Didn't See Birdie on 'Good Morning America'? Watch Her Video Now

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Birdie (DR_BIRDIE) has been a member of SparkPeople since August 2007 and lost more than 142 pounds. She is featured in the current issue of People magazine in a bikini, and today she shared her story on Good Morning America.

If you missed her this morning, watch her inspiring story now! Now Birdie, a neurologist from Orlando, talks about her motivation to slim down, her success wtih SparkPeople and her favorite healthful meals with Diane Sawyer.

Watch now! (Birdie is the second of three women featured in the video, and at the end of the segment, she shares her favorite SparkRecipe!)

Congratulations on your success, Birdie!

How did Birdie's story inspire you?

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Amazing. Thank you for sharing. You look terrific and you are such an inspiration. Report
Congratulations! I know this is an old video but it was still fun to see the Spark in motion!!!! Dr. Birdie looked great--the chicken isn't bad either! Report
This is my family's favorite Spark Recipe. I've made it 3 or 4 times and my husband's always asking me when I'm going to make it again!
Marsha Report
I needed a spark today, thank you for sharing your story and inspiring me! Report
You look fantastic! Now, I've got to try that chicken recipe! Report
You need music when you workout, cook, take a bath and clean the house. I like all types of music and hip hop now a days with cardio workout. Love it!! Report
Excellent Job. Congratulation on all your Success! Report
wow...You are a complete inspiration, love this story.
thank you for sharing, can't wait to try salsa chicken when I am off my detox and cleanse - 3 weeks and it will be one of the first recipes I use on Spark people. Thanks Report
congrats to all i know that losing weight is hard work i feel it everyday every year i lose weight and put it on back but with the help of sparkpeople i want to lose it and keep it off .I am presently 170 lbs. CONGRATS AGAIN KEEP IT UP!!! Report
Woo Hoo ! Birdie
I'm finding it a bit late
Still completely impressive !!! Report
I cried while watching this segment because I feel so happy and frustrated all in one. I'm so happy for all three of the women, especially Birdie! I PRAY I can get back there myself with 'SP' behind me, pushing me to my goal too. Good luck! and congrats! Report
Great Job! When I watched the segment I could understand how you felt hypocritical telling your patients to lose weight when you had a problem yourself. I have gone to the same GP for 30 years. She has always been in great shape. Through having children, middle age and now in our menopausal years she has always been fit, while my weight has consistently gone up and down. Today while at my local YMCA I decided to cool down by walking slowly on the track. Along the walls are names of individual and corporate sponsors. There on one of the posters was the name of my GP and her husband, a surgeon. Way to go Dr. Haynes! No wonder you have been so fit all these years. I took that as my cue to stay on track. If I want to have consistent fitness I have to be consistent about my food and fitness. I'm sure that now your patients are inspired by your success and when you tell them to lose weight they have a doctor who they know truly understands the challenge. Report
I've just started the SPARK Plan yesterday.I'm a Registered Nurse and could relate to you're wanting to set a positive example for your patients.You are an inspiration! Report
Wow, this was so inspiring!!! You look amazing! Report
Wonderful-congrats. Report
This is an amazing story! Thank you for sharing. Report
Birdie, you are truly an inspiration. I started only 2 1/2 weeks ago but I will keep a mental image of you in my mind as I progress in order to stay on track and motivated. By the way, many "afters" are much thinner than previously but not really thin. You are truly slender in the best possible way. Thank you for sharing! Report
WAY TO GO! you're inspiring!

