9-Minute Lower Body Sculpt

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Tone your entire lower body without any equipment with this fun and effecting toning workout created by Coach Nicole

Member Comments

Thanks Nicole! It was fun! Report
I love this video and Coach Nicole. Report
I love Coach Nicole's workouts! They're always effective! Report
Great video Report
Loved it. Nice to see how good my balance is especially over 65. Report
great Report
I don't have enough internet allowance. I would like to see more written out commentary to follow along off line. Report
Great gentle workout to warm me! Report
This was my first "workout" of any kind, other than leisurely walking, since A. Fib. diagnosis. Some increase in heart rate of course but not alarming. Stretches were nice! Report
Right under the video is a button to click that will track the calories from this workout. Report
I didn't really like doing lunges as my knees creak, and my balance isn't so good. I think I will modify it if this comes up in the challenge again. Report
I'm tracking my calorie intake and burned so I'm wondering how to figure out how many calories are burned during this video workout. Report
Thanks, Nicole! This is fun! Report
A nice mild workout to use as I make it back into full exercise mode as I recover following an auto accident...I have a torn lateral meniscus in my right knee...BUT GOD!!! Report