6 Fun Fitness Finds to Inspire Your Spring Workouts


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The Polar Vortex is finally behind us! I know everyone is with me when I say Bring On Spring! Here in Cincinnati, we've had a couple 70-degree days giving us a taste of the warmer season to come. Granted, they were followed up by snowy days, but we'll take it!

Spring is such a great time for fitness. No matter how dedicated you are to exercise (or not) the change in weather seems to encourage everyone to get outdoors and get active. Even if you're not getting out yet (maybe it's still cold in your region), I'm sure you're noticing a heightened level of energy thanks to sunnier days.
For even more inspiration, here are some of the cool finds that are helping me stay fit and happy this spring. You just might find the right thing to put a little pep in your step, too!
For a fitter, healthier spring, add one of these fresh picks to your wish list!

A Yoga Mat with a Message
Imagine seeing an affirmation like that each time you rolled out your mat to work out or practice yoga! I snapped this pic of my instructor's mat at a recent yoga training and fell in love with the positive messages printed on Affirmats yoga mats ($66), which are non-slip and made of biodegradable jute. I actually love this surface. It's soft yet grippy—a very different texture than other yoga mats I have tried. Affirmats releases different styles and affirmations throughout the year, so if they don't have a mantra you love now, check back. This would be such a positive reward (or inspiration to start a yoga or Pilates practice)!

A Rainy Day Workout DVD
Winter isn't fully behind us yet, but even with spring ahead, most of us have a lot of rain to look forward to. Don't let that wet weather keep you from your workouts! I've been enjoying the Walk On: Strength and Balance DVD by Jessica Smith this winter, and plan to keep it in my rotation this spring as a fun low-impact option.  I heart Jessica. She is a regular SparkPeople contributor and a fun-to-follow fitness instructor. This beginner friendly walking DVD features two 30-minute segments you can do from the comfort of your own home. One workout includes weight training (with dumbbells) so you get the best of cardio and strength-training in one. Jessica is easy to follow and encouraging—and the scenery here will make you think of summer!

A No-Bounce Sports Bra
Our friends at Adidas were nice enough to send us some new styles of sports bras to try, and they didn't disappoint. The Energy Bra ($55), pictured in black, comes in a variety of band and cup sizes (from 32A to 40DD) so you get the most comfortable and secure fit for high impact workouts like running.

This one is also easy to slip on and off thanks to a snap closure in the back. (No more pulling a tight sports bra over your head and then onto your chest.)

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we also enjoyed the light support of the Seamless Bra ($30), pictured in pink, which comes in a huge variety of fun colors (sizes S-XL). This one is probably better for smaller-chested women, or light exercise like walking, golfing, Pilates or yoga.

A Little Workout Motivator
Probably one of the best ways to motivate yourself to get active this spring (or any season) is to use a Spark Activity Tracker ($59.95). I don't know anyone who hasn't found this tiny tool to be helpful and motivating! Clip it on your shoe (yes, even during April showers...it's waterproof!) and watch those lights glow as you reach your daily activity goals! You'll be inspired to exercise more and get on your feet all day and every day!

(Photo by Belle & Blanc Photography for Cincy Chic, 2014.)

A Pair of Comfy (and Tummy-Concealing) Leggings
Ladies, a comfortable, higher-waisted pant that camouflages your tummy is here! I really enjoy Lululemon's Wunder Under leggings (sizes 2-12). They not only work for your workouts, but they are fashionable enough for everyday wear, too. I love that I can wear them to work and then go straight to the gym, or go from the gym straight to dinner with friends (provided I didn't get too sweaty!).  I just bought this heather grey pair with a super high waistband. You can wear it over your tummy (this would be great during or even after pregnancy, too for the mamas out there!), or roll it down to whatever height you prefer. Yes, this brand is pricey compared to a lot of others, but the quality is strong, the fit is flattering--and since many of the pieces can multitask outside of the gym, you'll get a lot of use out of these!
A No-Slip Workout Headband
Sweaty Bands aren't new, but I just started splurging on them for my workouts. Even with a ponytail, I have lots of loose and shorter hairs that fall into my face during a workout—so I still need a headband. I've tried so many different kinds, from the cheap drugstore ones (which are decent for what you pay for) to the high end grippy ones. I actually like the Sweaty Bands style the best. They fit really well. They do not slip—ever! I can't say that about every headband I have ever tried. And they come in such a huge variety of fun colors and patterns, usually ranging from $15-$20 each. I hand wash mine in the shower after my workouts and just hang them to dry over the shower rod.

