21 Light Beers to Toast with This New Year's Eve


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Updated by Melissa Rudy, 12/27/16

3-2-1, Happy New Year!

If you choose to toast the New Year with a cold one, pick a beer that's not going to weigh you down. Beers vary in calories, so choose one of these lighter versions (all servings are 12 ounces):
  1. Bud Select 55: 55 calories
  2. Miller 64: 64 calories
  3. Beck's Premier Light: 64 calories
  4. Michelob Ultra: 95 calories
  5. Busch Light: 95 calories
  6. Natural Light: 95 calories
  7. Amstel Light: 95 calories
  8. Miller Lite: 96 calories
  9. Yuengling Lager Light: 99 calories
  10. Corona Light: 99 calories
  11. Heineken Light: 99 calories
  12. Budweiser Select: 99 calories
  13. Keystone Light: 104 calories
  14. Coors Light: 104 calories
  15. Labatt Blue Light: 108 calories
  16. Bud Light: 110 calories
  17. Bud Light Lime: 116 calories
  18. Sam Adams Light: 119 calories
  19. Michelob Light: 122 calories
  20. Natural Ice: 130 calories
  21. Bud Light Platinum: 143 calories

How to Read a Beer Label

The nutritional information on a beer label is more or less the same as what you'll see on food packages and non-alcoholic drinks. At a glance, you can see the number of calories, fat grams, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrates, sugars, protein and various vitamins and nutrients.

You may also see some non-nutritional information, including ABV (Alcohol by Volume); IBU (International Bittering Units, which indicates the volume of hop resins in the beer); FG (Final Gravity, which measures the density of the beer); Plato (a measure of the amount of fermentable sugar); Lovibond, SRM or EBC (indications of the beer's color); and the bottling and expiration dates.

Not a Beer Drinker?

Get some ideas for slimming down cocktails and learn which high-calorie drinks to avoid at all costs, and sip on some suggestions for diet-friendly alcohol choices

What to Consider Before Drinking

  • Just because a beer is "light" doesn't mean it has less alcohol than full-calorie beers. The alcohol volume will vary by brand, so be sure to check the label.
  • The effects of alcohol last longer than you may think. In most cases, the liver processes approximately one ounce per hour.
  • Coffee doesn't magically erase the effects of alcohol. The only "cure" for intoxication is time.
  • The CDC warns that drinking excessively can have dangerous short-term and long-term risks.
  • Always drink responsibly. Choose a designated driver or call a transportation service if you've had too much to drink.
Happy New Year from all of us at SparkPeople!

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  • 87
    Oh my, that Bud Lite Lime is AWESOME. I have to be very vigilant to stop earlier than I want to because it doesn't taste like an alcoholic beer at all. It just tastes like a heavenly refresher. - 12/1/2017   6:38:44 PM
  • 86
    Try a non-alcoholic brew, like O'Doul's. Under 100 calories, I think it's 85? - 12/1/2017   12:55:25 PM
  • 85
    Good info even if it is not NYE! - 6/22/2017   8:05:49 PM
  • 84
    Not much of a drinker since joining SP, but if I'm gonna have a beer, it's Bud Select 55!
    HAPPY NEW YEAR SPARK FRIENDS!!!!!!! - 12/31/2013   10:25:24 AM
  • 83
    I f I was going to have a beer inspite of what I previously posted I would rather have a decent ale rather than some crappy mass produce lager. Quality over quantity. - 12/29/2013   6:07:08 PM
  • 82
    I like Mich Ultra - and drink it maybe once or twice a year. So don't go by what I like - I'm obviously NOT much of a drinker!

    have a happy and SAFE new year! - 12/29/2013   3:21:44 PM
  • 81
    Drinking light beer is like drinking decaf coffee. I'll stick to a nice crisp white wine thank you. Have a safe and sane New Years everyone! - 12/28/2013   12:24:21 PM
  • 80
    Love beer - not a fan of light beer at all - instead of drinking 12 - 64 calorie beers - trade up for a couple flavorful craft beers - drink water in between - same effect - 12/28/2013   12:20:28 PM
  • 79
    First of all, I LIKE beer.

    But second of all, I can easily drink too much beer.

    Someone said below that "it's all about moderation", which is true as far as it goes, but alcohol is one of those things that many people can't DO in moderation.

    Alcohol is metabolized before anything else, including carbs. So if you're going to drink beer all evening, then the lower the alcohol, the lower the carbs, and the lower the calories, the better.

    My choice is Bud Select 55 - 55 calories, 1.9% alcohol. Extremely light, but I can have 4 or 5 over the course of an evening with no penalty.

    Sure, it's not full strength beer, but the subject here is "10 Light Beers", not "Moderation is the way to go.... on New Year's Eve".

