Today is THE Day--the One Where You Reclaim Your Life

By , SparkPeople Blogger

THIS is a very special day!

There has been much discussion about this day and we weren't sure it would ever get here.  However, I've checked and I've double-checked the calendar and TODAY is THAT DAY!  Oh sure, there will be some who aren't as happy about this day as others.  I mean, if we really mean what we have said at different times, today should be an incredible day.  Today could quite possibly go down as THE highest productivity day ever in the history of the world. If this doesn't excite you, I'm not sure what will!  Your life or the life of a loved one could very well be changed FOREVER, just because today happened.

Not only is this January 2, 2012, today is SOMEDAY!

I know, I know, you NEVER thought this day would get here did you?  SOMEDAY finally arrived.  You know what day I'm talking about, right?  SOMEDAY is THAT DAY!  You know you've said something like this in the past:    

I'll get healthy someday
I'll stop eating junk food someday
I'll take better care of myself someday
Someday I'm going to go for a walk
Someday I might try running
Someday maybe I'll stop smoking
Someday we'll go to the park and play
I'll get serious about my diet someday

These are clearly just a few examples of things that could have been said about SOMEDAY.  The list could and probably does go on and on and on.  SOMEDAY, the word, could also be replaced with "MONDAY" or "ONE DAY" or maybe even "when hell freezes over."  That's right friends, TODAY is an incredible opportunity for you, a loved one, a friend, because SOMEBODY in your life will have their life changed forever.

Today is that day we get to own up to all those times we have said it in the past, right?!  I'm not talking about a New Year's resolution sort of "own up to it."  I'm talking about a life change.  This is about seriously owning up to this whole SOMEDAY mantra some of us have lived by for too long. 

This is the time to take COURAGE and own up to SOMEDAY.  Take time to own up to MONDAY or whatever day you called it.  It's HERE, the TIME IS NOW.  You want to live a long life for your family, right?  You want to see your children grow old.  You want to keep up with the grandchildren, spoil them rotten and send them home, right?  Did you realize that you have to own up to SOMEDAY and take care of your health if ANY of that is going to happen?

You can do this!  You can take your health back!  You can make the little changes necessary to live a very long fulfilling life.  It's not too late!  I'm willing to help you. I want to help you, because my “someday” came two years ago.  Over the next four weeks, I would love to share with you the steps that I took to regain my health.  These steps are very simple.  This is going to be so awesome!   I look forward to meeting with you here each week to help your SOMEDAY into EVERYDAY!

Are you new to SparkPeople? Are you just starting out (or starting over) on your journey to a healthier you? Share your story below!

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Another Terrific blog! Time to get serious and do what has to be done. Report
Today is my someday! I'm done being a fat girl! Report Someday is Today, 6th Feb 2012 :) Report
Today is my someday!!!! I will remember this date as the first day to a better me! Report
Ok, so I missed the first (I am not really a resolution type of gal) but I have made a decision, a choice to take some action (however small it may be) to do something different this year. I like this site because it seems to be fully rounded, not just another diet plan. But a whole change in the way you live your life. And judging by the shape I am in (not just my weight, but overall lack of physical conditioning, mentally and spiritually low, finanancially bankrupt) it is the EXACT time for me to change. To take action...however hard it is. I love that I get feedback to my is the exact right 'nudge' I need to actually do the exercises and not just read about them. To actually log in all my calories (wow, can't believe how much I eat!). To reach out to others while I am so inclined to draw the shades and pull the blinds. A complete small step at a time. Report
I am loving the trasition from Some mythological day to Today. Woke up in a bi-polar funk this morning. In the past it would have derailed me for weeks! Instead I got up and did my workout. have been drinking that water. and trying to eat healthy. ( didn't do quite so well on that today, but I am also 5 days smoke free, and giving myself the freedom to munch, as long as I move) Can not tell you what a difference it makes. I feel strong and empowered for making choices that are right for me. and by right I mean, so that I can stay happy and healthy. and I could give two crapola's for what size jeans I am wearing today!!! AND there is none of those guilty feelings for not doing what I say I am going to do "some day"!! Report
This is a great blog!!! So true... Report
This was a great article! "Someday" has come and gone! No more excuses. Thank you!!! Report
WOW........How true. My someday about my weight came a few years ago. I am so glad that it did. It was my wake up call. It's funny how we can make excuses for being fat, for eating junk, for not working out. But we never make excuses for eating a clean diet, working out and taking care of our selves. Report
This is a great blog. I had my 'someday' but I'm continuing to make healthy choices! Report
I love this blog!!! thank you so much. good luck & keep up the great job! Report
Awesome Blog Jerome! Report
Well said. I'm going to save this article to read when the excitement of starting a new health plan wanes and my willpower diminishes. Every day should be the Someday we do something good for ourselves. Report
My somday has happen, and I am going to keep making it happen everyday ..
Thanks to you Report
Someday has arrived TODAY. Very motivating. Thank you! Report
Great blog. Report
Woo Hoo!!! Way to spread the spark! This article was really encouraging to me. I look forward to further thoughts from you. Report
Love the message! Report
I got to my someday and then let life and stress get in the way. This is great motivation to make today my someday and realize it doesn't matter how many times I fall down as long as I keep getting up and trying again. Thanks for the motivation! Report
Hey Agent J - just letting you know I read this. It was a great blog! Report
Today (Jan.3) is my "someday." It has occurred to me how we think a "lifestyle change" means deprivation. As if eating processed food filled with chemicals and sugary junk food and doing physically as little as possible can be considered rewarding ourselves! Why is it so difficult to choose what will make us feel better? Anyway, today I have shovelled snow and I am tracking my food.
I look forward to your articles.
Kathy Report
I just recently started over for the third time on sparkpeople and I have stuck to exercising and tracking my calories for two weeks!! I love the sparkpeople moblie site, and I think it'll help me stay on track this time!! Thanks for the article and inspiring words!! Report
WOO HOO! Fabulous blog, Jerome. You hit this outta the park!

