Can Exercise Protect the Brain From Fatty Foods?


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Can Exercise Protect the Brain From Fatty Foods? In recent years, some research has suggested that a high-fat diet may be bad for the brain, at least in lab animals. Can exercise protect against such damage? --New York Times

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    I've never eaten pomegranite but I THINK I'll give it a try! Have a 55 cent off coupon for one lol! - 11/13/2012   6:32:31 AM
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    I loved the pomegranate article. I love the juice, but have never known how to eat the fruit. I can't wait to try it out! - 11/13/2012   12:43:14 AM
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    After reading " The Sugar Fix" by Richard Johnson M.D. I learned that sugar is bad for the brain, so that article on exercise and fats is interesting. - 11/12/2012   7:44:22 PM
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    I read the article about exercise 'protecting' us from 'fatty' foods. What a load of hog wash. Not the exercise part, but the fat-part. But do read the comments section. It's very enlightening. - 11/12/2012   11:32:01 AM
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    Same as what MUSHCAT said! Guess that's added reason to keep it all in balance. - 11/12/2012   8:15:54 AM
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    Can Exercise Protect the Brain From Fatty Foods? This one caught my eye! - 11/11/2012   11:05:41 PM
  • 2
    The article, "Can Exercise Protect the Brain From Fatty Foods?" caught my eye.
    The benefits of exercise are numerous, and I intend to discover all of them. - 11/11/2012   10:25:57 PM
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    As someone who suffers greatly from anxiety and depression, the idea that too much exercise can have a negative impact on symptoms is destressing...with too much exercise being defined as more than 7.5 hours per week. Please say it isn't so! - 11/11/2012   5:16:03 PM

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