How to Improve Your Home's Indoor Air Quality

If you suffer from allergies or asthma, maintaining a pollution-free home can be a challenge. Follow these simple steps for a healthier indoor environment.

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Good and helpful information, SparkFriends
Great tips in the video and the comments!
Great Post...! Wonderful Tutorial. I like your home improvement tips and ideas. This is very helpful Post for my Home. You are so creative. I got a good information in your Post. You are so creative. Thanks for sharing Your Post.
Would you recommend which type of air quality product use you?
I use a hypoallergenic filter and change it monthly. It usually is so dirty, I can't imagine leaving it in for the 3 months the package says is is good for. Also, can't really take shoes off outside when it is below zero, not to mention having relatives that doctors have told they should wear shoes at all times when walking (and I'm not going to make them pay for another pair of expensive orthotic shoes just for my house).
Very important: Buy a HEPA filer vacuum. Regular vacuums allow very small dust particles and allergens to be blown out while vacuuming. A HEPA filter captures smaller particles and the filters can either be cleaned or replaced. Other tips: a) buy allergen covers for pillows and a bed mattress and wash regularly; b) when doing yard work, take off clothes immediately when back in the house; ; c) we have an "Ionic Air Purifier" for the bedroom that captures dust (again, can be cleaned and wiped off regularly); and d) we run a warm air humidifier all winter. I have allergy-related asthma and these tips have really helped.

use a fan for a short time when windows are open. even in winter it freshens air quicker. Happy 2016
Might be new info to young folks!
Done these things for years. Depending on the social occasion, I even ask friends to take shoes off at the door. In New England it is a common thing for people to take shoes off before entering the home of others. I used to take some ballerina slippers with me when visiting.

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Nothing new, but the handyman explains it cute enough.
Good information I'm assuming if you live in a warm climate but I'm not sure how handy this is if you live in a cold region during the winter.
Great Information! Thank You!
good info.
I'm surprised he didn't mention the use of a dehumidifier, especially in the winter when windows are closed. Dehumidifiers can keep down dust mites, eliminate mould issues and help control bacteria. Your floors and furnishings are protected and your health improves with the use of a dehumidifier.
Great advise!
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