8-Minute Cardio Intervals Workout

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This short and simple cardio workout that will elevate your heart rate to burn calories and fat in just minutes!

Member Comments

great video Report
Nice workout! Report
I did it good warm up video Report
That was nice! It was the first short video I actually did in SP. Doable people, doable!!! Report
A great video! I am tired from just watching. Report
Thank you. Report
Helpful Report
good video Report
Great video Report
Thanks for sharing this video Report
I did it! Report
Love it! Did this on my break at my desk. Just enough time to get my heart up but not enough to bore me. Report
This was hard for me today. Report
its a fun workout especially listening to 50s classics Report
Looks awesome. Wish I was young enough to do it. One minute and my back is killing me. Maybe if I spread it out through the day lol Report