New YOU Bootcamp: 10-Minute Abs Shredder

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Coach Nicole has created an easy-to-follow, 10-minute core workout that you can do anywhere. Get ready to meet your abs!

Member Comments

Coach Nicole's 10-minute core workout is awesome. Report
Ok Report
Good workout Report
Thanks Report
Thanks for sharing this video Report
I could do it on the bed as cant get on the floor Report
I came across this video because I was worried about my dogs weight. He is a labradoodle and has gained some fat lately so I taught him this workout. This dog is now stronger than me and he benches more than me. I’m kinda scared of my dog. Please help
Ps. I think he’s gonna hurt me Report
I love this exercise video, sadly with my back issues i can not get on the floor to do them Report
My wife has a ball, but I never tried it. Maybe I will dig it out of the basement. Report
I love using the Ball for exercises. If I can't do some because of my knees, I just do the ones I can and repeat them more. It's wonderful!!!! Thanks. Report
Too much pressure on the knees. I would have to have a mat a foot thick for my knees to feel comfortable. Report
These are great routines Nicole demonstrates in this routine. Seems like some can be done with a chair, but not all. I really like that back stretch on the ball. Report
You could do this sitting on a chair...I have knee issues too. Report
if i could get on my knees ...