What is Your Most Life Changing Experience?

By , SparkPeople Blogger
About a month ago, I found an interesting new movie on The Hallmark Channel. A Family Thanksgiving was about a happily single, high powered attorney and her taste of what her life could be like if she had made different choices. It was about the opportunity to walk in different shoes in order to recognize life's blessings more clearly. I love when movies cause us to reflect about what matters most in our own lives.

There is another movie coming up this Friday, December 3, 2010, with a similar theme and opportunity. Movie partners Wal-Mart and Procter & Gamble will premiere their third made-for-TV family movie on local NBC stations at 8PM EST (Eastern Standard Time). A Walk in My Shoes looks at the sacrifices a military family endures in service to their country. Perhaps it will help all of us recognize the importance of not making judgments without looking at situations from another person's point of view. It may also inspire us to help others when we see a need as well.

Healthy TV habits are important in a healthy family. To help ensure there are family friendly options, Wal-Mart and Procter & Gamble partnered to create the Family Moments initiative and Family Movie Night. The initiative was kicked off last April with the premiere of Secrets of the Mountain which was quickly followed by The Jensen Project in July.

With this third movie, Moms4FamilyTV is sponsoring an essay contest to promote the principles of understanding, self-improvement and empathy. Consider this question, "What has been your most life changing experience and what has it taught you?" If you can answer that question in 300 words or less, you might be the contest winner. Perhaps your healthy living journey has been your most life changing experience. FARMERCHIC's life changed when she lost 145 pounds and discovered a passion for fitness and developed a dream to start a healthy living program for schoolchildren. ZIRCADIA learned as she lost 125 pounds that she can do anything through the empowerment of setting and achieving goals she once thought impossible to reach.

If you need a little inspiration related to how unexpected life events can teach us valuable lessons, perhaps you will want to watch A Walk in My Shoes this Friday. If your life changing experience has taught you lessons you never thought possible, consider sharing it in the Moms4FamilyTV Essay Contest.

Has your health and weight loss journey been your most life changing experience? If so, what has it taught you? How can it help others?