Even Kate Winslet Battles Her Self-Esteem


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Even gorgeous, Oscar-nominated actresses like Kate Winslet battle with their self esteem.

Winslet, 33, has been quite vocal about her rejection of Hollywood's unattainable body image standards for women, and last year she won a libel case against an Italian gossip magazine that claimed she had seen a diet doctor.

Still, she says she feels like a "fat kid."

"I was fat. I didn't know any fat famous actresses," she tells December's Vanity Fair. "I just did not see myself in that world at all, and I'm being very sincere.

"You know, once a fat kid, always a fat kid," she adds. "Because you always think that you just look a little bit wrong or a little bit different from everyone else. And I still sort of have that."

The English actress has been nominated for five Oscars--two years ago at age 31, she became the youngest actress to do so--and has two children, ages 8 and 5. She's talented, beautiful and successful. And yet she still doesn't feel comfortable in her skin. Now, some people are saying that she was airbrushed for photos in the very same issue that she made those comments.

Winslet, who famously exposed the airbrush job that GQ did to her photos a few years back, denies the airbrushing.

To me, Winslet seems like a great body role model. Like so many of us, she battles her weight and her self esteem, yet she doesn’t let that stand in her way. And I think she's quite brave for making such an admission in an image-obsessed industry.

What do you think about Kate Winslet rejecting the Hollywood body image?

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  • 95
    Amazing person and Actress. She stood up not only for herself but for others - 1/1/2015   1:22:08 PM
  • MARIE554281
    I love this lady. She is my favorite actress. She is extremely talented. My favortie movie: Eternal Sunshine of the Spoteless Mind. I think her body is just fine. She has such elegance and is really a classic beauty. I hope she gains self esteem and becomes truly comfortable with herself. She deserves it. - 10/28/2010   4:52:14 AM
  • 93
    I think Kate Winslet is wonderful, I'd kill for a figure like hers!! - 10/11/2010   9:58:45 AM
  • 92
    Kate is a wonderfully talented actress who has always had a woman's body. People can be "thin" and still have curves. I would never consider her overweight or chubby. - 1/29/2010   5:01:09 PM
  • 91
    Bravo to Kate!! Despite her feelings toward herself, she is still successful in her career. All without giving in to the 'demands' of Hollywood and making radical changes. She is beautiful inside and out. She is what a role model should be! - 1/27/2010   12:35:32 PM
  • 90
    I wish that we, as a nation, as a world, would do more rejecting of the unrealistic body images that the media tries to sell us. They are unhealthy, unreal, and usually unattainable. - 1/26/2010   7:45:53 PM
  • 89
    Kels.grl has a great point.

