Thank You for Making 'The Spark' a National Best Seller

Hello, SparkPeople!

I’m here with another State of the Spark Address. There’s so much to talk about at the start of 2010. The big news is that we just found out that our new book, The Spark, has been named a national best seller! Can I get a big WooHoo?

But before I talk about The Spark, we’re so excited that recently became the most active weight-loss and fitness website in America – and one of the largest overall in the entire world! This is all thanks to our great members who keep using the site to reach one goal at a time and then Spread the Spark to their friends and family members. It’s also thanks to the incredible team we have here at SparkPeople. I see our team working hard every day to keep improving the site. We have many new improvements under way, including some that will be the first of their kind.

Of course, the major news now is the launch of our new book, The Spark! Thanks so much to everyone who has bought and read The Spark. We’re so excited that the book has finally launched after about 15 months of very hard work by many people (including many weekends by me, so I owe my wife and sons a vacation soon!). The reaction from members has been amazing, and it directly led to the book becoming a national best seller the first week of its release. This is very difficult for a first-time author. I wish I could personally thank every member who has bought a copy (or multiple copies). Here is a link to the official press release about these and other milestones we've reached, if you are interested.

Even better than being a best seller, I’ve been most excited about the incredible reviews members have given the book. I’ve heard many make comments like, “Wow, this book helps me finally really understand what SparkPeople is all about.” Others share new goals they’ve set as a result of reading The Spark. Today one of my favorite members – she started bed-ridden at 460 pounds and is now down to 350 pounds and uses a walker she named “Freedom” – told me her new goal after reading The Spark is eventually to become a dietitian to help other people with their weight loss goals. Another member featured in The Spark lost 150 pounds and now wants to help kids stay healthy as a nutrition teacher; I met Brandy and her husband in New York City the day before she went on the "Today" show to share her story, which was also featured in PEOPLE magazine.

I honestly believe that the best step any SparkPeople member can take to increase your chances of reaching amazing goals in life is to read The Spark.

This past week, I travelled to New York City and made a quick stop in Washington, D.C., to launch the book. I did 22 interviews – 19 of which took place during a 3-hour media marathon. It’s still amazing to think that I used to have such extreme anxiety and now I’m fairly comfortable talking on TV (some great media training helped with that). It was so much fun. My favorite interview was with a major magazine where I told the entire story of SparkPeople for an hour. I hope that they will do a story about us! When I’m talking to people in the media, I always try to represent the excitement going on in our community at SparkPeople. As hard as I try, I know I can never match that excitement – but I’ll keep trying!

Now it’s time to get back to work helping people reach goals. Until next time, have fun reaching your goals!


Chris “SparkGuy” Downie
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Member Comments

I truly love Spark, Sparklers and all the Spark Coaches! I wish you all continued health and happiness. Report
I have the book on cd's AND in hard book! I listen to the cd's, in my car instead of going through drive in fast food! I take my healthy lunch with me! FABULOUS reading! GREAT Insperation! AND now with the Spark People radio show... WE are ALL so lucky! Report
I love this website and the book. I bought it in paperback and also downloaded it on my Kindle. For the first time in a long time I really feel like I can do this.

Thank You! :) Report
WOO!HOO!! Thank you. Report
Spark Guy I applaud you and all that you do to help us give away the weight we do not need or want. Report
Don't have the book yet. Love the comments--great stuff to help us on our journey. It is on my list for Target. Report
I am so glad that you made this available on Blackberry otherwise I never would've stumbled across it when looking for a calorie counter. Not only did I find a calorie counter, but a resource to reach my goals on all levels. Report
Thanks for writing the Spark! I have enjoyed reading it and it gives me great inspiration. I carry it with me all the time and when I am feeling down or just need to get encouragement I just randomly open the Spark and read a section. I really enjoy reading how others have overcome their weight lose obstacles.

I would like to see an audio version similar to the Spark for when I am walking or just at home relaxing. It would be nice to have an audio version with music and maybe people telling their stories about how they embrace their journey. Something to listen to keep the positive attitude going. Just a thought I hope you will consider. Thanks again

Thank you for the website and thank you for the book. I don't think I actually understood the website until the book. My book I've loaned to my daughter but I'd already bought the audio from Audible. So thank you also for reading the book. I've now hopefully gotten the message and will continue with progress at a better rate! Thank again for all your efforts and especially your generosity. Report
Thank you Spark Guy for your extreme generosity in starting and maintaining this site for those of us who need a lifeline! It's made so much difference in my journey!! I know i would not be losing right now if it weren't for the support I get from this site. The pros and coaches are teaching me valuable lessons, the teams and friends are so supportive and the system that is set up to use daily is very helpful for consistency! I send you and your team a big HUG!! I truly never thought I could lose 52 pounds, which is just over the halfway point in my plan! Report
WooooooHooooo! Just bought mine! Report
WOOHOO!!! Congratulations=) I can hardly wait for my copy to arrive! Report
O!!!!!!! Report
Hi. A few people have read or posted some parts of The Spark to me, but my question is are there any plans to have The Spark published in an audio format for us blind SP users or so people can listen to it as they workout? A quote of mine is even in the book and I can't read it! Just wondering.... Thanks! Report


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