What SparkPeople's Employees Can't Live (or Work Out) Without

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For this month's installment of "Stuff We Love," the round-up of products that make healthy living easier and more fun, we reached out to a half-dozen SparkPeople employees. We asked: "Which product makes working out more enjoyable or fun for you?" Keep reading for their fun and healthy responses.

Wireless Headphones

Two employees recommended these wireless headphones, which easily sync with your phone so you can listen to your workout tunes without the hassle of any cords. Plus, if you get an incoming call while you’re exercising, you can answer it without taking off the headphones! They have a long battery life, too.
-- Sarah, Marketing & Megan, Editorial

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are one of my favorite pieces of exercise equipment because they are so versatile and easy to use. They are easy to travel with, so they can be taken anywhere, even on vacation.  --Denise, Community

Gymboss Interval Timer

I love doing HIIT workouts—they keep me entertained, and they fly by in no time! I usually do CrossFit, but on days I can’t make it to class, this interval timer makes it easy to put together quick and intense workouts on my own. I just program the intervals on the timer, pick a circuit of exercises to cycle through (squats, push-ups, burpees and sit-ups, for example), and get down to business. The device is durable, easy to use and can also function as a watch. --Melinda, Editorial

Gel Bike Seat

Cyclists and even Spinning aficionados always say that the "saddle soreness" you feel after your first few Spinning classes will go away with time, but for me, it never did. So I purchased this inexpensive, removable gel seat cover and have used it for every Spinning class I’ve taught and taken for the past several years. It’s still in great shape and is easy to put on and take off for a class. It makes my class experience so much more comfortable. You can even fit these over your outdoor bike in many cases! --Nicole, Editorial

Ab Wheel

It is surprising how tough of a workout you can get from this little wheel.  If you’re just beginning, then starting on your knees with the wheel close in and simply lowering yourself down with control is difficult.  With some practice, down and back up becomes easy.  Then you can go off in angles to hit other core muscles.  Finally, once you’re great with all of that, working from your toes instead of your knees will kick it back to being very difficult.  Small, lightweight, and inexpensive, this durable piece of equipment can be used to boost your core work anywhere and anytime. --Paul, Tech

Total Gym

I can do both bench workouts and Pilates-focused strength-training exercises with this Total Gym. The comprehensive system is great for 10-minute quick workouts and for longer, more targeted workouts. We used to have a weight bench but wanted to claim that space for other things. The Total Gym easily folds up and can be hidden away in a closet if need be. We are very glad we replaced our weight bench with the Total Gym.  --Tanya, Community
What is the one product that makes YOUR workouts more fun and interesting?
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I know it may be a bit passe, but I still love my stability ball the best. Some of my very best ab workouts have been done on it as well as upper body strength, "thigh master," lower back--you name it. It's so stinking versatile. Report
dailyburn.com subcription is awesome! It's only $10 a month and you choose a program based on your fitness goals. You can also do workouts from all the other programs whenever you want! I'm doing Cardio Sculpt and Yoga. Report
I love my workout straps for doing workouts they can be adjusted so I can work out harder on days that I am feeling better and on days that I am having pain I can stand up a little straighter and can still work out. I was able to get them for $30 although I am told that the trx straps are better. Report
Do they have any wireless headphones that are, you know, headphones? My ears are sensitive; wearing ear buds hurts them every time. (Yes, I have tried smaller sizes, and yes, they still hurt.) Report
1. I love using my outdoor complex pool in the summer. I go early before anyone else. 2. I wear my pedometer everywhere - it makes me park farther away. 3. I just started using medicine balls for more dynamic weight training. Report
Nordic 'ski' poles aka my walking sticks Report
I absolutely LOVE my Total Gym! Report
Love stability ball!
The ab wheel looks interesting I think I'll try that next Report
My recumbant stationary bicycle where I can do intervals and straight cardio, working out to either movies or my playlists, my Gymboss interval timer because I started a run/walk program using Jeff Galloway's "Beginning Running" book (I'm in week 6 and don't hurt a bit!), my Bowflex dumbbell weight set with my PacFit weight set! Report
The picture above, of resistance bands, is actually that of a style of resistance tubing, which I use. It is a more forgiving resistance than resistance bands and could enhance the workout of those of us who are a bit less strong. Report
Stretchy bands, workout videos, good pair of walking shoes. Report
I have 3of the list: gel bike seat, resistance bands,and the ab wheel!
The wireless headphones may be next! Report
definitely my stability ball! dunno why, but it just makes things more fun. and im definitely going to look for a cheap jump rope, thanks other commenters! my sis and i also used to have a skip-it, which we loved dearly. i wonder if they still make those.... Report
What makes my work out fun and interesting? My Zumba cd! Report
Jump rope is fun. Report
My stability ball, my stretch bands Report
Jump rope is hard, but yet fun! There is a great work out on Spark, check it out! ;)
I enjoy doing workouts that feel like play. My favorite equipment is my stability ball and my hula hoop! Report
I really enjoy my Polar HRM. It motivates me to know how many calories I am burning and the intensity of my workout in real time. Report
Those headphones sure look like they would be convenient but when I looked at the reviews on Amazon, they were all over the place...I might see if I can find something comparable that has better reviews. Report
These are some great items to keep in mind that are small but effective tools to make working out more enjoyable or to help change up your workout route anywhere. Thanks for sharing items that your staff loves; it's always nice to have a personal recommendation of something by someone that has tried it, used it and liked it! And, thank you HEIDIJUNEBUG for sharing information about the app for your smartphone. Now I just need to get a smart phone; so that I can use all these great and inexpensive app's that I keep hearing about! Report
I was looking for an interval trainer like the GymBoss at first and then thought about getting an app for my smartphone. There are free ones with limited functions and some for $5 or less with more features. I was able to try them free before I decided which one I wanted. I ended up buying one for just over a dollar. It works great for me. This way I saved money and I do not need to carry an additional device, all I need is my phone. :-) Report
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