10-Minute Crunchless Core Workout

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This Pilates-inspired workout will help you tone your abs without a single crunch!

Member Comments

Leaning back like that was hard Report
I had to add some extra padding for my buttocks. I gain my weight all in the front. It was a good work out. Report
great routine! I'm so much excited to see the results. I want to follow 30 day challenge found while searching. Anyways thanks. Here is the link to a 30 day challenge the other day.
gut-challenge/ Report
Thanks for showing us. Report
I enjoyed this video. Little tough but i am working on getting in better shape. Thank you Report
holy moly Report
Great video. Thanks Report
Great Toning workout! thanks for sharing Report
Sorry but the first 2 are crunches- just because you changed the motion a bit doesn't mean that they aren't . Report
I liked this one so much! (I also figured out I had to clean my bedroom floor! Every time I had to swing my leg, I was wacking something!) Report
good routine Report
Good one..Thanks Report
My first time loved it ..10 minutes is just the right amount of time .. Report
My abs were screaming!!! Report
For an older person with hip, joint, and balance issues, I found this difficult but fun and doable (for the most part!) Report