'The Spark' is a Best Seller--and We're On 'Today' Again

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I've been pinching myself so often lately that I might soon have a bruise on my arm. So much good news has been coming our way in the last few weeks that it's hard to believe that it's all happening at once. While 2009 was a pretty amazing year for SparkPeople, 2010 is the year of The Spark.

Last week, I recapped my trip to New York with you, and I told you that we had even more exciting news to share.

And here it is:

The Spark is a best seller, and it's all because of you.

From our official press release:

"SparkPeople.com, the most active weight loss and fitness website in America, is pleased to announce several publishing milestones for The Spark, a new book from Hay House written by SparkPeople Founder and CEO Chris Downie. For the week ending January 2, The Spark was the #1 self-help book and the only weight-loss book on The Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Books List in the Hardcover Nonfiction category, in which The Spark was ranked 7th overall. The Spark ranked #1 in sales of all Hardcover Nonfiction weight-loss books tracked by BookScan (the authoritative sales data provider for the publishing industry and the basis for the WSJ bestseller lists), outselling its nearest competitor by more than two-to-one."

This is all thanks to our great members who keep using the site to reach one goal at a time and then Spread The Spark to their friends and family members. It’s also thanks to the incredible team we have here at SparkPeople. I see our team working hard every day to keep improving the site. We have many new improvements under way, including some that will be the first of their kind. And, we had a second mention on NBC's "Today" show this week. (We're mentioned at about the 2:30 mark.) Click here to watch the video.

Thanks so much for all that you do to support SparkPeople!

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Glad SPARKS is actually getting mentioned. On other interviews I was always so disappointed that it barely got any. Report
Woo Hoo !!! Report
I first joined SparkPeople a few months back, but couldn't quite get a handle on it. I accidentally stumbled into the Google Books preview of "The Spark" and suddenly I "got it." The preview left me wanting more, so I ordered the book. It just arrived and I can't wait to finish it. Thanks, Chris, for SparkPeople and the book! Report
"The Spark" is WONDERFUL!!! I highly recommend it to people, even those using the site. It just helps to have everything in one place.

Thank you for making my life better, Sparkpeople.com!!! Report
that pretty cool..... Report
that pretty cool..... Report
I am so grateful to Chris Downie and the Spark Team for such a great and motivating program and website! I am also appreciative that all of this information and support is free!! I bought 2 copies of "The Spark" one for home and one to keep with me when I am on the go. I read a few pages and just knew that this is much more than a "diet" it is a lifestyle overhaul! SparkCheers!!! Report
SparkPeople Thank you so much. You have given me what I need to lose the weight. You Roc. Report
Chris - what goes around, comes around! You have given me back my life - I have lost an entire person (158 lbs so far with another 110 to go) because of this site.....so the least I can do is to buy the book!! Thank you for my life - my family is grateful as well ;) Report
I ordered the book before it was ready and it was delivered to my door. Thank you for all you do, SparkGuy. You are quite special. Report
What's happening is just Karma, Sparkpeople.com and Chris have had a hand in helping sooo many people worldwide, many who would never been able to afford the information,tools and membership help ,to fight and try to win their weight loss challenges. I am some blessed that I found this site.. Report
Sparkguy you rock!!! Report
Congrats! Very exciting! Just asking again.... Any chance of The Spark coming out in audio for us blind SP members and those who might want to listen as they bike, walk, treadmill, etc? Thanks! Thanks for an awesome site too! Report
Applause !!!!!! Thank you Chris and all of your wonderful Crew......... Spark On !!!

May 2010 be an extra Sparktacular Year................

