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What's Up: Health News You Should Know

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One in 3 adults (about 72 million people) have high blood pressure, otherwise known as hypertension. Many doctors don't know blood pressure guidelines, and they often don't start treatment soon enough in middle age men.
Though the recommended blood pressure level is 120/80, most doctors studied didn't recommend treatment for a man with pressure that was much higher.
"The researchers also interviewed 22 community doctors, asking whether they would start drug treatment for a 45-year-old black man with an office blood pressure of 145/92 and an out-of-office pressure of 154/95, both well above the recommended 120/80 level.

Only 36 percent of the doctors said they would start treatment, Ravenell reported. And none of the 22 said they were familiar with the national guidelines calling for treatment of blood pressure at such levels."

Experts interviewed say patients should know their blood pressure numbers and the indicators of high blood pressure. The lesson: Don't wait for your doctor to bring up your blood pressure (or any other health concern you might have). Initiate the conversation yourself.

While you should talk to your doctor or other health care professional about treatment of high blood pressure, a few easy steps can help prevent the health problem in the first place.
  • Get regular aerobic exercise.
  • Limit your intake of salt and alcoholic beverages.
  • Eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and low in saturated fats.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Maintain a desirable body weight.

Some good news: Italian researchers recently found that Vitamin C delivered intravenously could have an effect on high blood pressure. (For more information on high blood pressure, start here.)

In other health news:

Stop and smell the roses if you want sweet dreams.

Radio waves from cell phones could affect men's sperm counts, if kept in a pants pocket.

So, as it turns out, control-top panties aren't very good for us. The stars swear by body-slimming undergarments. Do you?

And in stranger news: In addition to breast implants, liposuction and tummy tucks, now you can have surgery to remove back fat. Would you have it?

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I wear not one, but TWO sets of control pants at the same time. They don't make you look thinner, in fact, they make some areas of the body look LARGER, because, after all, your body can't be shrunk, it is just squashed into other places. They make your body appear FIRMER and more contoured, but never thinner.

The reason I wear them is because, as a 21 year old single mother who's at least 3 stone overweight and hasn't lost any fat or 'bits' from her pregnancy 2 years ago, I'm totally ashamed of my body and desperately want it back the way it was not SO long ago.
I'm working hard to lose my excess weight and flabby extra 'bits'...but I'd like to look less literally like a sack of spuds in the here and now.

The article here mentioned that it covers up problems which could only get worse, but I for one would say that it doesn't only hide, it CREATES painful problems.
Even wearing just one, I've had days where my back spasms and I need to take pills and use ibuprofen gel because it is SO painful. I know for a fact my back isn't bad any other time, it is solely when I've been wearing control thingers.

If any of you are thinking of getting any, then consider that. If you are /OK/ with how you look for now, then just wait it out. If you're totally embarrassed, then they can make you feel SO much better, but do consider the pain you'll have when wearing them. Report
those 22 docs scare me. Report
I have high blood pressure and have been on medication for almost 10 years. My family has a history of it too. Report
I never heard that you should not eat soy or grains or potatoes. I eat sweet potatoes, soy and grains. What effect would that have on blood pressure. Mine is usually between 116/ 68 and 120/70. Report
Everybody just need to exercise and forget about all the surgery unless it is life threatening. Because you find that you get side affects from those surgery.

I love my body as it is that's why I'm exercising everyday and planning to stay fit for life.

Great information. Report
thanks for sharing. Report
nice to know,thanks.. Report
Great info. Thanks for sharing. Report
It is true that doctors don't comment about bp. If a woman only goes to her OB/GYN she may never be told that her blood pressure is over 120/80, because the OB/GYN physician doesn't focus on this part of the patient's health. Report
nope... but I would have arm surgery. Those droopy things have GOT TO GO!! Report
Congrats to all of you who lowered your BP! What an accomplishment. Report
I went to the doctor today & my BP was 112/68 --- the nurse was shocked & rechecked it --- guess she is one of those that assume that because you are overweight you have to be near death!!! Report
I used to have high blood pressure and on meds. Since loosing weight, I have maintain a healthy 117/74 - BMI says I'm overweight by about 20 pounds, not 120+ like I had been. I exercise daily, even if it is only riding the exercise bike for 15-20 min. Since loosing weight I have been diagnosed with Raynaud's disease/syndrome and my doctor has prescribed a high blood pressure med to dilate the blood vessels in my hands - my concern is that it may make my BP go too low. Report
I have been working over 1 year now. I have gotten off 3 out of 4 of my meds. The last one I have left is my blood pressure med!! I'm only 4'8" I weigh 110 and I only have 20 % body fat and yet I still have high readings..The doctor recently took me off the meds and we are trying to see how my pressure will do. I slowly went down and I'm getting high pressure readings, until just now lol 122/76 So I will continue to watch it closely and pray! My other thing is I wonder if my birth control pill is playing a role in my pressure. That will be the next step...if it continues to play that roller coaster game up/down I will suggest going off the pill and seeing how that works..I know it's heriditary in the family...but come on I have worked so hard, come so far, it's got to make a difference in my blood pressure you'd think??? Report
I had high blood pressure and I changed it with diet and exercise. I found a MD that believes in nature first. He put me on a diet that says no dairy, no soy, no bread or grains - no corn or potatoes. My BP went down in a month. This morning it was 116/82 and it has been consistant. I do not recommend it for everyone, but it worked for me. I do break it on occasion and have a piece of bread, but I can get back on it. You can eat protein, veggies and fruits. Report
Just re-enforces the need to advocate for your own health and to keep up with news on health issues. Report
I have high BP. But before I really knew it, I was in payless one day and sat down at the machine. well it said 210 over 97.
Well I knew that was high, so went into the Doctor.
It was even higher, and all he said was, "Thats ok, your fine"
That was the last time I went to see him, and I got another Doctor, and he put me on Meds right away, and also had me come into the office every other day for 2 weeks to check it. Report
I'm wierd about lipo. I guess it's because I've heard too many stories of people getting the procedure done but gain the weight back but, only this time, it looks lumpier because all of the natural elastins that were there are now gone.

Also there's the notion that people think it's the easy way out so they pay a ton of money to get it done but don't consider the fact that they have to drastically change their lifestyle and eating habits to maintain that new look (without further procedures) so it all comes back, therefore= wasted money.

I'm not knocking it completely, I'm sure there have been success stories as well but it's just my take on it.

If I had that kind of money, I would just put it toward a personal trainer :) Report
Doctors also do not like to treat low blood pressure and act as if it is no big deal. Well, the person who has it feels like it is a big deal to be dizzy several times per day and to have less than optimum energy!!! Report
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