2 Simple Tips to Lose 1 Pound Per Week

These small lifestyle changes could leave you feeling lighter every week. Learn the tricks to lose more weight in just minutes a day!

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I think I read this article before
Already drinking water and 1 a,.m. up of coffee almost exclusively - maybe 2-3 sodas a year. but I do need to start walking again. these suggestions are good as a start but if I am already doing this, I need something more.
Thanks for the information.
Thanks, this is a helpful video to set goals for your weight loss program!
Getting ready to go for a walk - about 30 mins! Great motivation in seeing this video!
Well, my doctor gave me similar advice, but I only drink water and occasionally black coffee and I have a dog I walk daily. So though this advice may help a lot of people not me. And I do need to lose 20 pounds.
I don't drink soda but, in general, people do drink many of their calories. Nicole is speaking in general. And people who start out with 10 min. exercise generally begin adding more minutes over time.
I do have a diet soda 1-2 tiems per week. Latest news says diet soda is not good for you but O think this amount should be ok. I just acnot bring myself to waste the calories drinking a full calorie soda.I too will not lose weight due to drinking less calories since I drink coffee or tea balck or with skim milk, water and sometimes flavored water. I think drinking the 8 cups of water a day is what works.
I recommend reading The Obesity Code by Jason Fung, MD. Applying the information has changed my life. My last 4 years at Weight Watchers resulted in a 2 lb weight loss after following the plan and exercising religiously. I have finally found the way to reverse insulin resistance, lose weight and inches in a very healthy manner. Read the book!
Hi Nicole,
Sorry but you cannot assume that everyone drinks soda, therefore they can lose weight. I drink black coffee without sugar and drink water, sometimes seltzer water. I also walk, not strenuously, but I walk 4-5 times a wk, between 1 hr and 2 hrs and still not lose weight.
my frustration is that there is no way to record the exercise I get. I am a 65 year old female and do all the house maintenance, remodeling, and building projects. I carry my table saw and circular saw up and down a set of stairs almost daily. I do all the yardwork, snow shoveling( in Western NY that can be extensive) and everyday household duties. I am pretty sure this is the frustration that caused me to leave this site before. I am glad society sees exercise as something everyone is doing - I would love to have the time- but my days are already 17-19 hours long. Not much sitting for me.
Terri, I do chair exercises sometime, when I'm not doing really good. My girlfriend lost 2 or 3 shirt sizes by walking 10 minutes a day, plus she did her chores at home and her cooking, Have a Super & Blessed Saturday!
I am doing this. Only drink water, black coffee, & herbal tea.
Terri- I can't walk safely, but I can do chair exercises. Look on Sparks or on You tube. There is also a chair exercise team. KEEP SPARKING
I'm disabled, how do I get exercise if I can't walk?