A Magical Beverage That's Proven to Suppress Your Appetite

By , SparkPeople Blogger
What if I told you there is something you can drink that is easily accessible, free, healthy, and can help you lose more weight? Does it sound too good to be true? For years, people have speculated that this drink helps with weight loss. But until now there hasn’t been much scientific evidence to back up that claim. So what is it?

If you didn’t already guess, it’s water. New research, presented at a meeting of the American Chemical Society, compared people who drank two, 8-ounce glasses of water before a meal with those who drank nothing. The 48 participants, ages 55-75, were all on a low-calorie diet. Over a 12-week period, the people who drank the water three times a day (before meals), lost about 5 pounds more than those who did not increase their water consumption (15.5 pounds compared to 11 pounds.)

There are a few reasons why drinking water before a meal could be a good weight loss strategy. One is that it helps fill your stomach a little, so you end up eating less. Water can also replace high-calorie sodas and juices, which can save hundreds of calories per day. The Institute of Medicine says that most people can let thirst determine how much water they drink per day. There are no exact requirements of how much you should drink, but per haps if you could time your water intake around your meals, you could see a change in your weight loss progress.

Still not sure how much and what you should be drinking daily? Check out SparkPeople’s Healthy Beverage Guidelines for more information.

What do you think? Have you tried drinking water before meals? Do you find it has an effect on your weight loss?

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1CRAZYDOG 4/15/2020
Water . . . definitely my drink of choice. Report
Since being with SparkPeople I drink 10 8oz. glasses of water every day. Report
Thank You. I am drinking it right now. Report
I have no problem drinking my water. Report
I drink my 8 glasses every day. But never before a meal. Time to give this one a try. Report
It had to be. Report
water is best Report
thanks for confirming water is the best beverage Report
Guess it's worth a try. Report
I cannot abide plain water. Report
Water is the best! Report
Great article. Yes I do believe that drinking water prior to eating will cut down on how much you eat. Using a smaller plate and NO SECONDS helps too! I drink 2 glasses of flavored water, but I drink glasses of water in between. Thanks for the great article CoachJen! Report
This past year I have learned to love drinking water. It took me a long time to get into the daily habit of reaching for water instead of juice or soda. Report
it works Report
If drinking water could lose my weight, I'd be a stick. Since childhood I have drank litres of water per day, I drink water before and with every meal and I've struggled with weight issues most of my adult life. I am always thirsty, I am not diabetic and water isn't a magical cure. Report
YES! Water definitely helps with weight loss, as well as a lot of other things...I got into drinking at least 2 litres a day years ago when I first started to focus on my health...I have an old boyfriend to thank for getting me hooked on it...before I dated him, all I drank was coffee and soda...he convinced me to give up soda because it was really, really bad...and I've never looked back!

A lot of people ask me how I manage to drink 2 litres a day - easy! I've got a 1.25 litre refillable drink bottle that I take with me wherever I go...even to business meetings...it's sometimes a talking point to break the ice with a new business contact...and it's been the reason why some people I know have taken up the habit themselves...

Drinking lots of water makes your skin glow, it helps with oral hygiene, keeps your digestive system moving nicely and helps reduce caloric intake (often people who think they are hungry are actually just thirsty...).

GO FOR IT! Report
I now crave water, maybe 8-10 a day. 9 so far today and I haven't had supper yet. Report
I don't drink water that much but since I joined Sparkpeople , I've been drinking more. It's a good idea to drink prior to eating meals. I think I' ll start doing this and see how much weight I will lose. Report
funny thing i tried this the other day i was so hungry i was busy that morning and time was getting away from me i hand not eaten yet so when i finally sat down for breakfast i drank 2 cups of water to avoid inhaling my meal, it worked i was able to eat it at a nice pace. but yea i drink water through the day usually 8-14 a day Report
I ~LOVE~ water! Report
Water is my go to appetite suppressant AND since I always seem to be in training for some race or another - 8 - 9 glasses a day is the norm! Report
Water gives me "gerd", it somehow irritates ...even bottled water...tea does too. I'm at a loss as to what to drink instead... Report
I have a problem with swallowing I need esopagus stretched every year or so and I hate to drink water I gag on it or choke on it. In the morning I do fine but as day goes on I have a hard time swallowing. I try my best to sip as much as I can in the morning. But I never get recommended amount I do drink tea and skim milk Report
I think water helps with weight loss. I have noticed that when I do not drink my 10-12 glasses a day I do not do as well with my weight. I really does help drinking water before your meal and also if I feel a headach coming on I drink more water and that helps. Report
when ever i drink water after a meal specially break fast,i see it helps my digestion system and let it be cleaner... Report
Such an easy thing to do, too! Report
I drink water all throughout the day and not just before meals. I do find that on the days that I do not drink as much water that I am hungry, tend to overeat and just don't feel well. Now a days I don't have a different type of drink until all my water has been consumed for the day. However, lately, I find I still prefer to drink the water over a glass of tea or juice. Report
i can always tell i haven't had enough water the day before when i wake up with that icky taste in my mouth--eww. I tend to guzzle throughout the day, but definitely try to space out my meals and drinking water helps with that. i do notice the fuller feeling and i'm calmer lately when i'm eating--i don't get in that crazy hurry to be done like i used to. water is so helpful, and a very yummy nada taste (boy, that's a contradiction in terms, huh?) Report
I do love my water. I notice it first in my skin - dries right out if I've missed my water! Report
I find water does decrease the urge to eat more, problem with to much water at a meal is I find I want a snack to early, That cause I did not eat my portions my stomach filled with water empties faster than food. Report
We all used to get large or extra large sodas in the drive thru and never think twice about downing them. I have not worried about the exact when, but I have my best weight loss when I have a 32 oz. glass of water with each meal and another 32 oz. throughout the day. That and consistently logging my food helps me. My problem is consistency.
I was once told that the "science" behind this was that your kidneys need fluids to process the toxins from your system. If it does not get enough, your liver must take over part of that process. Then your liver is not able to do its primary job of metabolism, especially processing and storage of fat. If your kidneys have enough fluid to function correctly then the liver can function more effectively as well. I've never found actual studies to back up that theory, but it makes sense. Some with other health issues though may need to monitor their water consumption more carefully. That is why it is always important to tell your doctor not only about other medicines, but also supplements, herbal or vitamin, and changes in your lifestyle. Report
Drinking water was never a priority in our family. My father was "old school" and believed milk was the answer for growing bodies, so we were forced to drink gallons of it. Besides, the water we had available to us when I was growing up was completely unpalatable.