    And because anyone can look beautiful, that's a perfect reason to take heart and just look for the combination of little things that will boost you each day. We can't all afford that top-tier fashion and makeup, but every little thing can help. - 12/22/2009   10:06:47 AM
    As to whether she was *really* heavy back then- I believe it wasn't just in her head. A long time ago, when Titanic came out, I remember her talking about her weight on the view. One interviewer was like, "sure you were picked on, everyone says that". Kate told the woman that she had weighed over 200 pounds. Her honesty was great and you could tell back then that the ladies of the View were genuinely SHOCKED to hear an actress dit to non-perfection and totally taken aback. Of course I don't know her, but Winslet is one of my favorite actresses. I think that her honesty and fearlessness are part of her and carry over into her acting. - 12/17/2009   6:31:39 AM
  • 87
    MOney doesn't buy anything. - 11/24/2009   5:25:44 PM
  • 86
    hollywood is crazy and kudos to kate for recognizing it. Someone els at my job mentioned that she was heavy in Titanic...heavy? I thought she looked fine.... Are young girls are going to die in this world if Kate Winslet is considered fat in Titantic.... there should be more like her! - 9/26/2009   4:56:42 PM
  • 85
    She's gorgeous!! And a great actor! - 9/19/2009   10:02:39 PM
  • 84
    I think Kate is absolutely right on and I applaud her willingness to be herself above all else. - 9/18/2009   11:18:58 AM
  • 83
    I love kate. Period. She is intelligent, gorgeous, and you don't normally see her involved in all the celebrity whoo-ha there is now-a-days! I didn't even know she had kids! I'[d love to see pics of her as a "fat kid" though... since "fat" can often be in the eye of the beholder! - 9/18/2009   10:15:22 AM
  • 82
    Kate Winslet is genuine, forthcoming, intelligent, and beautiful. I love her curves and she has nothing to worry about regarding her personal appearance. But I know how difficult body image can be... - 9/18/2009   9:48:53 AM
  • 81
    Well done Kate! Way to speak for all of us. The Kate Moss, Mary Kate, Cameron Diaz, type images are so "unhealthy" looking. I appreciate people like Kate, Heidi Klum, Queen Latifah, etc....beautiful women of all shapes and sizes, with curves, REAL WOMEN. I wish that poor woman would be left alone. She's an incredible talent and beauty. It's a shame that she has to defend herself....shame on them. Perhaps they have their own issues that they must be miserable about themselves to be pointing the finger to others. - 6/24/2009   12:05:08 PM
  • __IZZA__
    I think she is a role model for women with curves. She is proud over her curves and show that you can be really beautiful with them. - 6/23/2009   3:00:16 PM
    I love the fact that Kate is openly making statements about her weight, and the fact that most of the magazine photos are airbrushed. Too many of us compare ourselves to the photos, not the actual person. Kudos to Kate! - 5/20/2009   5:59:39 PM
    I am going through a hard time with my body image. I have wrote a blog about it. I would
    love other womens opinions!!
    - 4/29/2009   12:18:37 AM
  • 77
    There is absolutely nothing wrong with a healthy body image in Hollywood. I can completely understand the "Once a fat kid, always a fat kid" thought. I used to be overweight and the remarks people made because of my body weight still haunt me. But over time I learn how to deal with it. Kate should just stand her ground. I think she's doing just fine. - 4/25/2009   3:40:53 PM
  • 76
    I remember her being called chubby in Titanic as well. I though the same things what??? She is beautiful and love that she is so open and honest. I too wish more celebs could be that open. - 4/24/2009   4:47:53 PM
  • 75
    Too bad there arent more Kates out there. We see so many celebritys splashed into our everydays and it would be great to see more real people like her. Its not fair, celebs are either at their best or caught on film at their worst. When was the last time we saw the front page of the Star or Enquirer with stars caught being natural? - 4/19/2009   4:09:52 PM
    I think it's great the she's so open about it, and she looks great too. Awesome role model for body image. - 4/18/2009   4:13:33 PM
  • 73
    Men thought* sorry for the typo lol - 4/17/2009   7:41:24 PM
  • 72
    I remember people calling her chubby when titanic came out and I was like what the... ??? I think she looked so glamourous and incredible gorgeous in that movie and men thpugh she was smokin'! They still do... - 4/17/2009   7:41:02 PM
    I saw an interview with Winslet and DiCaprio promoting their new movie. They asked her about this article, and it it was really true and so forth. She kind of laughed and said that it is something she has struggled with for a long time. I know that I had serious body issues when I was an adolescent (during the Kate Moss, I look strung out and haven't eaten for days years where clothes were only cut for bodies with a zero hip to waist ration). I have a perfect hourglass figure, but NOBODY on TV, movies, or in magazines had this (think just before Jennifer Lopez really hit it big). I can definately see why when Kate Winslet was becoming famous she had issues with her hourglass curves, they weren't popular and I'm sure ppl casting movies thought she needed to lose weight.
    Funniest comment from the above interview I mentioned, she said DiCaprio had told her during the shooting of Titanic that she "just needed to let that fat girl thing go" and that she was beautiful. I think every woman needs to hear that if they struggle with similar issues. - 1/27/2009   11:20:29 AM
  • 70
    ummmmm, has anyone watched TITANIC??? She was smokin'! Damn, if Kate Winslet is fat, then I must be a beached whale! - 1/14/2009   10:36:37 AM
  • 69
    I love Kate and the movies she's starred in, how sad that society forces us to judge ourselves by the size jeans we wear! - 12/29/2008   2:39:58 PM
  • 68
    Kate is a beautiful women and a great role model. - 11/12/2008   5:31:40 PM
  • MANDIJ409
    We need more people in the entertainment industry to take the size issue seriously. Kudos to Kate Winslet for not trying to conform to their crazy ideals. Real women are not a size 0. The average women is a size 12. These are the women that I want my daughters to grow up seeing. I don't want them to grow up thinking their fat and need to lose weight just because some celebrity is a size 2. I wish hollywood would take their involvement in our children's health more seriously. I can only do so much on my own. - 11/12/2008   12:46:59 PM
  • 66
    Kate may have curves but she is still very slim and toned. She is probably one of the most real people in the entertainment industry. She is beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside. If there were more actors like her, we would be on the road to a more realistic idea of body image. - 11/12/2008   12:31:47 PM
    I think she's a beautiful woman and a wonderful actress. She's got curves, she's a woman, she's suppose to. - 11/11/2008   11:15:31 PM
  • 64
    I say "Good for her"!!!!
    the only way Hollywood will ever change is for these young starlets to say "I will not conform to the "skinny (size 0)" Image." and then instead of people critizing them embracing them as pioneers into a healthier tomorrow.
    So way to go Kate Winslet!!!! - 11/11/2008   2:34:41 PM
    Maryrains - you've misread the article. Kate denies that she was airbrushed for this December's edition of Vanity Fair. She never denied the airbrushing in GQ a couple of years back and was actually the one to expose it. - 11/11/2008   10:04:48 AM
  • 62
    I really like her a lot. She's gorgeous and she's not the stereotypical stick thin Hollywood celebrity. She is the look of a real woman and she's just beautiful! - 11/11/2008   3:55:42 AM
  • 61
    She should be a school teacher and do something she could feel good about. - 11/11/2008   12:26:12 AM
  • 60
    she's beautiful- its a shame hollywood seemsto think she's not- - 11/10/2008   10:25:25 PM
  • 59
    Kate Winslet is just beautiful, it is a shame on the whole society that she doesn't feel like she is. - 11/10/2008   6:25:10 PM
  • 58
    She is a great role model - her size is beautiful. - 11/10/2008   3:50:43 PM
    "Winslet, who famously exposed the airbrush job that GQ did to her photos a few years back, denies the airbrushing." This is from the article but did anybody else go, "huh?" Did Winslet deny the airbrushing or not? Or did GQ? It makes a big difference on how you look at the issue. If she exposed it then denied it, that's not very cool. But if she exposed it and GQ denied it, I have a lot more respect for her.