Sometimes, treating yourself to a little workout goodie can re-energize your commitment to fitness. Other times, it's fun to save ideas like this as future rewards you can give yourself for reaching new milestones! Whatever works for you, I hope you're finding new ways to keep your fitness routine alive all season long.
What are you most looking forward to (fitness-wise) this spring? What is keeping you excited and motivated to work out right now?

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  • 12
    I love Lululemon for its durability. The black stays black even after 2 years of washing weekly. However, they occasionally put their reflective logo in odd spots (such as behind the knee) which means I can't hide them at work and therefore can't wear them. They look too much like workout clothes with the logo glinting. - 4/30/2014   12:28:25 PM
    SparkPeople seems VERY slanted to women. As a man I feel like an outsider. Most of the products are geared for women, much of the topics discussed are for women. Men need things too! - 3/25/2014   12:45:48 PM
    Wow-- $15- $20 for a headband! Expensive! A terry cloth head band at Dollar Tree works great!--- (and comes in pretty colors) - 3/25/2014   11:59:50 AM
  • LACEY8685
    This was basically an advertisement, I was expecting fun outdoor workouts not shopping motivation. - 3/25/2014   10:59:10 AM
  • 8
    I saw nothing here to inspire me....The Yoga mat is a good idea, but I really don`t think I want to see the same thing every time I pull it out.....Nothing else. same old, same old....and i also resented the leggings in size 2-12.....my goal is to be size 12!

    - 3/21/2014   11:04:45 AM
  • 7
    Great suggestions. And if I may add, Jessica Smith has some great workouts on her YouTube channel as well. I especially love those! I am definitely hitting the gym more often and I get excited to see how my workouts look when I get back via feedback from my SPAT and my FitBit. Yes, I still wear both...although my poor FitBit is a little worse for wear. - 3/20/2014   12:55:05 PM
  • 6
    I'm a little disappointed with the article as I thought it was going to be about exercises rather than gear. I also don't think that someone wearing size 2 leggings has much of a tummy to conceal... None of the gear shown came in large sizes :( Can we have a 2nd article for those of us who are still on the beginning parts of our journey? - 3/20/2014   12:43:20 PM
  • 5
    I'm very disappointed that this article supports a company that recently was under fire fore fat-shaming. Lululemon likes to think their clothes aren't meant for people who aren't already fit. I guess they learn from the CEO of Abercrombe.
    If you still want to give that type of company your money, go for it. Personally, I think getting fit is a good thing, but fat-shaming is still not right. Especially if these are bigger women looking for workout clothing to START getting fit.

    *Edit to add* I do love the affirmats though. - 3/20/2014   11:35:40 AM
    Coach Nicole I generally enjoy your articles and learn much from you but I truly resent the Luluemon brand because it is only for thin people. I cannot buy any of their products at my current weight. If they were really interested in health for everyone they would make plus size options to help us along the way! - 3/20/2014   11:35:28 AM
  • 3
    Can't wait until the ice on my road melts so I can get outdoors and WALK again. I love to walk, no matter how cold, I usually just bundle up. However this winter out road iced over and it is hard to drive on it let alone walk. :( - 3/20/2014   9:57:20 AM
  • 2
    I've bought 2 pairs of WunderUnders in the past 2 years, and they are so much better than the low rise version of about 4-5 years ago. Also love my velvet backed hairbands. - 3/20/2014   8:48:22 AM
  • 1
    A swimsuit! And a rash guard for water things. - 3/20/2014   1:25:18 AM

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