3-Minute Leg Stretching Routine on Mat

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Stretch out your whole lower body in just 3 minutes with this video!

Member Comments

Great video Report
Love these, they feel so good! Report
Great! Thanks for this one! Report
I appreciate how short this video is. It motivated me to take action. Report
Thanks, Coach! Report
I do these too. But as usual, you have added something that I was missing. Thanks, Coach! Report
I tied not that flexible yet though. Report
Hi, l enjoyed the stretch. Thanks Report
Coach Nicole is simply the best!!!
She is great,love all her videos,I do so many of them,love this one also!!!! Report
She is fantastic and a great instructor. Love the exercise. I just can't believe that someone suggested giving her a tissue. Blew me away!! Then again, I guess there's always someone who will criticize. Report
Can you give a variation for people who have hip replacement. The replaced hip can't go less than 90 degrees with the body. Thanks Report
Great stretches for beginners like me! Thanks! Report
Idid the 3 minute leg stretchingt and felt good Report
I love spark people and Nicole, but can anyone PLEASE give her a tissue.
She is always sniffling while explaining her exercises.
I would like her to hold stretches longer too. What's the rush? Report