New YOU Bootcamp: 8-Minute Arm Toning Workout

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Coach Nicole has created an easy-to-follow upper body workout that you can do anywhere in just 8 minutes!

Member Comments

;-) Report
Great program Report
Ok Report
Love this workout for the arms. Just enough. Not too much, not too little. Really works the arms. Report
It IS easy-to-follow at a pace I can handle and can do them without the ball. Report
Are there different sizes of stability balls? Which size is this video using? Report
Trying this and will work on this. Report
Good workout Report
Coach Nicole,

Wondering why the exercises on any particular day have different reps, 8 to 13? I thought all of the reps in sets are always the same. As I watched and counted each exercise they were different.

Thanks for your explanation. Report
I won't do this on a ball. Slipped off on once and cracked my head so hard I saw stars and haven't used one since. I lay on a bench or sit on a chair to do these kind of exercises. They do help strengthen arms and shoulders. Report
I just had a right breast removal.. and am doing this without the ball right now in a chair.and it keeps exercising.. like this. Report
Loved it! Complete with good instruction Report
doing it today Report
Great way to multi task in a work out! :) Report
I'm a little concerned about laying on the ball , otherwise, I think this would be a good one for me.