The Most Motivating Video You'll See All Week

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I never imagined that a Lebron James TV commercial could make me well up with tears...

Non-sports fans: please give me a chance to show how this is relevant for all of us :)

This past Thursday night, my boys and I watched Lebron's first game back with his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers. Just before the game, a commercial started playing. As the concept in the commercial unfolded, I immediately thought, "This is one of the best commercials ever." I'm sure millions of other people had a similar thought at the same time.

By the next morning, I realized I had to scrap the original idea I had for today's blog and instead write about this commercial (my editor doesn't know that yet -- haha).

Even if you have already seen this Nike TV commercial, watch it again from a different perspective.

While watching, in addition to appreciating the incredible story of Lebron bringing the people of Cleveland together, also visualize that the giant mass of people are SparkPeople members working together to reach goals. As the commercial says, "Hard work! Together!"

Millions of people use SparkPeople -- more than the entire population of Cleveland, Ohio and most other cities. So, this visualization is realistic! I wish we could bring all SparkPeople members together to one place because WE might be even louder and more enthusiastic than the people in this commercial (based on my past interaction with groups of SparkFriends when they get together in person).

On a personal note, I am from Cincinnati, Ohio where SparkPeople is still headquartered. As many people know and despite many great advantages, living in cities like Cincinnati and Cleveland can be challenging at times with a variety of issues (like tough winter weather and different economic problems). But sports teams do have the power to bring people together during tough times. Cleveland is our in-state rival. A Cincinnati Bengals coach once famously chastised Bengals fans for throwing snowballs onto the field during a game by grabbing the stadium microphone and saying, "You don't live in live in Cincinnati!" (See video of this on my blog linked below.) He was really a good guy though and later travelled to Cleveland and appeared in a dunk tank to let the people of Cleveland get even with him with proceeds going to a Cleveland charity.

The point of this story is that despite being friendly rivals on the playing field, we are still connected together as good people. Watching this commercial was a moment where it was easy to feel like "We are all Clevelanders and Lebron fans."

1..2..3 Hard Work!
4..5..6 Together!

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