    - 11/10/2008   1:09:10 PM
  • 56
    Awe. I just love Kate. :) - 11/10/2008   10:23:09 AM
  • 55
  • 54
    "You know, once a fat kid, always a fat kid," she adds. "Because you always think that you just look a little bit wrong or a little bit different from everyone else. And I still sort of have that."
    I totally feel this way.
    I have always that Kate is beautiful and much healthy looking than other actresses. - 11/10/2008   9:45:20 AM
  • 53
    I have always thought Kate Winslet was stunning. I remember being shocked when I read in an article around the time Titanic came out that she had been called "fat" because she wore a size 10!! So much rubbish out there, it's great to have someone speak out so sincerely for those of us that struggle with these issues daily! - 11/10/2008   9:41:48 AM
  • 52
    I love how she not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. She speaks out for what she feels is right or wrong and she lives her life privately away from Hollywood, which shows that she doesn't buy into or enjoy any of it. She is beautiful, inside and out - I would love for her to find something that would make her even more of a great role model for those young girls out there (and maybe some of us older girls too!). : 0 ) - 11/10/2008   9:34:31 AM
  • 51
    A true beauty from our side of the pond!!! - 11/10/2008   8:32:51 AM
  • 50
    Kate is a beauty and honest.....something unheard of in Hollywood - 11/10/2008   6:57:51 AM
  • 49
    Kate is a beautiful role model and is right on! - 11/10/2008   6:57:23 AM
  • 48
    I think she is a neat person and beautiful from the inside out... and I thought she was absolutely beautiful and found her very alluring in Titanic. I know for hollywood standards at that time she was overweight. And I find it wonderful she is awesome about her own fears and feelings, since all women famour or not must feel this way. - 11/10/2008   1:49:19 AM
  • 47
    I have always loved watching Kate in movies. She is such a down to earth kind of person.

    - 11/10/2008   1:05:35 AM
  • 46
    kate winslet seems to be one of the more "grounded" actresses around. she admits she has self-esteem issues. call me crazy, but in a vocation that basically judges you for your looks, isn't it a given that EVERYONE has a self-esteem issue?

    kudos to kate. beautiful, healthy, happy and not a size 0! let's hear it for the real women out there!

    j - 11/9/2008   9:07:39 PM

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