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She wants to be 1,000lbs. to be in a spotlight? All the money she makes off it will probably go to medical bills. Report
OMG! Eating 12000 calories a day! Just the thought of it makes me sick. Maybe, just maybe I could do it for a special occasion because calories do add up fast but to have a goal of reaching 1000 lbs. Thank you but I'll pass and still stick to eating between 1200 to 1600 a day. What this woman needs to realize is that after reaching that weight, it HAS to come off. At 42 y.o. (and she gives herself two years to reach this goal, is that she will be 44), it will be that much harder to lose it. Truly, I think she is making a grievous mistake. Report
what a shame..trying to weigh 1000 lbs just to be in the spotlight. she should think of her life before fame Report
Go Mrs. Obama! Our first ladies are so smart! :) Report
What a shame that someone would want to weigh 1,000 pounds for a few minutes of fame. Report
I feel so sorry for the daughter of the woman who wants to weigh 1,000 pounds. She may be motherless very soon if her mother continues towards her warped goal. Report
well, I guess the woman who wants to be 1000 lbs just wants her 15 minutes of fame. then maybe she can join biggest loser to get on TV then go to Dr 90210 for plastic surgery Report
Michellle Obama is an excellent role model for promoting healthier lifestyles for our children. Although I agree that we, as parents, are ultimately responsible for their nutrition, manufacturer advertisements regularly use misleading advertising to make their products sound healthier than they are. These ads entice our children to eat unhealthy meals when we're not there to choose for them. Food manufacturers have a responsibility to provide healthy AND delicious alternatives for our children without having to infuse unhealthy fats and sugars into everything they produce.

As for the 1000 lb woman... Reality shows are really getting low. They're counting on our morbid curiousity to bring viewership to the show but I wonder how many people are actually interested in watching a woman kill herself before she gets a chance to enjoy the money she'll be paid. Is it even legal to pay someone so that we can watch them kill themselves? This is sick. Report
According to the book The End of Overeating by Dr. David A. Kessler, we do have a taste for fat. You don't need a study to confirm this. Just watch what food manufacturers and processors do to food to make it more palatable, salient, and make the consumer crave it more. While Kraft is taking sodium out to please those of us who want less sodium in our processed foods other food manufacturers and restaurants are adding salt, fat, and sugar to cause the customer to CRAVE it so much they come back for more. Report
I applaud the 1st Lady for her efforts, Everyone must be held account accountable for our children not just the parents, ( who obviously are the ones most responsible for their children, but we all need to be looking out for each other).
The wanna be 1000 lb. woman is sadly misinformed and her story is tragic given that she is raising a child. Report
Can't stand either of the Obamas! The grocers and restauranteurs are not making kids fat...parents are not doing their job! The woman who wants to be 1,000 lbs is out of her mind...I hope someone else is raising her kid. Report
There are men who will watch that woman get to a 1,000#. I've read about them getting "turned on" watching a fat women eat, etc. CPS needs to remove that child from her home!! This woman is certainly sick. Report
I recently read the article on Drs and Pts not talking about obesity and the problems it causes. I had a Dr that told me at 12 yrs old that I was Morbidly Obese (125#) and it was my fault. I didn't try, I didn't want to lose it, I,I,I,etc! Always my fault. His solution was Phentermine. 3 yrs of mood and weight swings, and very little loss. I went for days without eating anything, and sleeping only about 6 hrs a WEEK. My mom took me off the pills and though I still struggle, I am now more aware of what I eat and how much. Lifestyle changes are more successfull than diets. Remember, the word DIE is in DIEt. Report
that is a sad commentary on American life that networks will pay this women to destroy herself on TV and call it entertainment. Report
The woman who wants to weigh 1,000 pounds is out of her mind, she's very unhealthy and I think she is trying to commit suicide. That is so sad to me, she needs some help, therapy... Report
Not inclined to use the Yoplait coupon - the additives are a big turnoff. I don't consider it a healthy choice for me. Report
Michelle Obama is on track for what needs to change in the food industry, however all people would have to stop buying the products for anything to change. The corporations still will have buyers even without changes. You cannot convince 100% of the people that these products are bad for them. Report
Very interesting. I agree with the first lady's adress to the grocery manufacters. I am not surprised that we have a taste for fat. How sad that in our society a women who in my opinion is mentally unstable can recieve so much attention. It's reality tv at it's worst. Report
It is possible to eat yourself to death!~ It is a slow form of suicide.
She must want to die and she will get her wish!!!! Report
The lady that wants to weigh 1,000. Report
I wonder what the motivation is behind wanting to weigh 1,000 pounds. Surely, somehow has tried talking her out of this?! Report
I hope the woman who wants to weigh 1000 pounds changes her mind. Don't we already have enough negative role models out there? Report
I can't wrap my head around someone wanting to weigh 1,000 lbs. I think thearpy is in order! I am glad Michelle Obama is wanting to do something to help people change their lifestyles (eating habits). Report
Such an interesting assortment of articles. I'm proud of Michelle Obama for telling it straight to the GMA. I really hope they start making BIG changes.

