Will You Take a ‘Staycation’ this Year?

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With our economy in a quandary, many of us are choosing to stay at home during our vacation time in order save a little money. This is what has been popularly referred to for the past several years by many as a ‘staycation’.

So what is exactly is a staycation? It is staying at home or close to home during your vacation time. However, this doesn’t mean you have to sit at home all day watching talk shows or re-runs of your favorite television dramas. In fact this situation allows many of us the opportunity to explore our own community just like a tourist would.

So how do you go about taking a staycation?

  • It is important that you set your days up just as though you were on a vacation. Sleeping in until 10 a.m. may sound heavenly, but if you generally don’t do that on vacation, don’t do so now. Plan your days just as you would on your vacation.

  • Fill your days with activities that you would do on a vacation, such as walking historic trails or if you live close to a metropolitan area take in the sights and sounds of the city.

  • Contact your local visitor’s bureau for a list of attractions you are unaware of in your area that you may be interested in visiting.

  • Plan your staycation budget and stick to it. Check with local museums, zoos, amusement parks, or pools to see if they offer discounts on certain days during the week, then plan your week accordingly.

  • Take photos just as you would if you were on a vacation. You still will want to capture all the memories of this special time.

  • Avoid checking in with the office or checking your office email or voicemail. This is a time to relax with your family. Work will still be there when you get back.

  • Keep chores or other household honey-dos to do until after your time off. You would not be doing them while on vacation; same is true with your staycation.

While traveling is nice, being home for your time off can be just as refreshing if not more so. Not only do you avoid the packing, planning, and travel issues that accompany a vacation, many times with a staycation you are more recharged and ready to go when it’s time to return the rat race. And when the economy turns the corner and we are once again enjoying our travel destinations, don’t forget to look back with fond memories of your staycation. You may be quite surprised the memories that a staycation can bring.

Have you ever taken a staycation? Are you taking one this year? What do you find most enjoyable about taking a staycation?

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No Staycation, we've tried that and it just turns into just another work/chore time. There's always so much to do and we need to get away from it. We are waiting until September when the prices are cheaper in the mountains, and not so congested. Oh, cooler weather too! Report
I would never do it where i live now--a miserably hot and windy desert with nothing to offer. If I lived in a better area it may be more appealing but I do everything I can to get out of here--even commuting 3 hours (each way) to work until i can relocate. Report
Yes, I am actually trying to make a game plan for our "staycation" here along the Crystal coast of NC. My hubby finally has weekends off so we are seeking out local or not too long places to visit and explore with our son. The longest trip for us will be to Virginia for a weekend to see my husband's mom. I will be looking for local attractions or historical sites for us to try and visit while there. We just discussed our biggest spending dream trip which is 1 full day in Myrtle Beach, SC. I plan on seeing if I can get a cheap hotel/motel rate for in the middle of the week and we are coming up with a set plan on what to see and cost involved. I am thankful my hubby who works for the government as a DOD civilian has certain discounts to places. I will be researching that to save whatever we can to make the Myrtle Beach trip a reality. My son's face lite up with the possiblity. For us Staycations are pretty much a MUST due to our dogs and not truly trusting the local kennels with them due to past bad experiences. I can have a neighbor watch them and the house for the 1 full day without being a bother.

The trick is research and becoming creative in finding local attractions where the whole family enjoys the trips and its a bonus if we learn along the way. Report
No staycation this year. I will be heading to the Bahamas with my other half. Report
For years I traveled every Monday or even Sunday and only came home on Fridays. Now I love staying home in my own house. it is wonderful ! a staycation sounds GREAT to me, I might just try it next year. We already have this year's planned and paid for in Oct ... What a wonderful idea - thank you Report
I can't do staycations I'm too restless. Report
I just had a 2 week staycation I spent alot of time with my 10yr old riding bikes,playing softball ,taking walks,training our new puppy,and just enjoying my whole family. And I must say that this was the most relaxing and enjoyable vacation I've ever been on. I would recommend this to anyone,if not for 2 weeks just a week would be great. It was a nice way to start my summer. Report
I will be starting my "staycation" June 21st and can't wait to do NOTHING. Not planning museum visits, not planning work, not planning anything. When we wake up, we wake up: and what we do, we do!
I can't wait!! Report
I used to go on a awesome vacation each year a few years back. Then I had some set backs and tried to do the stay vacations. My co workers were so used to me going somewhere. I did break down and go somewhere last year the price was right and we had a blast.
In between I would take off a week and we would go camping. We have most of what you need to camp and tools for everything cooking ect. The only part we need is the gas and the food and the cost of the camping. I know I could probably find somewhere where they don't charge but have nothing. With having a kid and I prefer as well is to at least have some kind of facility with a bathroom. Then in another area they will have the showers. It all depends on how long you stay.
We went trail walking, foot boating, fishing, horse back riding and swimming. The fun part is at the end of the part of the day you come back and relax and have lunch. Rest up and then go back out for a little while longer. Have a nice bbq meal and make smores and enjoy the fire and the view around you.
We usually get what we need for food and then when we are done put everything back in the car. To keep from the racoons and other animals.
I love camping. I also love going somewhere I have never been or love to go back too.
I agree sticking around home is great and we have so much around where we all live but never venture out. I think that is a great idea to plan a daily adventure and come home. Bring a cooler and stuff it with food and have your camera and you are good to go.
I think do what you can do in your budget. Then save up a bit at a time for something big.
They say if you have to charge it you don't really have it unless you pay it off right away. So spend what you have in cash so you won't owe later. There is no fun in that.

