7 High-Fiber Cereals that Actually Taste Good


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The high fiber cereals of years ago offered little taste for the nutritional benefit they provided. Today, that has changed and you can get a great tasting cereal that is also a good fiber source.

Fiber is an important part of a healthy diet. Not only does it aid in weight loss by helping you feel full and satisfied longer, it also helps reduce risks of heart disease, lowers blood pressure, and aids in blood sugar control. Many people need more fiber in their diet and breakfast cereal provides a great option for maximizing your daily intake by getting the day started with a fiber rich meal.

Consumer Reports tested eighteen high-fiber cereals which each contained 25 to 50 percent of the recommended dietary guidelines for fiber (based on a 2,000-calorie diet). Here are seven top tasting high fiber cereals that you may want to include in your breakfast meal planning to help you meet your daily fiber intake requirements.

  1. Kirkland Signature Spiced Pecan – This cereal is sold at Kashi GoLean Crunchy Fiber Twigs, Soy Protein Grahams and Honey Puffs – This cereal is a top rated nutritional value for price cereal offering 10 grams of fiber in a serving size slightly larger than the Kirkland cereal at a slightly lower price of $.13/serving.
  2. Archer Farms High Fiber – This cereal is sold at Target and offers a sweet crunch with toasted grains and a cinnamon taste along with 10 grams of fiber/serving.
  3. Kellogg's Raisin Bran Extra! – Offering 7 grams of fiber/servings, this cereal provides a balance of sweet and crunch from tender raisins and cranberries along with nutty wheat flakes and clusters.
  4. Post Shredded Wheat Spoon Size Wheat 'n Bran – Offers 8 grams of fiber/serving in a nutty grain cereal with unsweetened toasted wheat.
  5. Great Value Raisin Bran – This cereal is sold at Walmart and great for those that like the plain raisin bran they have always known and loved.
  6. Barbara's Bakery Ultimate Organic – This cereal provides an organic option which rated well for nutrition and taste.

Have you tried any of the cereals and if you have, which one is your personal favorite? If you have not, will you give one of them a try now – why or why not?

