12 Summer Desserts for Under 150 Calories Each


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Need some ideas for some cool summer desserts that won't break your calorie bank? We've rounded up a variety of low-calorie summer dessert recipes for you to try.

Soft-Serve Banana

Mixed Berry Sorbet

Creamsicle Dessert

Tropical Shake

Sugar Free Ice Cream in a Bag

Guilt-Free "Fried Ice Cream"

Red White and Blue - Berry Parfait

Simple Chocolate Covered Strawberry Shake

Almost Fat-Free Berry Frozen Yogurt without Ice Cream Maker

Fudgy Banana Pudding Pops

Frozen Cherry Salads

Grilled Bananas and Cream

Which of these recipes will you be trying? Do you have other favorite summer dessert recipes that are 150 calories or less?

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  • 43
    Good ideas. - 5/10/2017   7:36:50 AM
    I want to try the soft serve banana. - 7/22/2012   5:09:29 PM
  • 41
    I love these Frozen & Frig Desserts, sounds wonderful. I saved all them for later use. I can't wait. I will make one tonight. - 8/4/2010   5:14:43 PM
  • 40
    I saved to my recipes to try later:
    *Fudgy Banana Pudding Pops
    *Simple Chocolate Covered Strawberry Shake
    *Tropical Shake
    *Mixed Berry Sorbet
    *Soft-Serve Banana

    I will not use Splenda which is a chlorocarbon toxin (nor any other poison like sugar free jello/pudding, nor aspartame). Instead I'll use Just Like Sugar, and make other similar wise & healthy substitutions. Thanks for these recipes!

    Other summer dessert recipes I've saved to my recipes and will make the necessary adjustments with are:
    *Summer Frozen Fruit Bars
    *100 Calorie Peach Ice Cream
    *Frozen Pudding Pops
    *Berry Banana Frozen Treat
    *Frozen Cheesecake Tarts
    *Frozen Peanut Butter Cups
    *Frozen Yogurt Sandwiches
    *Frozen Fruit Dessert
    *No Bake Graham Cracker Cheesycake
    *Frozen Chocolate Cheesecake Bites
    *Frozen Chocolate Banana Pops - 7/10/2010   5:14:32 AM
  • 39
    Wow! Do I need this! I'm still trying to give up my Ben & Jerry's. - 6/30/2010   5:11:35 PM
  • 38
    Some of these look interesting, but many are made with very non-nutritious ingredients. If I were trying to be truly healthy, I'd skip most of these and choose smoothies or sorbets made with whole foods (real foods, not manufactured and/or artificial). - 6/29/2010   8:47:36 AM
    Thanks, for the great ideas. - 6/22/2010   9:01:17 PM
  • 36
    I will be trying most of these. My grandkids are coming out to visit for a month and I am always looking for good healthy treats for them to have while they are here. Thanks! :) - 6/11/2010   10:37:07 AM
  • 35
    I will be trying almost all of them. My Granddaughter will love helping to make. She can take home what is left. Thanks - 6/10/2010   9:27:23 AM
  • 34
    A lot of good ideas and many look yummy. Could not help but notice a number of recipes called for 1% or greater milk. Would think switching to skim would reduce the calories. Also another way to increase nutritional value in some recipes would be to have frozen milk cubes made up and use them instead of ice cubes. - 6/9/2010   9:15:51 PM
  • 33
    Guilt Free Fried Ice Cream. but I will have to find an alternative ingredient...may have to use cornflakes instead. - 6/9/2010   5:54:09 PM
  • 32
    Strawberries and watermelon are my favorites as well.....or just a good fruit salad. - 6/9/2010   12:04:46 PM
  • BG2010
    I am going to try the Mixed Berry Sorbet. I am a berry fan. - 6/9/2010   11:54:31 AM
  • 30
    I am Hypoglycemic so can't have any sweets after a meal. However I do have a few Almonds as my treat when others are having desert, and this is GREAT! - 6/9/2010   11:33:32 AM
    The soft serve banana is a new favorite here! I mixed it with strawberries. We added a little bit of chocolate syrup on top. It tasted just like a banana split!!!! - 6/9/2010   11:16:40 AM
  • 28
    The fried ice cream sounds awesome. - 6/9/2010   11:01:21 AM
  • 27
    Thank you!!!!!! - 6/9/2010   10:50:27 AM
  • 26
    Good idea, Medicinesqaw! We are going camping this weekend and I think we might try the ziploc ice-cream. sounds fun and delicious!!!!! - 6/9/2010   9:51:01 AM
  • 25
    I love the Soft Serve Banana and the Banana Pops. - 6/9/2010   9:14:45 AM
  • 24
    That mixed berry sorbet sounds nice, except that knowing what I do about food science, it would be a brick, not a scoopable dessert, if you don't use any sugar or make it with an ice cream maker.