I was equally aghast that any one, and in particular, a woman, would want to gain that much weight. She won't be able to move with 1000 pounds on her bones. She must not understand the health risks involved - and I question where her husband is in this decision. Even if he likes big women, does he want his wife to die? And what about her children - what kind of a role model do they have. I am really upset with the Media for showing such an interest and encouraging her. Report
Michelle Obama is doing some great things to help America's children.

A healthy body image is definitely a goal of mine. Sometimes it feels achieveable, sometimes not.

A taste receptor for fat doesn't surprise me at all!

Kraft can cut sodium, but that will never make me see Velveeta as actual food.

I love greek yogurt, but I won't be eating yoplait's version. I prefer my food without a ton of junk in it.

As with most of the evils in life, if someone is willing to pay, then someone is willing to provide. Report
The woman who "sells" herself on being fat is in serious need of help. Being unhealthy is NOT sexy. Whether you are skin and bones or mobidly obese it is disgusting. People should not pay her to live like that. It honestly reminds me of the old days when large women like her would be considered "circus freaks" and paraded about. Report
The woman who want to be 1,000 lbs needs help, I don't think she realizes what can happen to her life. Also she has a child to care for she needs help.

Go Michelle Obama our kids need more avocates. Report
This is so sad, about the 1,000 pound woman. What kind of example is she setting for her children? Not to mention, how will she care for them in that condition? She needs to be put in a mental hospital. And her children need protective services. This is a shameful snapshot of American culture. Report
I feel so sorry for the daughter of the woman who wants to be 1,000 pounds. Where is CPS in this? Is her daughter around while she takes these racy pictures for the website? I pray God intervines and helps that family.
Atleast it appears the baby is a good weight. Hopefully she won't take after her mother. Report
I'm so impressed with the points that Mrs. Obama made to the food manufacturers. Thanks for publicizing the important concerns she raised. That obviously was the article that interested me the far! Report
Unreal Report
I'm appalled at society, that they would pay money and attention nto someone that is deliberately eating themselves to death in the interest of 15 minutes of fame. She has serious psychological issues if she thinks this is ok - and she needs help desperately, not cash or attention.
It's a miracle that she gave birth successfully and to a healthy child (although the article doesn't really say if her child is healthy ...). 30 doctors to deliver the child? I'm assuming health insurance wouldn't cover that if she did have insurance.

BTW - if anyone is unable to view the link and wants to read the article, add the letters 'ml' (no quotes) after the link above Report
So, I guess personal responsibility is once again thrown out the window. Report
The story about the woman who wants to weigh 1,000 pounds was just horrifying. I can't believe anyone in her right mind would voluntarily destroy her body with so much excess weight. Even more horrifying are all the people, including her manager, who are encouraging her to pursue this goal! I feel the media plays a significant role, as well. Maybe if she wasn't generating so much interest, she'd rethink what she's doing. Report
I just want the yogurt... ;) Report
....I've heard before that there is an online "community" of people with fat/belly fetishes, but never to this kind of extent!! It's pretty clear to me that she's serious, that she's comfortable with it, but I can't imagine that she really understands all the repercussions. What about her 3 year old? Doesn't she want to set a healthy example for her? You can hear her breathing heavily during the whole video -- doesn't she worry that her cardiovascular system can't keep up?

As a pro-every-body feminist, it's really hard for me to judge this woman or make hasty conclusions about her. It feels, well, UNfeminist of me! But i'd be very interested to know what kind of background would lead someone to make such a choice. And, despite my politics or beliefs about body autonomy, I hope she does NOT follow through on it. She needs to set the right example for her child. Report
Her comments were "right on the money!!" Great going Mrs. Obama!! Report
I read the "Body Image" article because I have an 18 yr. old cousin who has nearly killed herself trying to lose weight. She was once a healthy, athletic, properly proportioned young woman. Bulimia has left her a skeletal wreck with a heart so damaged she is frequently hospitalized. Her family insurance will not cover treatment and Medicaid requires she be at 75% of normal body weight before it will kick in for residential help. That weight is 15LBS under what her doctors have deemed life threatening for her. Every woman should be doing everything possible to help combat the "die"t culture. Report
So it probably wasn't a good idea to follow the 'supersize bombshells' link in the 1000 lb woman article....You just can't unsee what you've seen. :s Report
The woman who wants to weigh half a ton makes me so sad. I think her self esteem must be so low. She probably doesn't think she can ever lose the weight, and is now just doing what's easiest for the money... Report
GO MICHELLE !!! Report
I loved Michele Obama comments, but I truelly wonder whether anything will change. Report
The 1000 pound woman story isn't a joke... if you click on the link, put "1000 pound" into the search bar on the site that comes up and it will give you a different link that works. I don't know what to think about someone who has a goal to be 1000 pounds. Unbelievable. Report
Hurray for Michelle Obama! And the 1,000 pound woman story wouldn't load. Is it an early April Fool's joke? Report
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