Are Your Kids Making You Fat?


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A recent Duke University study examined the link between marriage, kids, and obesity among 4,500 couples. The researchers found that for every child a woman has, her risk of becoming obese increases 7%. But women aren’t alone—Dad’s risk also increased (by 4%) for every child.

Action Sparked: Sleepless nights, new schedules, work, school, doctor visits—all of these things affect your diet and exercise habits. Developing healthy habits before and during pregnancy will help you maintain them after your child is born. When you need help, don’t be afraid to ask for it, and remember to take time for yourself. If you’re not healthy, you can’t be at your best, and that applies to parenting and raising healthy kids, too. Look for gyms that have childcare centers, opt for healthy frozen dinners over fast food when you’re pressed for time, and divide tasks among all household members.

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    I used to have a hard time not finishing my children's plate. Now what I do is wait until they've finished eating and then I start eating so now I only eat once instead of twice. - 11/30/2016   8:27:47 AM
    I wish this blog had a different title - maybe are you making your kids malnourished? I see plenty of of "skinny" kids who eat nothing but junk in their lunches - the healthiest item is too often the white bread their bologna sandwich is made with. Where as my own children, who do struggle with their weight eat very nutritional lunches filled with fruit and vegetables, yogurt, and whole wheat bread products - no juices and usually only white milk. The "fat" focus is a little offensive and very misfocused. There are lots of families with thin kids who eat very poorly and their health will show it in years to come. - 10/14/2013   10:12:06 PM
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    I gained the most weight of my life when my older children were little. I weighed more when the 2nd child was age 2, than I did a few days before he was born. It was then that I joined a gym and started working out. I lost almost all the weight and then had a 3rd and then a 4th child. After each of them were born, the weight came off rather quickly. It was when the 4th was a few months old that someone told me about SP. I then learned about healthy eating as well as a healthy/active lifestyle. WOW, what a difference eating well AND working out does! Thanks SP - and never will I "finish my childs plate" for them (thats how I gained most of it in the first place) Also the younger ones never eat out or eat fast food. The 3rd child was 6yrs old before she had McDs for the first time (she had been begging to go for more than a year, so we finally took her 2 months after her bday) She'll be 7 this week and only been there twice - the 2nd time only for an ice cream. And they also have only been to Taco bell twice.
    - 6/17/2012   3:28:45 PM
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    A huge help in losing weight: give yourself permission to NOT finish your child's meal! - 6/11/2012   8:57:49 AM
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    I had overlooked the value of using frozen dinners instead of fast food. I used to eat them a lot when I was pregnant. I imagine they do have a lot more food value for the calories. - 6/11/2012   1:33:28 AM
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    There was another part to gaining from having kids that this didn't mention, but I remember quite well. When eating meals, a parent is often distracted by trying to get the child(ren) to eat, not play or fight. Food is prepared in larger amounts so growing child(ren) have enough - but that means portion sizes vary and are less likely to be measured out. AND, worst of all, there's the cleanup tendency to eat the last few bites on the child(ren)'s plates rather than scrape it into the trash or combine it back into any leftovers.

    Remembering to be conscious / mindful of the food eaten is important - especially with such active distractions. - 6/10/2012   3:40:50 PM
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    +1 million to getting your healthy habits in place BEFORE having kids!!!!! It is no different after kids, except the scheduling is a tiny bit trickier. It's amazing how many people would rather try to figure out how to balance young children and start trying to get healthy at the same time. - 6/10/2012   1:06:23 PM
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    And make exercise fun for the whole family - get out and PLAY together! - 6/10/2012   10:07:18 AM

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