN'T is louder than the voice that tells us we CAN.

    I think that Ms Winslet should be commended on her voice to Hollywood - too many of those women are or making themselves ill to be the 'picture perfect' images that HOLLYWOOD wants to see. Who says the general populations wants to see this??? And, who says that THAT is the 'perfect' image, anyway? - 11/9/2008   8:23:47 AM
  • PANKA@
    She is just beautiful!!! - 11/9/2008   8:14:15 AM
    I am so happy that Kate is speaking out. It makes me sick how the media portrays healthy women as being fat, just because they're not a size 0. I shudder to think of all the females that strive to look like them, going so far as to starve to death. - 11/9/2008   7:58:48 AM
    I think Kate is a very beautiful, healthy looking woman - and if i could aspire to look like a famous actress then she would be at the top of my list! - 11/9/2008   7:22:21 AM
  • 28
    I sure hope Kate gets a chance to read this because it looks like we all agree--she's gorgeous the way she is. It would be a shame to see her become a Hollywood clone boney, skinny size 0 thing. - 11/9/2008   7:15:47 AM
  • 27
    Kate is a gorgeous woman. Just because she isn't a bone rack they want to airbrush her? Ridiculous! As far as my goals go, I'd rather be a Kate Winslet than a Cameron Diaz... - 11/9/2008   6:32:20 AM
    Isn't it strange that before the 1960's her body would not even be remarked on? Marilyn Monroe was a size 14, for heaven's sake, and she was a bombshell! I don't like what has happened to the standard of beauty... skinny is not pretty. Soft, curvy, healthy and toned IS. - 11/9/2008   4:31:37 AM
  • 25
    I love Kate & I admire her for her honesty. She's not one actresses that claims to be "naturally" thin. She struggles like the rest of us & it makes her human, - 11/9/2008   3:06:32 AM
  • 24
    I think more in hollywood could benefit from this--she's got the right idea that there is no "perfect size" and refusing to let someone tell her she's too big. I think fewer young people would have body image issues and eating disorders if they didn't see 6 foot tall, 95 pound women and think that's normal. - 11/9/2008   2:57:26 AM
    I like her. - 11/9/2008   2:48:43 AM
  • 22
    I Like Her ... enough said !! Bravo!!! - 11/9/2008   12:24:00 AM
  • 21
    She looks a lot healthier than most of the other actresses, but I understand how you can feel fat when you are surrounded by stick figures. I'm from Japan and in the US I am considered thin but when I go to Japan people tell me I need to lose weight , even when I only weighed 98 lbs. When everyone else weighs 80 lbs, you are fat at 98 lbs. Healthy becomes the new fat. - 11/9/2008   12:09:16 AM
  • 20
    A good role model for younger generations?

