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New YOU Bootcamp: 10-Minute Abs Shredder


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My wife has a ball, but I never tried it. Maybe I will dig it out of the basement.
I love using the Ball for exercises. If I can't do some because of my knees, I just do the ones I can and repeat them more. It's wonderful!!!! Thanks.
Too much pressure on the knees. I would have to have a mat a foot thick for my knees to feel comfortable.
These are great routines Nicole demonstrates in this routine. Seems like some can be done with a chair, but not all. I really like that back stretch on the ball.
You could do this sitting on a chair...I have knee issues too.
if i could get on my knees ...
Do you have an exercise video for hip flexors? I do and enjoy Coach Nicole"s core and cardio routines. Thanks, Ann
Thank you for your suggestions! You are very good.
Thank you for your suggestions! You are very good.
loved this one thanks Nicole
Hello friends,
I'm purchasing a ball this Friday 1-30-15 and just looking around for exercises to do. I saved this one. I can't wait to begin.
I have stage 4 lung cancer and incurable and I did the core workout,,,so proud of myself 6 surgeries and its been almost a year since I was allowed to do anything but since I can slowly start back woo hooo
I just purchased a ball. Thanks! I was looking for workouts to use with the ball!
Thank you Nicole you rock!
Balls start at $11.50 NEW at Amazon. $8 used.
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