    The subtext of the this article is, what beer can you drink to excess on New Year's (cause you're gonna drink to excess anyway), and not start the New Year with a whopping hangover and the munchies? ;) - 12/28/2013   9:59:16 AM
  • 78
    I like Amstel light just fine but I am unable to drink carbonated beverages of any kind due to esophagus issues - no champagne either. I guess if I decide to drink alcoholic beverages it will either be a cocktail or a glass of wine. - 12/28/2013   9:37:35 AM
    I am so not a beer drinker. - 12/22/2013   2:59:06 PM
  • 76
    ew. Worst article ever. No offense. But if you're gonna drink beer, drink the QUALITY stuff. None of that is quality "light" beer. I feel the same way about pops. It's all about moderation! - 12/4/2013   12:14:29 PM
  • 75
    Hey now- what about Yuengling Light??? 99 calories and actually tasty. I live in FL so a heavy or dark beer really isn't my go-to for most of the year, but I really love an icy Yuengling... - 1/11/2013   11:38:27 AM
  • 74
    I do not drink acochol at all, do enjoy the new soy eggnog for my new years toast. Kind of high on the calories so I only have one small glass, then it's back to flavored water. - 12/30/2012   1:05:59 PM
  • 73
    interesting how SP touts not to consume empty calories and to eschew alcohol but devotes a blog to beer on New Years Eve....really people...Champagne is the toast for the New Year....it makes me realize how young this site has become - 12/29/2012   11:40:30 AM
  • 72
    All of these beers are pretty gross. I'll stick with champagne to toast, thanks. - 12/28/2012   1:37:52 PM
  • 71
    I never drink Beer, so I have ZERO calories to deal with. LOL - 12/28/2012   12:58:30 PM
  • 70
    bud select 55, only 55 calories..... - 12/28/2012   10:10:27 AM
  • 69
    I gave up drinking BEER when they invented the funnel. Beer is like Bacon its in its own Food Group, and it has to have some flavor. So I'll take some Guinness, good porters and any dark beer without a strong hop taste. Which says I don't much care for IPA's. But light beer is just watered down beer, so do we drink watered down lemonade, or Ice Tea, or Fruit Juice. No we go for the flavor when it comes to those kind of beverages.. And why not light coffee to get you going in the morning. - 12/28/2012   9:07:30 AM
  • 68
    I'm with Britomart. These "light" beers are in the "why bother" category. When I drink beer, it's a hearty, flavorful, aromatic brew that I sip and savor, not something I swill down quickly and grab another. Yep, I'm a beer snob. - 12/28/2012   9:00:09 AM
  • 67
    I wish I liked beer enough to give it up ;) but it's just so nasty I've never acquired a taste for it. Water is my drink of choice for ANY occasion now! - 12/28/2012   8:57:19 AM
    Great they are light but you drink minimum of 3 so what's the deal? - 12/28/2012   7:49:42 AM
  • 65
    I don't drink alcohol but I'm glad to see a list of lower calorie alternative for people who do drink.

    I never go out for New Years. I will most likely be sitting at home logged onto Spark People, playing bingo or doing a puzzle on facebook. - 12/28/2012   5:16:00 AM
  • 64
    I can't believe you left out Bud Select 55! - 12/27/2012   9:11:57 PM
  • 63
    Light beer? nope. Like an earlier poster, I'd prefer to plan ahead so I can indulge in something really tasty--like a micro porter, or something with body. (Usually better ingredients, too...) - 12/27/2012   4:58:51 PM
  • 62
    eeeeewwww. was this post sponsored by A-B Inbev & Miller/Coors? I would never waste a single calorie on this list. Save your calories and find a special beer for a special occasion, don't drink the leftover mopwater splashing around this list. (Myself, I'll be enjoying some Deus this weekend). - 12/27/2012   3:58:47 PM
    Thanks - good info!

