8 Ways to Add Some Flower Power to Your Next Workout

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Why simply stop and smell the roses, when you can wear them? Gone are the days when getting ready for the gym or a walk around the park meant hiding your personality under boring, solid-colored clothing. Today's athleisure trends speak in flowery tones—loud ones. From red roses and pink peonies to delightful daisies and bright wildflower bouquets, you can't escape the movement toward adorning your body in head-to-toe flower power

If you're ready to rediscover your inner flower child or are just looking to make a smaller statement with that one perfect floral piece, then you'll find these fresh, fun, functional and flowery pieces are a cinch to mix-and-match with workout clothes you already own. Plus, they are great for any activity, from tiptoeing through the tulips to running through the ranunculus.  
1. Tank Top (CALIA by Carrie Underwood, Dick's Sporting Goods, $45)

Photo courtesy of CALIA by Carrie Underwood.

Stay breezy, cool and smelling like a rose with this colorful, flowy tank top featuring BODYBREEZE wicking fabric and BODYFREE antimicrobial technology. Loose fitting, comfortable and fashionable with a subtle flower pattern, one reviewer likened wearing this tank to "walking in a garden of serenity."

2. Yoga Pants (Flexi Lexi, $79)

Photo courtesy of Flexi Lexi.
You don't need to be able to do a handstand to wear these adorable flower-pattern-meets-stripes leggings. Four-way stretch means you can touch your toes or sun salutation in comfort, and, let's face it, just looking at these leggings will put a smile on your face.
3. Running Shoes  (Adidas, starting at $88.90)

Photo courtesy of Amazon.

It will be hard to find a reason to stay home and blow off the gym once you slip on these sneaks. Every step of your run or turn of your bike pedal will feel turbocharged by the bright colors and floral pattern adorning  these Adidas shoes. They're sure to match (or tastefully complement) any workout attire you choose to pair with them, too.

4. Plus-Size Tankini (24th & Ocean, $62)

Photo courtesy of Amazon.

Be cute, covered and comfortable in this pretty watercolor floral print tankini with a trendy keyhole cutout. With adjustable straps and an underwire bra, this bright top fits a variety of bust sizes and its nylon and elastane fabric means the suit will move with you through every water aerobics class or surf lesson. 
5. Running Shorts (Asics, $12.99)

Photo courtesy of Amazon. 

You don't have to be in the tropics to channel your inner beach girl. Slip on these hot pink floral Abby shorts by Asics, slather on some sun block and hit the trail, the track or the sand volleyball courts for some outdoor fun in the sun.
6. Sunglasses (grinderPUNCH, $9.99)

Photo courtesy of Amazon. 

Put down the old tortoise-shell-framed standbys and pick up a fun new pair of shades. Protect your eyes while making a statement as you walk the beach or to the farmers market with these stylish, floral-patterned sunglasses in blue, red, pink or yellow. 
7. Sports Bra (Old Navy, $26.94) 
Layer on a little flower power, starting with the innermost layer, with a pretty pink and black floral sports bra from Old Navy. Affordable, wicking and available in a wide range of sizes, you'll delight in knowing you can sport sunny, bright patterns under all your favorite workout tops.  

8. Headbands (JustBreatheAcc, $13.50 for a set of three)

Photo courtesy of Etsy.

Go ahead and let 'em see you sweat. Made of nylon lycra, these fun, no-slip floral headbands are super absorbent, breathable and won't fray. Plus, they leave your hair free of "sweatband dent" and come in a pack of three so you can easily wear one for every workout. 
Do you have a favorite piece of floral workout attire that you love? Share it in the comments.