I hope everyone has a great vacation whatever they might. House work and yard work can wait until you get back. There will be plenty of time for that. I don't think that is a vacation if it is more work.

Have a great week! Report
Definitely taking a staycation this year. In fact, I'm in the process of planning it right now! On the agenda: a local park where they put in water-play (I have a 7-year-old daughter, so this is ideal); a visit to a science museum, where we're members; a trip to a u-pick farm; and a visit to the Ohio Statehouse and to the North Market in Columbus, Ohio. Report
I have taken many staycations in my life for financial reasons. usually I have little projects I work on, but I always plan lots of exercise.
For example I might decide to walk the 10km to the electricity office to go pay my bill. By the time I get back home I have done a 20km walk!
during Easter i had my house painted, so I had to pack all my things in such a way that they did not get splattert with paint. then I slept in my friends house. On the way to my house to check on the work I passed our school where I work and so i made sure that I always carried my swiming things. On the way home I jumped in the pool.
This year in July I am going on an actual vacation!!!!! I am going home to Europe for the first time after 5 years!
steph Report
Staycations don't work for me. One of the main reasons I enjoy vacations is because it gets me AWAY from home and the area I live. And right now- there are AMAZING deals for airline and hotels- pretty much everywhere. My husband and I can actually afford a much more luxurious destination- for a cheaper price! We are proud to be helping the economy by spending our money traveling- and hope others will do the same- its the only thing that will get commerce moving again! Report
I remember when my son was younger and I had limited funds, we did staycations every year. But instead of staying home, we checked into a hotel in another city for 3 days. It made him feel like he was out of town. I would allow him to bring a friend. Report
I will be taking a 'staycation' this year as my husband was diagnosed with MND (ALS) last year and is slowly becoming less able to do things. Fortunately he is still reasonably mobile so I can leave him for a few hours from time to time (having first prepared meals for him & left in fridge etc) I have a superb neighbour who keeps an eye on him and whom he can phone if he has a major problem. My lifeline is the group of retired teachers which I belong to. The Association of Retired Members of ATL Dorset has been a godsend to me . They organize socialoutings in the neighbourhood, are always there on the end of the phone or via e-mail to give support to the rest of the membership. They are making my role as Carere for my husband much easier. Report
I have never done a stayvacation like it is described in the article. But this does sound fun. Report
I am doing something this summer even if it is a stavaction! Report
I get 3 days of vacation this year not due for the rest till nov. the first 2 will be joyfully spent on my youngest sons weddig, lots of running around for the big day, and healthly food for the wedding, the last day will be used for relay for life. since i'm not leaving the state i guess you could say i am having a staycation. Report
The last few years we have stayed home... we usually do one or two special things, but spend most of the time getting projects done around the house. Report
We have one get-on-an-airplane-visit-as-many-fr
iends-and-family-as-possible vacation planned, but will do some driving trips closer to home, probably 3 1/2 hours away or less ... because we can get to much cooler weather by heading north to the mountains or west to the coast! We'll use our weekends to tackle chores, rather than using up vacation days. Report
That is what I will be doing. Report
I have to say, my career lives off of tourism. When people stop vacationing, we lose business. If we continue to lose business, I lose my job.
Still travel, just don't go as far. Research your home state, you will always find something you never new was there. Small lakes, historic towns. There are always festivals. Don't give up you vacations, just shop wiser. Report
We go on staycations all summer long. Last Saturday, we had a bonfire and camped in the yard. Sunday, we visited a local farm and had a picnic. We don't have tons of money but we try to make special childhood memories for our five kids. Report
That would be nice to just stay home and work around the house or outside. Most of my vacation time is spent traveling with other family. We have a great time. Most of it is camping in our RV, with two little ones there is no time for sleeping in or being lazy. Report
Staycations are what most of my vacation time is used for. I go back to work more refreshed and less exhausted than when I have been on a vacation Report
We'll be on a staycation this week due to having a cat that can't be left alone to his own devices LOL.