My someday started yesterday. Now they're going to be *WONdays*.

You've walked the walk, believed in yourself, and became your own miracle. Now you're taking that lesson to the next degree, by speading the spark and motivating whoever is ready to make today that day. There's no better time than this moment to make every moment count!


I joined SP over 3 years ago and still have not arrived at my someday! I keep trying, but I always get in my own way. I need to stick to the 1 little step at a time and find success and health that way! Thanks for the article. I just need to think.... 1 positive change leads to another.... I've made some changes and I know I can make others. I just need to focus on 1 at a time. Report
I reclaimed my health 15 mos ago...BEST decision I've ever made in my life! Nothing is going to be more difficult than finally taking that step and putting into action the thoughts of "I HAVE TO LOSE WEIGHT" and "I HAVE TO GET IN SHAPE" small step at a gets easier as you go along...and one day you realize OMG, I DID IT!

Today is the day Jerome!
Thank you for reminding us of that. Report
Today is my 120 days on SP. I will keep going. Report
Wow - what an amazing inspiring article. Thanks so much - I feel pumped up! Report
What an inspirational entry! Report
Today's the day. Drink the water. Take the dogs for a nice, long walk (even if I have to carry one of them back), eat sensibly and often. DON'T SKIP BREAKFAST! You know what you're supposed to do. NOW DO IT! (I need to be hollered at.) Thanks for the article. Report
Today is definitely my SOMEDAY! I'm getting back on the horse after the holidays and a defeating attitude when it comes to my weight loss, healthy eating journey. Thanks for reminding me that I can do this and that I AM NOT ALONE! Report
I love this article. Thanks for writing what all of us have done in our quests.
Also remember something I read recently. Exercise some everyday!! No one, after exercising, has said "I wish I hadn't done that!!" They usually say, "I'm so glad I did that!" Sometimes these little keys make it easier to get 'er done!!
Wow, very well said Report
Yay today is SOMEDAY! I'm going to remember that next time someone moans that they have to get in shape someday. Report
great blog Jerome, keep 'em coming! Report
It is no coincidence that today is the day I was "planning" to start fresh and just landed on this page somehow. It is definitely time to "reclaim" my life. Report
Yes, it is finally time for me to own up to the fact that my "someday" IS today! Report
OMG! I couldn't have said it better myself! thank you! Report
That is why TODAY is called the present. Each sunrise is a present. We get an oportunity each to make the choice to change our ways! AWESOME article!

My someday needs to be today! Report
And let's not INSIST that January 1 be the ONLY possible day on which to start! Down with perceived "MAGIC" days - there is NO super power ascribed to 1/1 - ANY day'll do if you are determined to take this on! Report
Every day is 'some day', our 'one day' to begin! Report
Don't be like most people and quit. Report
Too many "somedays" have come and gone. Today is all I have and I will make it my "right day" to do the good for myself that I have too long put off. Thanks for inspiration to begin! Report
Thank you for the encouragement. I'm owning up to 'that' SOMEDAY...I gotta or I'm just going to keep putting it off and the next thing I'll know'll be another New Year I will be celebrating wishing if I only stuck with the plan I would have met my goals. I'm NOT giving Up!! Report
My someday started last year and I'm looking forward to an even better year in 2012!! Report
Yesterday was the first day of the rest of my life -- I've started the transformation before but wasn't successful for the long term. This time is different, I can feel it. I will be successful. Thank you for the motivation! Report
Tomorrow is RECLAIM day for me. Im excited. Report
Back in the saddle again! Report
My SOMEDAY came a few days ago and I'm lovin' it! On the right path! Report