Bootcamp: 7-Minute Arm Shaper with Dumbbells

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Work your upper body with dumbbells in just 7 minutes!

Member Comments

Thank you Report
Nice Report
I did this workout! Report
I found this work Day 3 too difficult forme .. was hoping they would have had an alternative excerics for the ones that arent at that exercise level.. disppointing however did my best/ Report
This is a good routine to use as a part of my workout. Report
I am not new to exercise. Since I was short on time today I did the video twice as opposed to 3 times. I used 8 lb weights. Report
I wasn't able to do the chair triceps exercise, so I modified it by using a weight for a triceps extension. I also had to modify the push ups. Report
I was a bit weak with the push ups.....they have always been difficult for me to do, my entire life. I did try though. I feel Great! and I did day 3 after 30 min of Tae Bo. Woohoo! Report
Day 3 down! Great challenge!!! Thank you! Report
Really liked this video. I agree that it seemed like only 3 minutes long! Report
Was that seriously 7 minutes? I felt like it was only about 3. I must be getting stronger, because I was even using heavier weights! HM! :) Report
Day 3 week 1 complete. Seemed really fast/easy. I may try it again! Report
Did 1, 2, and 3 and will do 3 a couple more times Report
Day 3 done! Actually did it twice! Report