We'll do as suggested to make it count. Report
Every day is a staycation for me since I live and work in my RV! Report
I am taking a staycation to help out at my son's taekwondo day camp for a week. I get to work out and then go home and enjoy my pool. Who needs the travel headaches when I can work out and relax at home! Report
I always Staycation. I grew up in Chicago area and returning on vacations to visit my family we would take in the "tourist" stuff. I moved back here in 2001 and each summer take in all the fun stuff that I missed when I lived elsewhere, bike the lakeshore, plays, music venues, kayaking the rivers, great restaurants, great architecture, etc. Saves money but keeps me in touch with the place I love to live. Report
The staycation is a great idea. I think that I will take one this year. I don't really have extra money for a vacation, but I don't want to sit at home and do nothing either.
Thanks for the tips! Report
We are in the process of adopting my four year old grandson who has never been on a vacation, so we will be taken him to the beach for a couple of day's.Living in Florida makes it easy to do staycation's. Report
I love taking staycations. They don't stress you out financially! Report
Every weekend is a staycation for me! Report
From the time my son was 1 until he joined the Marines 3 years ago all our vacations were "staycations" . Now as long as he is in the states we take a vacation to visit him and his wife. Report
Unfortunately - no. We are stationed on the west coast and all our family is east coast. So we are making a flight/drive to upstate NY in July and then another trip to GA in November. Last year, we used our vacation to visit my parents in Alaska. I don't know that I could handle a staycation at my house anyway. It would be very depressing. I live in the middle of the Mojave Desert!!! Hot, brown, and boring..... Report
We take a Staycation every year, except last summer. We took the three kids to Orlando (Disney) for a week. What an expense, but well worth the money. We had a fabulous time.

This summer, the kids are at overnight camp for four weeks, and our oldest (who didn't go with us to Disney last summer) went to Disney for her Senior class trip. Between camp and the class trip, we are wiped out. I'm having surgery on the 17th, so my recovery will take up some of my vacation time. Besides, when three of the four kids are off at overnight camp for a month, THAT is a "staycation," because I won't be picking up after them and cooking for them! Report
Neither. My hubby was in the hospital recently & I had to use my vacation time to be there with him -- bummer. Tonya Report
We "staycation" frequently, or so I thought. What great advice - treat it as a vacation, not as "staying home to save money." But this year we're not "staycationing" or "vacationing" - we're moving. Will treat the 10 days that we are "homeless" as a vacation, though! Report
so many times we loose sight of the things right around us,we do take vacations but started doing things right around us and found we had a wonderful time,so we will be doing a stayvacation this year, there really alot of fun !!!! Report
That is probably what we will do. The kids have several summer camps and I think after that, we might just take a couple of days and do some local things. Report
We are planning a short trip to a nearby city, but not a staycation. It isn't so much the economy that is the issue, but we took a vacation in December, so our budget is depleted! We might do some camping too, and there are a few museums nearby that I have been wanting to take the kids to. Report
I haven't decided yet. Report
Staycation? Our part of the country has what we call hurrications where we have to evacuate from a hurricane that threatens to hit us but ends up missing us so we have a few days to visit someplace new or visit relatives. We do this a few times until September when we get hit for real and people are killed and homes destroyed/damaged. What is it about southeast TX and September that makes us so attractive to hurricanes? Report
Generally, we save and budget for a real vacation every year and take into account the changes in the economy when doing so. However, these are great for little weekend getaways and day trips as well. We found a lot of things in our area which were interesting, fun, and exciting as well as low budget...not to mention good exercise. I can't recommend Geocaching enough. Report
Nope, we do a real vacation every year... it's important to us, so we budget and save for it to make sure it happens. (Nothing on a credit card!) We are keeping it low-key this year, though - we are just doing a week in Orlando/Disney World instead of going to Hawaii or Japan for our anniversary like we'd originally discussed! Report
Nope, we're not taking a staycation! We're going on a 120 mile kayak trip down the Mississippi River. It will take us from LaCrosse Wisconsin to Dubuque Iowa. We will be on the water for 7 days, camping in different towns each night! Report
I like the way Marcel Proust put it: "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes." I'm staying home. Like another teacher commented, the summer is my catch-up time. Budget cuts mean I have a longer (and leaner) summer than I'd expected, but even that's a kind of 'voyage of discovery'--the new eyes needed for reclaiming my 1970s frugality.
GMAGEE wondered if all that many people are having staycations b/c the cabins she wanted were booked out in March. I bet there are more vacancies now! Lots of people were doing fine(r) in March than they are now.
We haven't decided as of yet to whether we will GO somewhere or just enjoy staying home (with phones off the hook, thank you very much).with the economy unsure will take one day at a time Report
Staycations usually end up costing us more than a regular vacation. My husband likes to plan big projects that almost always cost more than a trip away so this year we are going away! We have decided to only go for a mini vacation (3days) so we have at least kept the costs down. Report
The only "vacation" I have this year is my family reunion and celebrating my mother's 60th birthday. I can't miss these two events---both in the same weekend. Since I live near an area where there is a lot to do, I'll have to really plan for an inexpensive staycation without breaking the bank. Report
Please! All I can afford is a "staycaction"!LOL Actually, I had surgery a couple of weeks ago and I'm trying to have work done on the house so that will take my time and money. I'm also working on saving up for a European trip I'll take hopefully next year. Report
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