Outdoor Exercisers: Get Closer to Nature

Exercising outdoors is the only way for some people. If this is your main mode of exercise, try to stay off of high-traffic roads. A recent study from the University of Queensland (Brisbane, Australia) found that exercising too close to traffic can actually increase your risk of cardiovascular disease. When you exercise, you are breathing more heavily, and these deep inhales are bringing more toxins into the lungs.

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There’s nothing wrong with exercising outdoors. Try to stay off busy roads, exercise early in the morning (fumes are not as bad at this time), or even shun roads all together for a park or nature trail.

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I have been a walker for many years Report
Great article Report
That is a beef of mine - walkers and runners on the road, just because they do not want to deal with corners, moving in the same direction as traffic. Peds - you are supposed to face traffic!!! For your safety!!! Report
Wearing a mask will block fumes and pollutants Report
Love walking outdoors Report
Interesting Report
Getting outdoors is great. Report
Great information. Report
Great. Report
Thank you! Report
Oh, wow! I suspected that but didn't know for sure it was so bad. Thanks a lot. Report
Great tips! Thank you. Report
Great tips! Thank you. Report
I sure notice that when I walk here in Toronto, and I am just as sure that walking in Hawaii does us a world of good. That's why we drive to the Ontario lakeshore here. It’s the air. Report


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