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Photograph Your Journey

Jogging when obese

Healthy Habits

Another fun goal met

What a difference a year can make!

Sparkies….Who knew?

Woo Hoo! My pants keep falling down

What Motivates Me?

Vision Collage!!

So close…..but look how far I have come!

A review of some of this week's best member blogs. Which one is your favorite?

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    Quick Question, I have been walking 2miles a day for three weeks . When does the weight come off?I am about ready just to give up. I am a looser on loosing. - 7/13/2010   7:28:45 AM
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    I like being able to read different articles! - 6/10/2010   8:16:15 AM
    Jogging when Obese. - 6/7/2010   10:21:46 AM
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    "Another fun goal met" That's a great accomplishment. I don't think I've ever ran a whole mile without being chased that is LOL! - 6/6/2010   6:05:43 PM
    COOLGRANDMA03 - my "falling down" moment came at the Las Vegas airport, going through security. The security thing beeped as I walked through, so was asked my TSA to remove my belt to my shorts, and my shorts immediately fell before I could catch them. Felt more better about the weight loss than the embarrassment of it all, but decided it was time to buy better fitting shorts when I got home, and those shorts went to the Salvation Army pile. - 6/6/2010   1:36:48 PM
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    My pants keep falling down, I hear you. I pulled out a pair of shorts I hadn't been able to wear for a long time (they were to small). I put them on to go running. Lo and behold, I had shrunk right out of them. During my 3 mile run I kept having to pull up my pants, wishing I had a pair of suspenders! :) Those shorts got washed and put right back in the drawer with the stuff that doesn't fit anymore... :) - 6/6/2010   10:24:35 AM
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    My fave is "Photograph Your Journey." What an inspirational Sparker! - 6/6/2010   6:02:36 AM
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    I love reading FIRST TIMER Blogs. It is interesting how so many admit how they have been overeating for so long. Habits are hard to change, but with time they can be. - 6/5/2010   8:56:13 PM
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    how can i get my blog on sparkpeople to be one of the best member blogs of the week? - 6/5/2010   6:30:13 PM
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    I love this weekly article! - 6/5/2010   5:06:23 PM
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    My favorite is the What a Difference a Year makes. - 6/5/2010   11:36:27 AM
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    The vision collage, definitely! - 6/5/2010   10:17:19 AM
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    My favorite is Another Fun Goal Met! - 6/5/2010   9:44:03 AM
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    Me too! - 6/5/2010   8:57:45 AM
    My favorite is the Photo Journey! - 6/5/2010   8:09:11 AM

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