Nowadays, there is clean, bottled water available at every corner store, in all kinds of flavours and all different brands. We can buy water in huge jugs to take home that has been filtered, de-ionized, sterilized, and otherwise cleansed. There is no after-taste anymore (my big issue until I got my cooler), and it's now a pleasure.

As for drinking before meals, I'm not so sure about that. I find water kick-starts my metabolism, and therefore makes me want to eat more. I may be quirky or an anomaly, but that's what I find happens with me. I just find I feel "cleaner" because it flushes my urinary and digestive tracts, and this is why I drink more of it than I used to. Report
I usually drink water after I eat but after reading this blog, I will try to drink before. I don't like drinking water first thing in the morning, it doesn't feel good but I don't have a problem with the rest of the meals. Report
I too drink more than the 8 servings recommended and it has helped keep me from being hungry all the time Report
I am drinking 2 glasses of water before meals and it does help because I lost 1 pound the next day when I got on the scales so it does work. What got me to start drinking water before meals, I heard it on CBS NEWS on day when I watching. I thought I've tried everything to lose weight why not try it. I haven't got on the scales lately but I put on pair of jeans they felt loser than they did last time I had them on. Report
I love my water. It's just about all I drink and I've been doing it for years. My skin is wonderful, but I can't say it's had any kind of effect on my appetite or weight whatsoever. Report
I knew it as soon as I saw the title! Report
I actually like water a lot when I'm on a water drinking streak. There are times in my week when I can get on a fruit drink, Kool Aid, soda "kick", which I already know is BAD, BAD, and even more BAD!!! I now am on my water streak (as of today) and plan on drinking plenty before a meal so as to curb my appetite. Report
what are these "I hate the taste" comments? where are you getting your water from? squeeze some lemon in to it, or get filtered water, it shouldn't have a "taste." Report
No question in my mind: I definitely eat less when I drink water (at least 8 glasses) throughout the day. Report
I agree with you Shirley906----water is great! Report
I LOVE water, plain, clean water. It's my favorite drink! Report
I drink water all day long and when I drink it befor I eat it helps a little but not much,but its all I drink I dont drink soda at all and sometimes I make myself vegetable juice and the juice keeps me feeling full for a long time. Report
Yes. This definately helps to curb an appetite. Report
I prefer water most of the time and don't drink coffee. Occasionally I will have iced tea if we go out. But I can't drink a lot of water at one time unless I'm really thirsty, so I don't think I could drink a full 16 oz (probably not even 8 oz) before a meal as the article suggests. I'm more of a water sipper. Report
I try to drink 12 8oz glasses of water as suggested by my chiropractor. Most days I am able to get that many in. I Love plain cold water. I mostly drink water but at times will drink skim milk or hot or cold tea and in the winter I enjoy hot cocoa. I have not noticed it helping decrease my eating portions however, but I do not specifically drink water right before a meal. I drink water throughout the day and during my meals. Report
First I worry about pushing to drink a lot of water to curb hunger,when the feeling you have may be something entirely different. Drinking excess water is a sign of diabetes.I would worry people mistake this feeling for hunger and ignore it.Also, I have found flavored water to be excessively sweet and leaves a bad after taste.The bottle flavored waters are also including artificial sweeteners, which is bad for weight loss and health. Some people are not permitted to use artificial stuff, ME included.Also when the Dr has you on diuretic meds. drinking too much water only makes the edema worse(at least in my case). Also those with kidney problems are restricted as to how much fluids they are allowed to have a day.I would hate this to become a fad and people become ill from it.Also drinking may make you feel full before you eat, but if you don't eat enough when you are supposed to you will just feel hungry a few minutes later. Report
I drink water all day long 8-12 everyday But I will try to do it before I eat and see if if helps. Report
Plain water has NEVER curbed my hunger before a meal or made me eat less during a meal. As far as I personally am concerned, drinking water to feel full is a myth and a lie. I'm glad it works for some people though.

Teas sometimes do curb my appetite, and not because of caffeine, I drink more herbal/tisanes/whatever tea than caffeinated, and sometimes crystal light, will temporarily reduce my hunger before a meal. I assume this is because they TASTE like something, and my brain thinks of them as food, while water is just water. However, I don't seem to get full any faster once I eat after drinking a lot of liquid. Report

Have you tried Fruit20 cherry water? I am not sure if they are everywhere, but Fruit20 does have good flavors.

Good luck on your journey for good cherry water. Report