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Can You Figure Out Who Simon Miller Is?

By , SparkPeople Blogger
How well do we know the important people in our lives? For many of us we only know what another is willing to let us know. Many times we take people at their word and trust a great deal about what they tell us when it is about things we don't experience with them. For many of us, the richest relationships come from those we can trust and confidently depend. We long for relationships that are fully committed, faithful, and loyal.

These character traits are explored in the next Family Movie Night installment presented by Walmart and P & G. This Saturday, Who Is Simon Miller will air at 8/7c on NBC and will explore what happens to a family when trust has been brought into question. The fast-paced spy thriller introduces the Miller family to the reality that their husband and father is not who he says he is. As they take on an international adventure, they also have to venture into feelings of hurt and betrayal. As the family unravels the mystery to save their father, they also put their trust, loyalty, and forgiveness to the test as well.  
Moms4FamilyTV is a national group of moms who support and encourage companies that create entertainment options that families can enjoy together.  They love that Family Movie Night's provide quality movies that are good for the whole family that offer not only family-friendly commercials but teachable moments as well. This movie provides the same opportunity for conversations about the values that are important in your family. Whether you play a significant role in raising your own children or helping raise nieces or nephews, grandchildren, godchildren or children of close family friends, watching movies together can provide opportunities for meaningful talk and teachable moments. Who is Simon Miller? touches on a number of important values that may trigger these types of talks. Moms4FamilyTV has provided the following discussion starters to help families make the most of this movie opportunity.
  • When the Miller family learns that their missing father is a secret agent they experience a wide range of emotions…shock, confusion, betrayal and worry. How would you feel if you learned a family member was keeping a major personal secret from you?

  • Simon believes he is protecting his family by concealing his true identity. Are there times when it’s alright to hide the truth from your family? Do you think there are side effects of keeping things secret from family members? Explain.

  • Despite doubts and challenges, the Miller family remained loyal to Simon and risked everything to find him. What sort of effect do you think this had on Simon? Do you feel the Miller family is closer to their father now than before they learned the truth? Explain.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation that someone turned out to be someone other than who you thought him or her to be? How did you handle it?