29 Race Signs That Had Us Laughing All the Way to the Finish Line

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When our Spark team ran the Flying Pig half marathon in May, we loved seeing all of the inspiring, clever and downright funny signs the spectators held up along the course. When you're losing steam with five miles still to go, a clever, eye-catching message can provide just the motivation you need to make it to the finish line. 

After the race, we did a little digging to find some other ideas for great race signs. Here are a few of our favorites, for any roadie warriors seeking creative ideas. 


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What are some of the best race signs you've seen (or carried) along the course? Follow our SparkPeople Instagram page for more inspiring photos!

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ARNETTELEE 5/23/2020
great way to bring smiles to your face Report
RAZZOOZLE 3/30/2020
thank you Report
DIGIT00 3/24/2020
Great laugh first thing this morning. Report
SUNSET09 3/5/2020
These are motivators, SparkFriends. Keep up the good work Report
ROBBIEY 2/10/2020
great Report
CECELW 12/29/2019
fun im sure Report
Those are funny! Thanks for sharing. Report
I need to come up with a good one for my grandson. Report
Hahaha funny Report
These postings were great Report
Funny! Report
Very unique! Report
funny Report
Too funny. I may steal a couple of those. Report
Forwarding this to my cheering team so He can have some ideas!!! HAHAAHAHA! Report
Loved these! Thanks. Report
Many very creative & funny ~ also interesting how relevant to current "times." Nice to see that most of us still have a sense of humor. Spark on! Report
Thanks for the laughs. Report
I like the signs. Report
These are great. They made me laugh. Report
If only never really was a distance runner Report
funny Report
the blisters are braile for awesome was my favorite Report
The people holding the signs even had me smiling. God bless them for being there for the runners! Report
My favorite sign ever: "You look hot when you sweat." Report
Every sign made me smile. Love peoples creativity.
I loved the pictures! Report
I like it. Report
Love 'em all Report
Spark points for reading signs! I like. Report
thanks Report
This was so funny! Thanks for making the end of the day so enjoyable! Report
GREAT Report
Thanks for sharing! Report
These are too funny! Thanks Sparks for making me laugh this morning! :-):-) Report
These are the best signs ever!!! Report
I was motivated just by reading them! Spark on friends! Report
Find the humor wherever you are Report
Hilarious! Thanks for sharing these! Report
I've seen many of these signs and love them all. The one that made me laugh the most was about half a mile into a half marathon, "The End is Far" Report
Keep trying to find what works for you! Report
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So cute lol Report
Made my morning! Report
Thanks for the laughs! Report
Fun to read. Report
This had me cracking up! Thanks for this blog! Report