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  • JOYCE05
    I like the Kashi Organic Cinnamon Harvest. It has 6 gr fibre and says 0 gr sugar. But in the ingredients it lists Evaporated Cane Juice. Does anyone know what that is?
    The cereal isn't sweet but the cinnamon gives it good flavor. - 11/10/2009   3:13:32 AM
  • 288
    I love Kashi 7 grain puffed cereal. One cup is only 70 calories. I usually add fresh blueberries and a tablespoon of chopped walnuts. Yummo! - 11/9/2009   9:27:47 PM
  • 287
    I have tried the Kashi and the Post Shredded Wheat and Bran. Both are OK, good as high fiber cereals go but I usually mix them with something else for taste. - 11/9/2009   7:12:28 PM
  • 286
    It is good to know that there are now better tasting cereals with higher fiber content. I love Raisin Bran. Glad to know it is on the list. - 11/9/2009   6:40:37 PM
  • KIMS76
    I loooooove Raisin Bran! - 11/9/2009   2:23:37 PM
  • 284
    Like a few of the other posters I would have liked to see a comparison of the amount of fiber and the calorie content of a serving. For myself, I am almost exclusively hooked on Kellogg's All Bran Buds. 12 gms of fiber packed into a 1/3rd cup serving which gives only 70 calories.
    - 11/9/2009   12:44:31 PM
  • 283
    Where is Uncle Sam cereal - good fiber and protein and VERY LITTLE sugar? - 11/9/2009   12:20:27 PM
  • 282
    Sorry, usually love your articles, but I would have loved to see fiber, calories and cost per serving for each of these. Some had links, but that would take 20 minutes to find all that info. Author should have done all the research. - 11/9/2009   11:10:09 AM
  • 281
    We're not huge cereal eaters, and I prefer not to shop at conventional stores - I would probably only try Barbara's or Kashi. - 11/9/2009   5:52:35 AM
    I LOVE FIBER ONE CEREAL!!! They have all kind of Fiber One products now too! - 11/9/2009   12:59:19 AM
  • NPAUL929
    I did not see Fiber One on the list. I currently have 4 boxes of Shredded wheat 'n Bran in my cupboard - it was on sale. However, taste is subjective - one tastes good to one may not taste good to another. - 11/8/2009   7:46:37 PM
    Ok I am glad some buy plain old Cheerio's. I love Cheerio's just the original plain cereal. My ultimate fave (not high fiber) is Honey Bunches of Oats Almond, but alas too high in sugar and not high enough in fiber! I am pre-diabetic so trying to get a jump and the best! - 11/8/2009   5:21:42 PM
  • 277
    i will definitely try the shredded wheat! - 11/8/2009   12:04:57 PM
  • 276
    I prefer to go really frugal and get the store brand of Puffed Wheat or Puffed Rice and then add what I want in terms of dried/fresh fruit or nuts. Plus I know it'll be vegan. With the others, gotta watch for the whey, dried milk fat, etc. - 11/7/2009   10:26:11 PM
  • 275
    I'm absolutely in love with Nestlé Fibre 1. Low calories (85), High Fiber (18g) and tastes wonderful. Much better than Corn Flakes or All Bran. - 11/7/2009   4:10:59 PM
    Kellogg's Raisin Bran Extra! is my fave. - 11/6/2009   11:28:07 PM
  • BSWEET101
    I tried Kellogg's Raisin Bran Extra, and I thought it was very tasty. I may have to try a couple of the others, though, for variety. - 11/6/2009   3:56:51 PM
    I prefer to stick to plain old oatmeal or shredded wheat (both unflavored) - 11/6/2009   11:10:58 AM
    I like high fiber cereals; however, I am also concerned with the 5+ gram of sugar in the cereal. Should I worry about the amount of sugar in the cereal? - 11/6/2009   8:42:24 AM
  • 270
    I have not tried these, but will. I have eaten the Fiber One's and Shredded Wheat but like the options. For the days I have more time...steel cut oats! - 11/5/2009   8:39:22 PM
  • 269
    I use go lean or fiber one cereals because they are high in fiber. - 11/5/2009   7:16:11 PM
  • 268
    My favorite cereal is Nature's Path - Optimum Blueberry and cinnamon. Great taste and high in fiber and protein, an ideal fast breaker, especially after my morning exercise. I also like the Kashi Go Lean Crunch with honey almond and flax. - 11/5/2009   6:05:09 PM
    I like the Kashi Go Lean Crunch with honey almond and flax (just like wildheartsease). It's sweet, but not sugary. I eat it with a banana on top and some 1% milk. It really does stick with you. And it's the perfect combination of protein, fiber, and carbs right after I work out! - 11/5/2009   5:25:07 PM
  • 266
    I may give some of them a shot. :) - 11/5/2009   3:55:18 PM
    I have to say I'm really not much of a cereal eater either however the Kashi cereals are really good and they are high in fiber. I only know this b/c I went to the site and requested a free sample. Add that with some fat-free over the moon milk and you got yourself a healthy and delicious meal. - 11/5/2009   11:18:37 AM
  • 264
    So nice to have more options available now days! - 11/5/2009   11:17:28 AM
  • 263
    FIBER ONE!! thats the best of the best... it tastes great, it has very little calories, very little sugar and veryyyy high on fiber! i love it.... - 11/5/2009   8:29:28 AM
    I love the Costco Kirkland Spice Pecan cereal. I have been eating it for over a year. Not only is it good for you but it tastes great. - 11/4/2009   10:08:37 PM
    The Barbara's Bakery product is Ultima. It is the old Grainshop. I love and eat it all the time but it has recently been re-labeled for a 1 cup serving which is too much - I use 1/4 - 1/2 cup plus 1/4 cup of Fiber One and it is very filling and high in fiber especially with some fruit. - 11/4/2009   8:32:10 PM
    I make my "Super Cereal" using 1/2 cup oat bran (180 cals. , 8grams fiber and 30 carbs), 1 T. ground flaxseed (30 cals, 2grams fiber and 2 carbs) add 1+ tsps of cinnamon, add 1 1/2 cups water and microwave for 3min. Total 210 cals , 10gms fiber and 32 carbs with negligible sodium and sugar. - 11/4/2009   8:18:17 PM
    l love the Kashi product,not too sweet and not tasteless its just great! - 11/4/2009   7:45:17 PM
  • 258
    I recommend the Kashi cereals. I think they taste great. Don't need to add much splenda to them either. - 11/4/2009   7:34:59 PM
  • 257
    I'd love to try the Kirkland Signature Spiced Pecan - that sounds so yummy!! I'll have to look in our Canadian Costco to see if it is available...I always try to look for the highest fiber in any cereal. Thank you for these suggestions! - 11/4/2009   7:31:39 PM
  • 256
    I love all Kashi cereals and like to mix them with UncleSam and Grape Nuts. - 11/4/2009   7:22:51 PM
  • 255
    Post shredded wheat and Kashi are my favorites. I usually look at the label to make sure it has at least 5g of fiber. I occasionally buy the Fiber One original - when I do I will mix it with another cereal that may have a little lower fiber count. - 11/4/2009   6:59:09 PM
  • 254
    I absolutely love oatmeal. I will take the quick oats, microwave them w/ sugar free jelly, cinamon, fruit then add milk. Bananas are great chopped up and mixed in. - 11/4/2009   6:53:29 PM
  • 253
    I love the Fiber One cereals--honey clusters and the raisin bran. They have a lot of fiber and keep me very full during the morning hours. Thanks for the info. - 11/4/2009   5:39:04 PM
  • 252
    I'll look for the Kirkland cereal next time I'm in Costco. Thx! - 11/4/2009   4:50:51 PM
  • 251
    Sigh... Do any of these avoid the tons of sugar and high fructose corn syrup, etc. that makes it only mildly more nutritious than Captain Crunch?

