14-Minute Cardio Dance Workout

Shimmy your way to a slimmer waist with this fun cardio dance routine!

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This was sooo *fun* THANK YOU for sharing.
Worth trying, see how hips/knees like it
Watched most of this. I will bookmark it and see if my 73 1/2 year old knees and hips can take it...without the jump so far it looks low impact.
I absolutely love this video!
I am pretty sure I cannot make it through the whole routine, but I plan to try to improve each. Good video.
I did this in the corner of our living room, so I could lean against a wall if I started to fall over. If I keep moving, I don't care if I'm not completing everything exactly. I'm planning on doing this to "Do the Twist", which is basically the same tempo.
Woo Hoo!
I think this will be a good workout for me. However I don't have enough room for all the moves. I did what I could and kept moving with the legs when I couldn't do the moves. Need to work on getting more room to exercise near the computer.
Maybe I can do this when I get my new hip - It looks like fun.
This was a fun change of pace for exercise. I will do this again!
I loved that when I saw it the first time. Then I found Acacia.
I did it a lot and after two surgeries I had forgotten her. Thanks for me to get it again.

Pat in Maine. I will do it tomorrow. ((((GREAT)))))) Pat in Maine.
I muddled along with them and while some parts were difficult for me it seemed easier to follow than the 28 Day BootCamp (22 mins). At any rate, my breathing is up!
Too dificult for me but sure had fun laughting at myself while trying to do it!
LOVE this workout. There are 3 different levels being demonstrated. It's AWESOME. It's good to show that there is benefit at any level of your Plie. I want to add this to my weekly routines.
Too hard on my knees.