    But ohhhh, those banana pudding pops are just calling to me. Banana+Chocolate=HAPPY ME! - 6/9/2010   6:05:21 AM
  • 23
    I really want to try to the frozen banana thing. sounds so good! I love to mircowave bananas. (I know, I'm weird, lol) - 6/9/2010   5:25:30 AM
    The Ice Cream in a Bag will be great for camping or for family reunions! Make everybody work off their dessert before they eat it! - 6/8/2010   11:12:22 PM
    These sound good! Can't wait to try one! - 6/8/2010   9:50:13 PM
    I don't like bananas in a dessert, as I got sick once on a (what's that called when you have 3 scoops ice cream with bananas along each side?)
    also i try to never eat sugar free foods, i have heard they are very bad for a person,
    so i never eat dessert, don't feel i need them - 6/8/2010   8:02:50 PM
  • 19
    I'm not a big fan of bananas in desserts. I will probably just stick with my regular treat of going to baskin robbin twice a month. I don't really "need" or "crave" dessert food, but I do make a killer pina colada and I'm not telling how many calories it has! - 6/8/2010   7:24:48 PM
  • 18
    Love this run-down of summer desserts! I've done the banana soft-serve and love it. I'm excited to try both the berry sorbet and the sugar-free ice cream in a bag - what a clever idea! - 6/8/2010   3:42:18 PM
  • 17
    I'm on a serious ice cream kick right now, since I discovered this ice cream shop called Sebastian and Joe's in the Twin Cities on my recent vacation. Now I crave ice cream. I've gotten started and can't stop! - 6/8/2010   2:16:54 PM
  • 16
    many of them look like winners! - 6/8/2010   1:08:29 PM
  • 15
    I will be trying the Sugar Free Ice Cream in a bag. - 6/8/2010   1:07:57 PM
  • 14
    The soft serve banana does sound good. I also like frozen grapes..they are a healthy alternative to popsicles. - 6/8/2010   11:42:38 AM
    They all sound really great. I've saved them to my recipes and can't wait to get started trying them all. Only problem...which one first?! LOL - 6/8/2010   11:42:36 AM
  • 12
    Fudgy Banana Pops sound good, but until I'm down at my goal weight, I'm avoiding carbs, since I can't seem to stop with "just one." - 6/8/2010   11:02:00 AM
  • 11
    Soft-serve banana "ice cream" has changed my life. It is so fabulous and can be changed around so many different ways. I even wrote a blog about my love : http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_p
    - 6/8/2010   10:58:41 AM
    I'm not a dessert lover at all, but these recipes sound delicous! The fried ice cream is one I can't wait to try. - 6/8/2010   10:26:09 AM
  • NJ_HOU
    THANK YOU SO MUCH !!! On the weekends especially Sundays the cravings come out I think these recipes will need to be made each weekend in the summer and it could just take me most of the summer to go through each of them!!! What a wonderful help this is to the journey ! - 6/8/2010   10:10:39 AM
    I plan to try several, but first fudgy banana pops. - 6/8/2010   9:52:20 AM
  • 7
    The ones we might give a go this summer will be the tropical shake, simple chocolate covered strawberry shake, and the creamsicle dessert. Actually I am saving this blog to SparkFavorites so my son can review the recipes with me. This summer I am having him help create at least 1 full meal each week. This way he is doing hands on learning of a lot of different skills he learned in school with a practical purpose. Plus it will boost his self esteem and be a big contribution to the family list of chores.
    Thanks for the gathering of recipes it makes it so much easier than doing a big search through the Spark Recipe database (which I am oh, so happy with and grateful for). - 6/8/2010   8:53:26 AM
  • 6
    I might have to try that Red white and Blue Berry Parfait - sounds yummy! - 6/8/2010   8:16:55 AM
  • 5
    Think that I'll be trying a few of these:) - 6/8/2010   8:15:10 AM
  • 4
    yum! I love grilled fruit in the summer. These recipes look delicious...looks like I'll have to try making my own sorbet soon. - 6/8/2010   8:14:56 AM
  • 3
    Some great ideas. I also like my homemade Peach Sorbet (posted on Spark Recipes). Fresh fruits are a fave at our house, too! - 6/8/2010   7:52:46 AM
  • 2
    My favorite summer desserts under 150cal: fresh strawberries or watermelon. . . - 6/8/2010   7:22:01 AM
  • 1
    Great ideas. Thanks. - 6/8/2010   6:40:41 AM

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