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New YOU Bootcamp: 8-Minute Arm Toning Workout


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Coach Nicole,

Wondering why the exercises on any particular day have different reps, 8 to 13? I thought all of the reps in sets are always the same. As I watched and counted each exercise they were different.

Thanks for your explanation.
I won't do this on a ball. Slipped off on once and cracked my head so hard I saw stars and haven't used one since. I lay on a bench or sit on a chair to do these kind of exercises. They do help strengthen arms and shoulders.
I just had a right breast removal.. and am doing this without the ball right now in a chair.and it keeps exercising.. like this.
Loved it! Complete with good instruction
doing it today
Great way to multi task in a work out! :)
I'm a little concerned about laying on the ball , otherwise, I think this would be a good one for me.
Love it!! Great help for the core!! Actually great as a leg strengthner!!
I am trying to view the exercise stability ball videos and they aren't playing, just a blank screen where video should be.
I will be doing this exercise from now on! My arms are my biggest problem!
I used my futon instead of the stability ball and although I realize it is not the same, I felt the workout. I was still doing the same position as my hips were not on the futon.
Love the exercise, hate the ad.
How do I know what size ball to buy?
I watched it first. I thought this is doable. Sometimes the people who are fit make things look easy. I did it ok and will God willing do it again. Thank you so much! hug
Again, this is a workout I am unable to do until I get a stability ball.
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