At First, They'll Ask You...

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KHALIA2 1/18/2020
Thanks for sharing! Report
KHALIA2 11/13/2019
Thanks! Report
Thanks! Report
Very inspirational! Report
Thanks Report
When you do something different from a group of people, you're criticised. Everyone wants you to be a part of the pack, makes it easy for the group to remain the same. Report
Because I can and because I didn’t give up. Report
So true! Report
A better question is why not! Why not be as healthy as you can be so you can enjoy life to the fullest. And the how of course is SparkPeople!
True I have hd people tell me they would never run - unless someone was chasing them....... then later have asked me about training for a race.... then later tell me I inspired them. Report
I'm training for my first half marathon and this is my favourite motivation! I am still asking myself WHY, though! Report
Oh, yeah ... I feel exactly that way about low carbing. Never had thought I'd go there again, to be honest. And criticism - from my family... of course, I know my brain needs carbs; and I'm "too old" to be going on this diet--it's only for "young adults". But my brand of lifestyle and my Type 2 diabetes; plus the fact that I have never had a working "feel-full-o-meter" -- don't respond to anything else. Report
That is awesome Report
Love this! Thanks Report
That is so true, Jillybean60. Report
...and then they'll ask "so why are you STILL doing it, I mean you look great or you don't want to get too small." So many people don't understand that losing weight isn't all about the pounds and inches, its about improving the overall quality of life. I refuse to put in all this effort to become a healthier version of me only to stop because I "made it". Report
Come to S parkpeople and find out Report
I've been asked "why"? Why care if you eat a pizza or have some chocolate? (this has happened when they are eating this stuff) I respond that i care because i had some the other day and i am trying to eat healthier. I can't wait till i hear someone say "How"? Report
Lots of people ask me how I've done it, but very few really want to hear the answer! I have inspired a few to try it, however! Report
I recently joined a fitness challenge and my partner initially wondered I was even bothering to join. Even though I am not considered obese, I am not where I should be for my height and weight. On paper, it's just a couple pounds over the BMI, but physically, I believe if I work hard I can lose some of the weight around my middle and the rolls on my back. Just because I'm only '135' doesn't mean I have to be satisfied. So, I do like this quote and hope that upon completion of the challenge and reaching my goals my new appearance and the before and after pics will illustrate why I chose to participate in the challenge. Report
How is much easier than why , if they ask me how then I'll be proud saying how I make it to encourage more and more people . But why , I guess everyone has his/her reasons to be this shape (any shape ) and at the end people just want to talk and talk so why answering their questions ... Report
Well, so far, no one's noticed, but then I've only lost a few pounds. I'm hoping that by Christmas, when we have the family get together, it will be enough pounds for people who haven't seen me for a while to notice and comment. And then perhaps they'll ask how and I'll feel confident enough to tell them! Report
I love the quote. It is so true. Report
I really enjoyed this. No one has ever asked me why (I have been obese for decades), but they HAVE asked me how. Feels good. :) Report
IAMHERETOWIN I totally understand where you are coming from. People tell me, "Kellia you don't "LOOK" fat. Maybe not, but when I got on the scale and it read 190.2 and I'm 28 years old and only 5 ft 2in tall, I figured I didn't have to look like anything to make healthier changes. So, I'm doing it. Down almost 7lbs in two weeks and now they are saying, "Kellia, what are you doing, I need to do that. Report
My partner asked me constantly why do I feel the need to exercise and track my food and not eat ice cream with him every night. He says I am fine the way I am. Which is fine. I am glad he likes me the way I am. But I want to be the best I can be. It is not for him. It is for me. Report
I think it's pretty obvious "why" I'm doing this, however, I find that folks are asking me "how" I"m doing this, and that's a good thing. I like encouraging people and losing the weight seems to encourage those who love me. That makes me feel pretty good! So far, two friends have signed on :) Report
Great quote. Keeping this in mind since I am starting over with my lifestyle changes this week. Report