    I think she's a good role model full stop. - 11/8/2008   11:48:31 PM
    I think Kate Winslet is quite proportional, and perfect after having two children. Kudos, to you Kate!! I just love her, she is just such a positive role model. - 11/8/2008   10:51:08 PM
  • 18
    Kate Winslet looks great & will be a great role model for the up coming generation. - 11/8/2008   10:37:36 PM
    I think she looks much better than some of the super skinny actresses out there. - 11/8/2008   10:33:14 PM
  • 16
    Dealing with a life long image of myself as the fat girl has been one of the issues to deal with as I've lost much of my weight. I can remember weighing what I do now and feeling like I was soooooo fat. Now,not so much any more because I've been to the obese side of the moon and now have the fear of falling back there, so I watch to the point of obsession, which I have to figure out how to temper too.
    The other issue I have to deal with is other people's image of me - I was the fat girl to them too, now they think I've lost too much - yet my BMI is still over weight!
    I'm becoming happier and hope to be at happy some time soon. - 11/8/2008   9:34:17 PM
  • 15
    I am watching Kate right this minute in "The Holiday". She is beautiful and I'm happy she's not SKINNY. Woman have curves and Hollywood wants us all to look like men. We must rail against this very loudly. Just because you are skinny...doesn't mean you are healthy. And...just because you might look a little "heavier" than Hollywould might like, doesn't mean your are UNhealthy. God made us all different. A pound or two does not make you fat. I hope she fights this tooth and nail. She is beautiful and an outstanding role model for young girls. - 11/8/2008   9:02:19 PM
    She looks great. - 11/8/2008   9:00:16 PM
  • 13
    I, personally, think this is where we have to protect our daughters so they have great self esteem when it comes to their bodies. God gave us the just right body and if we care for it healthily, that is all He wants from us. It is too bad there is so much pressure in the arts industry for weight. I, myself, love watching stars who know their bodies and are happy with them. There are quite a few but, unfortunately there are more that do awful things and will pay for it later, I am sure. Is it really worth it for a part? Money isn't worth that much. I used to work in Beverly Hills and I know the pressures of looking good. I wouldn't pass today, but I don't care. I care that I clean my body correctly and try to take care of myself and buy clothes that fit. If I get a great deal on a clearance item, I pay for alterations. lol Jim*s_Queenie - 11/8/2008   8:37:23 PM
  • 12
    Kate is beautiful, she's a good actree and rolemodel. Good to no not all stars are anorexic, I hope to look like her one day - 11/8/2008   8:24:42 PM
  • SHERI1969
    Why should actors or actresses FEEL any different than the rest of us? I'm sure many more have self-esteem and self-image problems but just say nothing. Perhaps if more spoke out on their issues, there would be less pressure on girls and women to be a skinny rake. - 11/8/2008   7:24:11 PM
  • 10
    I think magazines are going to do whatever to images to make them achieve higher sales because that's what their game is all about. I seriously doubt that celebrities have too much control passed the photo shoot. I have always, always, ALWAYS admired Kate Winslet for how she speaks out regarding body image. She is so beautiful and talented, and yet she is REAL. - 11/8/2008   6:44:39 PM
  • 9
    i think she looks great leave it alone - 11/8/2008   5:19:28 PM
    Women these days need to focus on the lovely ladies in Hollywood like Kate Winslet, Liv Tyler and even look back to Marilyn Monroe. They are not itty, bitty and perfect...they are natural and beautiful. I was always one of the "fat kids", but my parents never made me feel weird about it or even self conscious. I didn't feel that way until I got into middle school and either you were thin, pretty and popular or not thin, ugly and unpopular. I have gotten my head on straight again and don't care what people think of how I look, but how I feel about myself and look at myself. Reading about Kate Winslet helps a lot with how I see myself. Since I first saw her in Titanic, I thought she was absolutely gorgeous and never imagined she would have "issues" at all. She is an awesome role model for women of all ages. - 11/8/2008   5:11:20 PM
  • 7
    I think that this is great and hope that it can be a continuing trend to challenge these stick people also known as Hollywood role models (Nichole Ritchie, Calista Flockheart and the such). I love the fact that she is a real girl with classic beauty -- these are the types that we should be idolizing... not the anorexic, airbrushed counterparts! - 11/8/2008   4:41:47 PM
  • 6
    I've always thought Kate Winslet was beautiful, probably more so than many other actresses considered the typical Hollywood beauty. Many are so thin, it's scary, not appealing. As far as I'm concerned, Kate is my role model of beauty both inside and out. And I don't like that Hollywood puts pressure on actresses/models to be so thin that they risk their health to be that way or risk not obtaining certain roles/jobs because they don't meet that perceived standard they think America wants to see. - 11/8/2008   4:13:20 PM
  • 5
    GOOD for her, and I think airbrushing should be illegal, ha! Now stars have to worry about hi-def TV showing they can be as flawed as we are *evil laugh*. - 11/8/2008   4:09:30 PM
  • 4
    Kate is beautiful no matter how they make her out to be. - 11/8/2008   3:14:30 PM
  • 3
    Is in a growing number of actresses like Andy Mcdowell,Susan Sarandon,Jualianne Moore,and Jennifer Garner:That haven't let Hollywood stiffle them as a person.Health and well-being are tied to the person's view of themselves.Many don't think of themselves wholistically, and when that happens we see terrible tradegies like, what happened to Marilyn Monroe or Anna Nicole Smith who, idealized her as a role model.When anyone gets obsessed with beauty at any cost only, and not innner beauty as well, then you are bound to see image, and self esteem issues. - 11/8/2008   3:02:11 PM
  • 2
    Good for Kate. It's nice to know I'm in such good company in the battle to be happy with my weight and the way I look. - 11/8/2008   2:28:40 PM
  • 1
    I think Kate Winslet looks very healthy. She'd be a good role model for younger generations on body image. By rejecting the Hollywood body image, she's sending a message that it is okay to not be size 2 and still look beautiful, and be successful. - 11/8/2008   2:26:36 PM

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