    I tend to run a New Year's Day race so New Year's Eve is low key! - 12/27/2012   1:18:34 PM
    YUCK to all those suggestions. I'd much rather work out a bit extra during the week to keep my calorie deficit so I can enjoy some much tastier & more satisfying microbrews. I'll take something made with care and attention any day over the mass produced yellow water from AB/InBev/MillerCoors. - 12/27/2012   12:28:33 PM
  • 59
    I'm not a beer drinker (unless I'm in China, where it's safer than the water). I brought in the New Year having done an hour on the elliptical, watching the ball drop in NYC with Dick Clark & Ryan Secrest. Can you say "Dance Party"? - 1/1/2012   3:06:41 AM
  • 58
    Thank you for your efforts. I'm sure many dieters appreciate it! However, being a low-carber, I feel ignored FREQUENTLY by SparkPeople and I would have greatly appreciated seeing carb counts and not just calorie counts. - 12/31/2011   4:22:41 PM
    I dont care for beer but I do like light wine coolers. - 12/30/2011   8:57:25 PM
  • JUICE2012
    Budweiser Select 55 is my favorite beer and at only 55 calories a bottle, totally worth it! I'll take 2 please, or 3, or 4. :) - 12/30/2011   3:13:54 PM
  • 55
    My favorite light beer is Bud Select at 99 calories. My DH is not a huge fan of light beers and we have very different tastes in Beer, but this is one that we can both agree on.
    Ditto But Light Lime, my DD and SIL like it, as do my DS and DIL. 6 varied tastes, one great beer at 116 calories!!
    This is a very old list......... - 12/30/2011   11:24:11 AM
  • 54
    I agree with GlacialMike, enjoy one really good craft beer and you'll be good for the night. You don't always have to sacrifice flavor. If you really want to watch the calories, go for a Guinness Draught. At 129 calories, it fills you up and is full on flavor. I, personally, will be toasting the New Year with a bottle of Sam Adams Infinium, which my boyfriend and I will be splitting with a couple of friends. - 12/30/2011   5:18:37 AM
  • FELICIA1963
    Happy Year to all! - 12/30/2011   4:40:12 AM
  • 123ELAINE456
    God Bless Everyone and Have a Wonderful Week. Will be home by myself on New Years Eve. Have a very Happy New Years Eve and Day. Please Do Not Drenk And Drive. - 12/30/2011   4:32:58 AM
  • 51
    What about dealcoholized Beer? I know it might seem like sacrilege to some but at 7 cals a gram it adds up.'
    Also where was Molson 68? - 12/29/2011   11:38:30 PM
  • 50
    I'm not a beer drinker, but I DO like Mike's Hard Lemonade LITE Cranberry. I'm a light weight drinker, so 1 is enough & that's 120 cals for 1 bottle (suppose to be 2 servings in 1 bottle....R I G H T!!!)

    I see many are upset that SP even talks about having alcohol. In the perfect world, no1 drinks, but this is reality, people. I appreciate them educating people to alternatives that are less sabotaging to have. It is what it is, so let's not be so quick to judge, ANYONE, SP or those of us who like to indulge now & then when the occasion seems right. Moderation in everything is the key to a happy life! - 12/29/2011   11:30:13 PM
  • 49
    We host a family friendly event. Lots of adults & kids up moving all night playing kinect, wii, air hockey, board games ....basically you name it. We indulge as healthy as we can with food & drinks. - 12/29/2011   10:16:46 PM
  • 48
    My husband, our 2 son's, their families & myself go to a New Year's Eve Party at our Church from 8 P.M. to 1 A.M. - 12/29/2011   7:56:07 PM
    I've been reaching my goals by eating regular food in moderation, rather than gorging on low-fat/low-carb/sci-fi substitutes. That includes beer. Instead of having two or three light beers, try having one real craft beer. Many craft beers contain significant amounts of healthy polyphenols, soluble fiber, and B vitamins; especially the hoppier and less filtered beers. In moderation, beer can absolutely be a healthy choice! - 12/29/2011   3:08:54 PM
    I'm a retired professional drinker but continue to have the occasional beer, usually with a meal. I only note that I've rarely found a "bad" beer! Normally, though, these days the wife and I will share a 6-8 oz glass of wine during the evening meal. I'm unable to find fault with many of the Euro-habits. Must be the genes? At my age, I'll celebrate the new year as I would celebrate most any other day, counting whatever blessings the past year has brought. Happy New Year to all at SP. - 12/29/2011   2:37:21 PM
  • CHEEKS1230
    Working on a plan.for this year to get fit and loose a few pounds and be HAPPY with who I am ! - 1/2/2009   1:56:25 PM
  • 44
    My husband and I just had a quiet New Year's Eve, no alcohol. A wonderful evening! - 1/1/2009   11:07:30 PM
  • 43
    I'm glad to see that alot of you don't drink, it's certainly safer & healthier that way. To tell the truth, I'm surprised that Spark is OK w/ this unhealthy habit/choice. - 1/1/2009   8:39:38 PM
  • 42
    When at all possible i choose Michelob Ultra over other light beers, and as a drink of choice i would recommend it to anyone trying to make a lower cal choice for beer. - 1/1/2009   5:51:58 PM
  • 41
    I love beer. I normally drink Coors Light, but I am going to try to take it out of my diet at least during the week and splurge on the weekends. - 1/1/2009   5:27:18 PM
  • 40
    I don't drink beer but I had a little red wine to celebrate Near Years Eve! - 1/1/2009   12:06:45 PM
  • 39
    I love light beer! My running club does a lot of drinking beer after working up a sweat, so i try and stick to light beer. None of your brands are available in Kenya.
    but we do get Pilsner Light and White Cap Light from East African Breweries, who do not like giving any information on their ingredients or calories of their drinks - I have tried writing to them. Or Windhoek Light (my favourite in this part opf the world) from Namibia. - 1/1/2009   11:35:15 AM
  • 38
    I don't consume beer very often, but when I do I opt for the offerings of the Trappist monks. Chimay is simply wonderful. - 1/1/2009   11:14:36 AM

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