Your New Year's Resolution Toolbox

By , SparkPeople Blogger
You have the willpower and the motivation -- but do you have the tools to make your goals a reality? You don't need fancy or expensive gadgets to get on the path to a healthy lifestyle, but investing in a few useful products can help to remove any obstacles along the way.

Follow this handy guide for stocking your home, office and gym for a healthier, happier you. Print the graphic and share it with other resolution makers! 

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good ideas here! Report
thanks Report
Putting getting a strong back massager on my list of rewards. Have one of those chair massagers, but don't use it enough. Putting that on my rewards list too! Report
This is an excellent article. While visiting a relative for the Holiday, I couldn't help but notice how organized her kitchen was. A goal for today is to have my main rooms organized and things that are not used, will be given to others. Report
I bought a spiralizer once but it was kind of small and it kept cutting my fingers. Does anyone know of a big spiralizer that actually works? Report
LOVE my essential oil !! I would NOT suggest any of the cheap stuff,, you pay for what you get. I did buy a package deal (has 8 in it) and as long as you know what the oil does (some relax, some good for breathing etc) ahhhhh !!

I have been using about the same clothing for yoga,, hmmm yes It'd be FUN to buy a new outfit including the bra,, socks,, LOL Well undies are undies ! LOL Report
I sure wish SP would stop using these info graphics so we blind folks can read them too! Report
Love my little 2-tier turntable for spices. Report
Good well-fitted shoes are always a necessity. The others are very optional. Fitness band reviews are pretty mixed. Love my Blendtec though! Report
I have a meal prep bag, containers and shakers cups for my meal bag. Love my Ninja blender, fitness tracker, proper fitted shoes and Sparkpeople app. Report