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Best Foods to Eat

You don't have to hit a health food store to find foods that help you lose weight, boost your energy and stay healthy. They're right in your grocery aisle! Here are the top 12 super foods you can easily find, plus 12 simple, inexpensive recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Nonfat Ricotta Cheese

Ricotta boasts three times the calcium of cottage cheese and is made from whey protein, a nutrient that may help you lose weight by preserving muscle (which you lose with age, causing your metabolism to slow).

Peanut Butter

This spread has more than 30 essential vitamins and minerals, including niacin, a B vitamin that helps you burn calories. PB's combo of healthy fats, fiber and a compound called resveratrol also make it good for your heart.


Wild Canned Salmon

One 3.5-oz can has 1,100 mg of brain- and heart-healthy omega-3 fats. Salmon is also a great source of bone-building vitamin D (78% of your daily needs per can).



A heart health must-have, oats are filled with a cholesterol-lowering fiber called beta-glucan as well as iron, a mineral that your body needs to carry oxygen to your muscles and other tissue. And with 4 g total fiber per half-cup, oatmeal helps you stay full longer—and keeps you regular too!

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Do you eat any of these superfoods? If so, which ones? If not, will you be trying some of them?

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  • 17
    The only salmon I have ever eaten was in salmon patties my mother made way back when. I haven't eaten oatmeal in awhile either because it has so many carbs. I do eat natural peanut butter and sometimes edaname. I may have to give ricotta a try. - 1/25/2013   9:50:56 PM
  • 16
    Love so many of these foods. Did not know how many nutrients peanut butter has. Always thought of it as a guilty pleasure. Love, love strawberries. Sweet potatoes are at the top of my list too. I find it hard to believe several people have not used ricotta. Obviously they are not Italian-neither am I. I also like oatmeal alot. - 9/29/2012   8:06:05 PM
  • 15
    Great List-I use Ricotta alot in recipe's etc,always have extra when I make lasagna so I used it to get rid of it, but never realized it's qualities! :) I use almost all of these ingredients except the Salmon as I am a vegetarian. Thanks! - 9/25/2012   6:56:22 PM
  • 14
    Nice list - I prefer my cheese whole-fat (just less of it) and my salmon "fresh" frozen as opposed to canned, but all these foods are regulars at our house. - 9/25/2012   4:33:50 PM
  • 13
    What's wrong with having fat in the ricotta? Is it somehow less healthy fat that what's in peanut butter???
    Why are THESE the best foods to eat??? - 9/25/2012   11:50:58 AM
  • 12
    All of them but the Salmon. I don't like fish. - 9/25/2012   11:12:58 AM
  • 11
    Love all these foods. - 9/25/2012   9:16:57 AM
  • 10
    oatmeal - my absolute fave - 9/25/2012   8:40:12 AM
    wow I,m on the way 4 ff Ricotta for conolies! more superfoods are cantelope and fresh beets! I eat them all the time and am losing weight! - 9/25/2012   8:38:09 AM
  • 8
    I don't like avocados but everything else on the list is great! - 9/25/2012   7:04:48 AM
  • EMCEE12
    I like Peanut Butter and Oatmeal and I Never eat Salmon - I do take salmon oil pills though. I have never tried ricotta - shall have to. - 9/25/2012   1:37:28 AM
  • 6
    Old Fashioned Oatmeal and Natural Peanut Butter, I Use These Almost Daily. Salmon Is Eaten Weekly. I Never Use Avocados. Never Bought Riccotta. Sweet Potatoes Are One Of My Favorite Vegetables That I Use Often Too. Cabbage Is A Staple and Last A Long Time After I Cook Them. The Others I Use As Often As Possible And Strawberries Are My FAVORITE Fruit! Those Are So Good In Smoothies and Alone! Thanks For This Great Information! Oh Yeah...I Eat The Edamame Too! - 9/24/2012   8:43:44 PM
  • 5
    I also like these food and strive to incorporate them as often as I can. - 9/24/2012   12:58:39 PM
    I consume most of these foods and love them - 9/24/2012   10:35:24 AM
  • 3
    This is good news! I don't like cottage cheese but do like ricotta. This is the kind of info that will help me improve my food choices. - 9/24/2012   10:09:15 AM
  • CLIP53
    I did not know about Ricotta either and I will definitely add it to my shopping list.
    Thanks SparkPeople! - 9/24/2012   8:49:26 AM
  • 1
    I didn't realize that ricotta cheese has that much more calcium than cottage cheese! We will definitely add it to our shopping list! We already buy most of the other items except salmon (I don't eat fish) and edamame (we do buy tofu though). Overall great list. I will have to try the PB/Strawberry Oatmeal recipe. - 9/24/2012   7:51:47 AM

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