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15 5-Minute Appetizers

This time of year, there's always an occasion where you need to bring a shared dish. I've compiled a list of appetizers that will take no more than five minutes of hands-on work!
Posted 12/10/2012  12:00:00 PM By:   : 19 comments   60,024 views
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4 Ways to Enjoy Holiday Treats While Dieting

Don't deny yourself all your favorite foods at the holiday parties and family dinners. Becky shares easy tips for eating what you want--with no weight gain!
Posted 12/7/2012  8:00:00 AM By:   : 22 comments   39,363 views
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Things That Don't Suck about Getting Older

Is there an upside to getting older? You bet! Here's what you have to look forward to with each passing birthday.
Posted 9/19/2012  6:00:00 AM By:   : 236 comments   91,282 views
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Celebrate Your Freedom from Greasy Burgers: Save 50% on Our 'Grilling Guide'

Looking for new recipes for your Fourth of July or Canada Day cookout? SparkPeople has you covered. Check out our "Ultimate Grilling Guide"-- which is on sale for $1.99 until 7/4!
Posted 6/29/2012  6:00:00 PM By:   : 4 comments   12,448 views
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Make Cinco de Mayo Healthier, with 30+ of Our Best Mexican Recipes

Just in time for Cinco de Mayo, we rounded up our favorite Mexican-inspired recipes. Let's get this party started!
Posted 5/3/2012  2:00:00 PM By:   : 32 comments   73,173 views
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Celebrate Derby Day with This Authentic Recipe

The Kentucky Derby is packed full of tradition: fancy hats for the ladies, mint juleps, Derby pie, asparagus, and, my favorite, Burgoo, a slow-cooked stew.
Posted 4/30/2012  2:00:00 PM By:   : 8 comments   13,335 views
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Nutritious And Delicious Super Bowl Recipes

All time favorite Super Bowl recipes from SparkRecipes.
Posted 2/1/2012  5:00:00 PM By:   : 14 comments   25,956 views
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Throw a Party Like a Pro

Jill Donenfeld knows how to throw a party. Now she's sharing her best healthy recipes and tips. Make your holiday gatherings fun and stress-free!
Posted 11/7/2011  10:00:00 AM By:   : 6 comments   12,464 views
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Chew on This: Cookout Facts + Trivia

Before you head to this weekend's end-of-summer barbecues, we wanted to share some fun facts and trivia about your favorite cookout foods.
Posted 8/30/2011  10:00:00 AM By:   : 24 comments   35,836 views
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I Survived the Warrior Dash!

If you think fitness or running could never be fun, then you haven't tried this race. Coach Nicole shares how she got down and dirty at the Dash last weekend!
Posted 6/8/2011  5:00:00 AM By:   : 158 comments   47,356 views
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Make This Meal: Chef Meg's Eggplant Napoleon

Layers of breaded eggplant, tangy tomato sauce, and plenty of cheese to top it off. Yum! All that for only 232 calories!
Posted 5/16/2011  10:12:32 AM By:   : 26 comments   21,411 views
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The Perfect Super Bowl Party Food: Chef Meg's Chili Con Carne

I love this recipe. It's great for a crowd, and t really requires little work on my part. The slow cooker does the work. It's perfect for Super Bowl parties!
Posted 2/2/2011  2:06:37 PM By:   : 38 comments   20,956 views
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Healthy Super Bowl Party Recipes

Wondering what to serve at your Super Bowl party? Look no further! We've rounded up a variety of healthy Super Bowl party recipes that everyone will enjoy
Posted 2/1/2011  2:36:12 PM By:   : 15 comments   22,808 views
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12 Healthy Game Day Recipes

Now that football season is here, are you looking for some game day recipes? We've rounded up a variety of healthy game day appetizer and snack recipes that everyone will enjoy!
Posted 9/7/2010  12:00:39 PM By:   : 19 comments   43,441 views
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Stay Healthy at Labor Day Parties

The dailySpark's bloggers are enjoying a day off with friends and family, but we wanted to leave you with a short post with some party survival tips!
Posted 9/6/2010  5:33:53 AM By:   : 32 comments   18,253 views
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