Supercharge Your Meals with Fat-Burning Foods

By , Susan M., SparkPeople Contributor
If you read the headline and exuberantly tore open this blog post hoping to see wine and chocolate on the list, you are out of luck. No need to despair, though. The great news is, whether you are a committed healthy eater or just trying to add a few healthy choices to your daily meals, this list offers several benefits. Being aware of the best fat-burning foods helps you make better choices and maintain a desirable weight.

Fat-burning foods boost your body's ability to burn fuel so you can eat more and feel satisfied, while staying strong and healthy. Tossing in a couple of the options listed below or throwing them all into your diet plays a big role in weight maintenance and fitness. Start supercharging your eating plan today with these 10 fat-burning food choices.

#1: Beans

This humble, inexpensive form of fiber and protein is one of the superheroes of the food world. Beans pack a nutritional punch and generate fat burning. Add beans to chili, cook up a rice and beans bowl, or toss some into your favorite salad.

#2: Spinach

This leafy green and nutritional giant provides a heaping helping of vitamins and aids the body in burning fat and building muscle. Easily add spinach to your diet by using it in place of regular lettuce in salads and sandwiches, or stir a handful into pasta or stir-fry dishes.

#3: Skinless Chicken

A lean meat that is a lower in fat than some cuts of beef or pork, skinless chicken provides a helpful boost of fat-burning, too. Chicken is already the star of many dishes, from salads to wraps and sandwiches, and it pays to eat a few forks full several times a week.

#4: Almonds

Nuts in general are great additions to a healthy diet, but almonds in particular pack a ton of protein and fat-burning properties. They also make you feel full fast, meaning you are less likely to overeat.

#5: Tuna

Tuna, whether fresh or in a can, is easy to find no matter where you are, making it a fat-burning favorite. Known to lower the body's leptin levels, which helps raise metabolism, tuna is a tasty protein source to add to the list of formidable fat burners.

#6: Blueberries

You probably already know these round, sweet berries are full of antioxidants, but help your body build strong muscles, which in turn burns more calories. Make a blueberry smoothie, toss a few in a salad or just eat them straight for a sweet treat.

#7: Oatmeal

Forgo the sugar-filled packets and opt for the old-fashioned oats, which offer higher fiber and greater fat-burning abilities. Oatmeal powers up the digestive tract for a big calorie burn. Add honey, cinnamon and flaxseed to sweeten the taste.

#8: Grapefruit

Long touted as a fat-burning food, the grapefruit delivers on the hype. As a low-calorie, high-fiber food, it is a great addition to any eating plan. Slice open a juicy grapefruit with your breakfast or enjoy one as an after-dinner snack.

#9: Eggs

The unassuming egg is a commanding food, offering big bang for the calorie buck. A low-fat, high-protein food just can't be found everywhere, after all, but this versatile one can be enjoyed for any meal, any time of day.

#10: Chili Peppers

If you are brave enough, these fiery foods heat up your metabolism as well as your mouth. The heat of the pepper fuels your body's fat-burning flame, helping it blaze through calories for a leaner form. Use chili peppers in cooking, as well as a topper for wraps and salads.

Bonus: Green Tea

A drink rather than a food, we would be remiss not to mention this this fat-burning powerhouse. Rev up your metabolism by sipping on this refreshingly tasty and versatile beverage. Substitute green tea for a cup of your morning coffee or your afternoon soda in order to reap its significant health benefits. Enjoy it either hot or cold, depending on your preference.

Taking advantage of some or all of these fat-burning foods will give you the benefit of good nutrition and a little metabolism boost. Add a bit of exercise and several glasses of water, and you will be well on your way to a healthier you!

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