and it's great you gave SP a shout out - they deserve it! Report
AWS FREAKIN SOME! You look so amazing! My fav recipe is also the salsa chicken and my unhealthy family loved lol! As long as they dont see that it's healthy of course! Report
wow!!! wonderful job Report
Amazing!!! And you are so toned!!! Report
Great job! I'm so thrilled for you. I started back with Sparkpeople again on June 2. I printed your story and photo as my inspiration. Finding a consistent time to exercise is challenging - I started walking again yesterday (I'm totally sore). I need to lose approx. 100 lbs. I have a very active 3 year old and want to be at my best to support him by playing with him and teaching him the proper way to eat and exercise. I'm trying the salsa chicken this weekend! Report
Your achievements are truly inspiring. Congratulations!!! Report
WOW!! wonderful ur story is very inspiring... Now I ask myself, self y can't u? I'm going 4 it. Thanx again 4 ur success story. Report
Birdie, Good for you I wish that my sister had this site . She was in the 350 area for her weight and had a lot of health problems to go with it She tried and never wanted to go to weight watchers . Well she lost the hard way when she got sick with her heart problems Then she got sick with cancer .If she had lost the weight by this site her Dr. would have found her cancer and maybe she would still be here. Due to the fact that she didn't fit into a scanner they just told her it was arthaitis of the back. But I have started to lose I'm not as big as my sister was but I'm over weight .So if you and all the others who I've met I'll do this. Louisa from Tampa Maybe we will see you at Disney? You are a very powerful help to all of us. Report
This is very inspiring and a reminder that success doesn't come over night; the end results are worth the time it takes to reach your goals. I've downloaded the video to watch and remind myself along the way. Thank you, Birdie!! Report
Very inspiring Birdie, thanks for sharing your story!!!! Report
Birdie you look as if you feel fabulous and that is how I want to feel again. I caught a portion of your GMA segment and kept replaying it for the name of the website that offered assistance "free" . I couldn't believe it. Over the years I have gained and lost several times and now being 50 I find it very difficult to keep myself motivated to lose weight. About 5 seconds after I found this website, I registered and have been going strong for only 4 days.....I printed out a grocery list and have made several recipes that I find very tasty. Thank you so much for your candor about weight loss and the struggles that go with it. You are the inspiration for me to achieve my goal.....the ball is in my court.
Fantastic, you are an inspiration! Report
You look fabulous and you're glowing from the inside!!! Great Work!!! Report
Birdie....that is so awesome!!!!!! You look just amazing! Congratulations on your success! Report
I am so proud of you Birdie. Report
You look wondeful!!! I am so glad that I was able to see your time on GMA. Congratulations and thanks for motivating me even more! Report
Hi Birdie you have helped me to renew my faith in myself thank you. Report
I was at the right place and the right time to hear your amazing story on GMA. I tried unsuccessfully for the last 10 years to lose what started as 20 lbs,( now 50lbs,) but was unsuccessful. I would lose and gain the same pounds over and over again. Your story seem simple and doable. THANKS for mentioning SPARKPEOPLE. I signed up immediately after I heard your story and so glad I did. You are corect Sparkpeople provides all ther resources you need to reach your goal and be successful. In the few short days, I realized why I wa not losing weight and all the false information that sabotaged my eforts. U R an Inspiration 2 me! Report
Birdie, your story is amazing! You are a strong and beautiful woman who has shown great honor to herself and her family by getting and staying healthy!
Hugs, Cathy Report
Your story is sooo inspirational.I too have 5 children who are all grown. I hope that taking a step a day will get me pass my knee and back pain and exercising. You have inspired me to get moving. I will get back my mobility. God bless you. Report
Congrats, great job :) Report
Dr. Birdie, congratulations, and thank you for sharing. I joined Spark People earlier this year to help me take off about 60 lbs. I have gained after having lost 100+. Your article, and then viewing the clip of your appearance on GMA, has given me renewed inspiration. Report
Birdie this story of yours is so incredible. I have been on Spark People now since the end of last year,but am just getting serious with my food and exercise plans as of this week. You are my biggest imspiration so far. It must have been so hard for you with your career and large family too. My life is easy compared to yours,so there are no more excuses left!!! Report
That's fantastic! Good for you!!! Good luck keeping the weight off. I'm sure you can do it. Report
Thank you Birdie for sharing your story. After seeing you on GMA, I joined SparkPeople too! You look amazing and are a real inspiration. Report
Look at all these comments you have received. Your a true inspiration to us all and shows us what we are here for. Thanks to you the ratings for SP has hit the roof...lol Report
WOW!!! What an inspiration you are to me. You have done a magnificent job in losing those pounds. I feel as though I can truly do this now. I will continue to work out and stick to my healthy eating. What a motivational story. Thank you. Report
You are truly amazing and an inspiration! It gives me the motivation that I too can do it! Report
Wow you are amazing!! Salsa Chicken is one of my favourite recipes too!!! it's so easy and so delicious!!! Report
Good Job! Report
You are an insparation to all of us sparkpeople. Keep up the good work Birde. Again congratulations. Report
Fantastic job and you look super-keep up the good work. Report
Great job, Birdie! Too bad the segment was so short. It would have been nicer to have a longer interview, and find out how you used SparkPeople, etc. But I really liked your Before & After shots, and you look great in the yellow bikini! Report
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