Make Over Your Favorite Restaurant Meal, Win a Vita-Mix


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Last week, we unveiled the first-ever SparkRecipes contest: The SparkRecipes Un-Chained Recipe Contest.

The contest is easy: Pick a favorite unhealthy food from a chain restaurant (fast food or casual dining), and make it over, using healthy ingredients.

So why haven't you entered? Get out there and get cooking!

We've already received plenty of great entries, so you can start making and voting on your favorites now.

Still haven't made up your mind? You've got plenty of time left. We've extended the deadline to enter!

You have until midnight on Nov. 2 to enter.

And what will you win?

If you're one of the 10 semifinalists, you'll get $25 to spend on SparkPeople merchandise in the SparkPeoplestore. Two lucky winners (one each in fast food and casual dining) will get a Vita-Mix 5200 blender, worth $450.

Vita-Mix blenders are amazing. We have one in the SparkPeople office, and all summer long I used it to make Green Monsters. This blender crushes ice, frozen fruit and pretty much anything else you throw in it! Trust me when I say you want to win this blender.

Click here to see the official rules and terms for the contest.

Don't miss your chance to enter. Below is the timeline for the contest!

Monday Nov. 2: deadline to enter recipes

Nov. 2-7: SparkPeople chooses the top 10 recipes.

Nov. 9-13: SparkPeople's taste panel will test the top 10 recipes.

Nov. 2-13: Members will vote on their favorite recipes by rating them at

Friday, Nov. 20: Winners will be announced on dailySpark and the SparkRecipes homepage!

Are you going to enter the contest? What entry is your favorite?

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  • 17
    would loved to have try a recipe.. unfortunate the contest is over.... maybe next time.. - 2/8/2012   1:28:46 PM
  • 16
    Sounds like a fun contest. Too bad I didn't learn about it until now which is too late. I would LOVE that Vitamix blender. They use them in my friend's restaurant and it is amazing! Best of luck to all who have entered. - 11/3/2009   12:58:55 PM
  • 15
    I've entered my recipe, will get a picture posted tomorrow. - 10/29/2009   2:31:29 PM
  • 14
    I'm not much on eating out, but this sounds fun. I'll try to think of something to enter. - 10/29/2009   2:17:03 PM
  • 13
    I entered my recipe make over and took some pictures - 10/29/2009   12:47:00 PM
  • 12
    Wow! People can actually do this? And I thought following a recipe was impressive....
    Good luck to all... - 10/29/2009   10:16:04 AM
  • 11
    I won't be entering as I'm not eligible. I'm Canadian. When will Spark be opening up its contests to people other than those in the U.S.? It's very disappointing to see so many fun ways to contribute to this community through contests and not be eligible for them. - 10/29/2009   9:25:04 AM
  • 10
    Hmmm, from the comments (admittedly few so far), it looks like there may not be many entries to choose a winner from. Good news for those who enter! Wish I had the culinary talent to submit one of those entries. :-) I've wanted a Vita Mix for years, but could never afford one. Good luck to those who enter, and to the winner... I'm insanely jealous of your talent *and* your prize. LOL - 10/29/2009   8:37:59 AM
  • 9
    have no time. also we don't eat out much - 10/29/2009   7:37:57 AM
  • 8
    I'm not going to have the time to create something by November 2, but I'm sure looking forward to the results! Vita Mix is an awesome machine. Great contest. - 10/29/2009   7:19:11 AM
    I can't wait to get the results and try a few of the winning recipes. - 10/29/2009   6:46:36 AM
  • 6
    I would love to enter this contest but I have no talent for developing recipes. It is so much fun to try new recipes that others have already tested and proven. - 10/29/2009   6:32:51 AM
  • NANCY0504
    I have a Vita mix....It is an awesome machine!! - 10/28/2009   9:39:44 PM
  • 4
    Hmmm, I just might have to put together my all time SoCal fav junk food dish... - 10/28/2009   6:47:09 PM
  • 3
    I'm not that creative. - 10/28/2009   5:23:49 PM
  • 2
    Great contest, though I am not much of a chef to figure out how to prepare things for myself. I will be excited to try some of the recipe entries, however. - 10/28/2009   1:45:24 PM
    Neat contest! I don't think I'll enter though as I eat mostly at local non-chain restaurants and modify what I choose and/or portion, etc. so it's not recognizable as something "special" really. Last night at the local pizza restaurant I had a spinach salad. Only thing I'd change about that is I'd cut the stems off the spinach first :-) Baby spinach is bagged clean and more convenient now but that doesn't mean you should serve it as-is! - 10/28/2009   12:36:41 PM

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