    Seriously, I'm diabetic type 2, and I hate the lying of the cereal industry so very much. - 11/4/2009   4:16:10 PM
  • 250
    Fiber one honey clusters is good....Fiber one brands are good I haven't tried the muffins yet...I didn't think i woud like it but its good...especially for fiber.. - 11/4/2009   3:04:41 PM
  • 249
    I read once that the two things to look for in cereals are the fiber count -- more than 5 grams, and the sugar count -- less than 5 grams. The fiber count is pretty easy to find in numerous cereals, but good luck trying to find less than 5 grams of sugar in any cereal!

    My favorites are : Fiber One honey clusters, All Bran strawberry medley, Kashi Autumn Harvest, Kashi Good Friends, Post shredded wheat, and good old fashioned oatmeal.

    - 11/4/2009   3:00:06 PM
    Which is a good cereal for Diabetic that low carbs - 11/4/2009   12:14:11 PM
    How about the carb count in the cereal - 11/4/2009   12:06:20 PM
    Simply Fiber both original and cinnamon are great also! - 11/4/2009   11:51:24 AM
    I have tried the Barbara Bakery cereal, it is so delicious and no sugar added, none. Really great and leaves you feeling satified and not wanting to munch on more and more, which the sugary cereals do. - 11/4/2009   11:44:37 AM
  • 244
    I do eat a high fiber cereal in the morning, I like Kellogg's All Bran Strawberry Medley and Post Raisin Bran. Lately I have been milxing those with a 6oz carton of Dannon light yogurt, helps adds calcium into my diet. Fun change. - 11/4/2009   10:31:39 AM
  • 243
    I have found that if I start my day with a high-fiber cereal it is the best thing I can do for myself. It helps me to feel full and not crave so much. It has also helped with my diabetic problems. My A1C is at 6.0 instead of in the 8's now. This is one of the best habits I have learned. This is one of the little things I have learned to change in my life. Thanks Sparkpeople. - 11/4/2009   10:22:11 AM
    I find this info annoying, it sounds like it is encouraging unhealthy eating & promoting products that are not the best choices. No, I won't eat that stuff. I love to eat granola-type cereals etc, but they are loaded with sugars & fat.....that is not healthy, nor does it help me with my weight maintenence! Better to stick with plain wholesome grain cereals, the simlper the better. If they don't provide enough fiber, eat more vegs & fruits, still not enough? take fiber supplement. - 11/4/2009   10:00:20 AM
    I also love the Fiber One cereals. Their version of frosted mini wheats are very tasty and they always have coupons! - 11/4/2009   9:17:09 AM
    I have an addition to your list. Trader Joe's Honey Almond & Flax cereal has 8 g fiber per serving and is filling and delicious! I'm enjoying my bowl right now! - 11/4/2009   8:13:58 AM

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