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I love the idea! Report
No flowered yoga pants for me. Report
Love the shoes and running shorts. Good article. Report
These are some really neat ideas! Thank you, can't wait to try some Report
I don't wear anything with flowers on it. Never flowers. Report
Cute, for when I lose more weight otherwise I might look like a botanical garden walking. lol Report
Laugh-In clothes!! Report
Love these! I'm sharing this on my coaching page! Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Sad part is, even if I wanted to wear them, they're not made for the Big Girl, you know? Unless you count the shoes. I'll pass. Report
Fun and cute! Report
Cute clothes ideas! Report
I lived through the 70s so that those clothes there is no way on God's green earth I would wear them Report
I bought the headbands and got a set for the niece for her b-day! Report
I like them! Report
Recently bought some of the above headbands from GHU.com
I don't care for the material and would rather have a band that absorbs more sweat. Report
Oh wow, haven't seen those patterns before..haven't kept up with the fashions. Report
I like the sunglasses. Report
Thanks for the laughs..... Report
Love it all! Report
so cute Report
Nice. Report
Nice. Report
Nice! Love the bright colors! Report
pretty Report
Pretty patterns on the clothing. Very bright and lively. Report
These are quite cute however, like some have shared, I just couldn't see myself paying this much for active wear. I normally only wear my active wear in the gyms and not one to impress others. It has to look and feel good on and for me. This fashion is coming around again! Flower, power! Report
cute outfits but not for those older folks and also price restrictive for a lot Report
I'm so glad I found this article. I really like the shorts, the flowery tank, and especially, the flowery shoes. Report
I love my bondi bands. They even work under my helmet when I cycle outdoors. Bondiband.com. I have about 6 different colors. Report
cute - but some are quite impractical and not designed for the larger sizes in mind (thinking of the tank - need to support the girls, and running shorts - a wee bit too short!). the floral leggings look great, but $79 - wow! I may check out amazon for more wallet-friendly alternatives. Report
Heavens it's the 70's all over again Report
I love all of these! Would wear many of them - not old in spirit - young at heart and open to change! Dang, shoes don't come in my size! Report
Love the fresh spring colors! I think some of the comments are too harsh. Leggings can look quite nice, particularly when worn to exercise class (but I always wear a tunic OVER them that covers my tummy and butt). Springy flower colors are cheerful and can be worn by all ages and all sizes. Just try the clothes on, wear what fits you and what is flattering on YOU, and shop within your budget. I have some brightly colored bandanas for hiking; and I love my pink and purple flowered yoga mat (bought it at Target); and my Hawaiian flower swim suit and flowery beach towel for the pool (water aerobics). I'm a plus size and older, but I have found no trouble finding flattering styles in my size and budget. Report
Very springy!!!! Report
Everyone has to decide what will look good on them! Love some of these, but some would not be appropriate on older women - there's a saying from "What Not to Wear" - "mutton dressed as lamb".. But I realize there are younger women on SP that might love them. My only problem with many is the price - never see paying $80.00, or more, for a pair of leggings. I have several pairs, including colors, purchased at Marshall's for under $20! Report
Going against the tide on this one. Lularoe is the worst thing that ever happened to women's leggings in the entire history of women's fashion; it is what started this sad American thing where it's ok to wear obnoxious leggings in public. Now we can see not only the outline of women's butts as if we ever wanted to --- we can also get blinded while doing so as well. For your own reputation's sake, examine yourself with a critical eye before wearing these leggings in public. Report
Wow! All of those retro patterns! I wore that stuff in the 60's! Report
Cute and fun! Report
The headbands are cute, they remind me of the groovy flower-power patterns of the Summer of Love in 1967 - 50 years ago! Everything old is new again. Report
Cute, but I have to admit most of my workout gear comes from the discount rack at Wal-Mart . Report
I'm all for offering new fashions that make us feel better getting out there to work out, but of the 3 clothing and one footwear sample we're shown, NONE will fit a person over size 18 or with a wider foot than a B. NONE of the clothing would fit me. Yes, I did check to see what the sizes were. I'm really disappointed in that fact over this article. Report
Nice looking items, but not what I would wear. Report
I love my Hippie Runner headbands! Report
As athleisure wear becomes more and more fashion forward it seems to be less and less functional...I wish there could be a better balance between fashion and function! :) Report
These outfits are gorgeous but the prints will make me look even fatter!--Yikes! Report