MeSandee in TN. Report
Congrats! Report
Way to Go! Spread the Spark!!!!! Report
Spark has become a save haven to share and experience with other people and their journey. Thanks for everything and a book that closes the deal that Sparkpeople is the real deal. Report
You must be so proud. I am reading the book and I must say it is marvellous. I am telling everyone I know about Sparkpeople. It has changed my life so much adn I've only been a member since Oct 21, 2009. I love it and I want to say Thank you so much. One of my dreams is to help others like myself . Keep up the Great work.
Chris, I heard that you will be coming to Miraval next month. I am here now and let me tell you this is one amazing place. And it keeps getting better every day. Just wait til you see the stars and try the various experiences. WOW Report
Great Job SparkGuy! You've already helped so many people and with the book you'll be able to reach so many more. Report
Thank you for believing in you dreams and then making them real, writing the book just brought it all together. I know that this program is a life saver and maybe more a life freer. Lots of hugs of gratitude. Deb Report
Number 1, that's so wonderful. you deserve it because of everything you have given of yourself. i am enjoying reading THE SPARK and have sent a copy to my best friend in Texas. thanks chris for all you've done to help and support all your sparkies Report
Thank you to you and all the Sparkpeople staff for such a great community. Report
Congrats!!! Loved reading the book, it gave me a new spark!!! I've been on Sparkpeople since 08' and just needed a good kick in the pants! Thanks Chris! Report
Wow, wow, wow!!! This is history in the making and I'm so proud to be a part of it! Congratulations, Chris! Well done! Report
I am happy to say that one of those books purchased last week was by me! I'm just starting and learning the program thru the book and the website. Looks great so far and I am so excited to have found it! Report
This is such wonderful news!!! Congrats Sparkpeople!!!!! Report
Thanks Chris for providing this wonderful site. There are so many people in the world that are using this site and millions more that should. Hopefully with all the positive publicity SparkPeople is getting more can take advantage of all the benefits that SparkPeople.com has to offer. THANKS again. Report
Rock on, Chris! Report
Chris, you and your team are incredible. Congratulations to you and congratulations to ALL SPARKPEOPLE MEMBERS! We have all given a small piece of ourselves to make this happen and it just keeps getting better!!! Report
WOOHOO Great going Chris!!! Report
Congrats to Chris & Spark People....WAY TO GO!!!
I was watching the TODAY show and saw the interview. Great to have SparkPeople on a program that reaches so many. Love the site, love the friends I have made, love the information, love the support staff, love the message boards, love the discussion groups, love the way I can keep track of my foods and exercise with my personal trackers, love the blogs, and just so happy with the site. Thanks for a great place for information, friendship and support on my journey to health and happiness!!! Report
Congratulations to you & your staff for a job well done! My book should arrive today! Report
I came to this site because of a success story featured in people magazine. I have stayed at this site because of the people and the "product". I promised myself I would never buy another "diet" book again, after reading a little bit of The Spark, I feel like I haven't broken my promise to myself. Spark isn't a diet it's truly a way of life. Thank all of you for making it what it is. Report
Thank you so much! I have the book on CD and have listened to it a number of times on the road. Really gives me things to think about. I think I will go buy the hardback too as there are times I want to stop and rewind. Also wanted to tell you that you and THE SPARK were mentioned on CNBC last week, I think. I wish I could remember which day. They were talking about health care and the internet! Again thanks for the site, the book and a new me.
Congrats to you SparkGuy and everyone involved in making SparkPeople #1!!!

•*΄¨) †
Έ.• Έ.•*΄¨)Έ.•*¨) †
(Έ.• ♥ Cheri ♥
I am not one bit surprised! I knew this was going to be special, just because of all of us sparkers waiting so patiently for the book's release! I am absolutely thrilled for you and the books success! I know it will be an ongoing success as well! Report
nice going!!! sparkpeople rocks! Report
I am so excited about the success of the book and love spreading the spark! I was so excited when one of my friends told me out of the blue that she's thinking of buying the book, and I told her I would give her my copy when I finished it, with the condition that she pass it on to someone else when she finished it. I'm also excited to be a part of the promotion to get people to download the first chapter of the book, I e-mailed all of my contacts and let them know about it.

I love SparkPeople, all of its employees, and especially all of it's members. I want to do my part to keep the spark alive in everyone! Report
Thanks and may God enlarge your territory even larger in Jesus name.
Great thanks for all you do Chris the SparkGuy Report
AWESOME! This is just where this site needs to be in the spotlight, bringing more people into the fold! This site I am sure saved my life and I will be paying forward the knowledge learned here to everyone I meet. Report
This is AWESOME! Report
Congratulations Chris, but can I please say that although SP is an American Health & Wellbeing Web site, you have a huge membership throughout the world. In the UK alone you have over 96 thousand loyal members, a lot of whom bought 'The Spark'. Please please don't forget about us.
UK Midlands Team Leader Report
I'm so pleased for Chris' success and for Spark. I bought the book mostly out of gratitude, as I have found what I need with Spark online the last two years, along with Dr. Gould's book and online program (the best combination for me.) But Spark has done such a service to everyone by providing this to us at no cost (amazing!) that I was happy to both buy the book and recommend it to others. Bravo. Report
I Love SP and I'm very grateful for it, but I'm really sick of the pushy marketing of the book and it has affected how I see SP. Too much promotion. Many of us don't need the book because we have been following SP for years. Enough please! Report
Way to go Chris! Keep it up! Report
Congrats! You Ran With Your Spark!!! Report
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