9-Minute Seated Arm and Shoulder Workout

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In this workout, Coach Nicole will lead you through a series of seated exercises that will help you tone your entire upper body and improve your flexibility.

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These are GREAT! Thanks so much! Report
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I love this workout!! Report
Really enjoyed this Report
Great info Report
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Thank you! Report
Great quick routine to do at my desk. Thank you! Report
Thank You...……………. Report
Thanks Report
I was just getting into my fitness routine and I broke a bone in my foot. These seated videos are just what I need! Report
Thank you! Report
Broke my ankle so I really needed this! Thank you Spark People for all you do. And I love Coach Nicole videos. Report
I love this ! ! Report
Unable to stand for long, seated exercises have offered me an opportunity to experience the reward and

joy of exercise. I welcome the opportunity these videos afford me, to keep fit.

Thank you.