The Best New Healthy-Living App You Haven't Tried

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Hi, SparkPeople!

Sometimes, you see something that makes you feel happy, inspired, or strong. It could be a delicious healthy meal you made, or the view from the top of that hill you just ran up. Images are powerful motivators, and we wanted to make a tool that would allow our members to easily capture, save and share their healthiest life snapshots to help them reach their goals alongside a community of like-minded people.

Enter our newest app: pep!

pep lets you record and share the images that make you feel proud and inspired. You can add custom filters, stickers, text and more to your pictures to get just the right look before sharing them within your community right within the app. See what other health-minded people are posting and motivate each other with just one snap of a picture! Best of all, the photos you take within pep will automatically feed over to your SparkPeople account, so your SparkFriends will be able to see them, too.

pep is currently available for iOS devices. If you click on the App Store button below, you can download pep right away and get started finding your friends and building your motivational community.

Try the app and let us know what you think! If you have an idea about how we can make the app better, let us know in the comments; we always love to hear what you think.

The SparkPeople Team

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Yeah, this app is not available anymore, that's the irritating thing about this website, is that they don't remove old blogs and such. Report
DBEAU57 10/17/2020
I put Pep Sparkpeople in the search box for apps on my Android and it came right up! I've installed it & will be looking for reasons to use it! Report
Found it on PEP sparkpeople thanks to Heidi (HICIM705)!! Its also on android. Do as HICIM705 has said. I put in PEP Sparkpeople and it came right up Report
HICIM705 10/17/2020
I just found the App - I searched SparkPeople Report
CECELW 10/17/2020
I haven't found it on the app store Report
AZMOMXTWO 10/17/2020
thank you Report
MINDFUL-C 10/17/2020
Um, 2015??? Report
QUEENFROG 10/17/2020
This article is from 2015. App may no longer be available. Report
COLOGRAMMY 10/17/2020
I do not see it on the App Store on my I-pad. Report
REDROBIN47 10/17/2020
I can't find the app on my android phone. Maybe it's only for iphones? Report
HICIM705 10/17/2020
I've been a SP member since 2008! I'm pretty sure this is the very first time I've seen info on this app ... why???
NEPTUNE1939 10/17/2020
ty Report
KAREN_EDMONDS 10/17/2020
First time I have seen this article and it is from 2015 and now it is 2020. No app found. Report
LEANJEAN6 10/17/2020
so many aps--so little time! Report
-POOKIE- 10/17/2020
Why is this a front page article in 2020, 5 years old, and link doesn't work. Report
KOALA_BEAR 1/2/2020
It's 2020 & still no Android version? That's okay, don't really need more apps junking up my phone. I just deleted a bunch as part of my new year decluttering program.🐨 Report
I have seen this app before but not really sure that it has any real benefit. Can’t you just skip a step and post all that to the feed or blog instead Report
Always looking for new aps Report
Hey SparkPeople, this article is 2 years old, and the app is not in Google Play. Why is this article being recycled???? it was on my Start Page this morning. What's the deal? Report
Hey! When can we have the android version for this app?? I wanted to give it a try but I can't :( Report
I have an iphone 6. Can't figure out how to post a pic?? Report
looks great. can't wait for the android version to come out. Report
Hillslug98239 - it is actually harder to get the iPhone app approved. iPhone is really strict about their apps. It almost makes sense that iPhone apps come out first because of how strict they are - you have to work out the bugs before iPhone will let you publish an app. After that, making the android app is gravy - even if the language is completely different (although I hear they've made changes to that as well so that developing in iPhone uses a Java based language the way Android does) Report
So far this is a lot of fun! I enjoy it because it still gives me that "Scrolling through social media" satisfaction, but without the potentially unhealthy temptations, bad news, or grumping. Everyone is posting motivating and healthy habits! I know there has been research on goal contagion, one of the many reasons sparkpeople is awesome, but this brings in a new level that is awesome. I am currently only passively interacting, observing and liking a picture or two, eventually I am planning to start posting some stuff too! Thanks for this! Report
Waiting for android. Report
I have an Android device - please notify us then this app is available for Android users. Report
sounds good but i have an android Report
Once again, *Android* users are left hanging when it comes to new apps :( - no issue for me here, though - I'm not really a picture-takin' kind of gal, and I'm probably gonna convert back to a "semi-dumb" phone in the not-too-distant future.......... Report
Let us know when the Android version is up and running!! This looks great!! Report
Give us a holler when you get the Android version up and running. :-) Report
So I noticed posting to Pep also links to my SparkPage. However, my photos page told me I'd reached my photo sharing limit. Will the photo sharing limit be raised to allow for more posts? Or will Pep just override the 50 pic limit previously set by SparkPeople. Love the app by the way! Report
Really wish you could have these for Android too.. Report
I use a BlackBerry - I'm accustomed to these apps never being available.

From what I understand, it's easier to get approval for an app for I-Phones than it is for Androids. It's not the app designers' fault. And it makes no sense for them to sit on approved I-Phone app while waiting for the vetting of an Android app. I think it's harder to predict when an Android app will be rolled out.

I'm not an Apple apologist. There's a reason I use a BlackBerry - I don't trust Apple or Google to protect - or not steal - my information. Report
I have to agree with some here that it is a little unfair to bring out the app for iPhone only and not even MENTION when it might (or might not) be available for Android. I also think that more people are using Android than iPhone. According to the IDC website, Android had 81.5% of the world's market shares and iOS only 14.8%. IDC is an extremely well respected provider of global market intelligence. Can't post the web link here unfortunately.

When will you get an Android version? Report
I like it so far. Would like to see notifications as alerts if that's possible. Thanks! Report
I guess I am part of a smaller community....I have a windows phone. Sadly Spark doesn't have much apps for windows =o( Report
must add that i don't believe they should bring them out until they are ready for everyone .. it sounds like a terrific app so don't advertise it and then it isn't even available for everyone on spark .. android users have been here just as long as i-phone users, and frankly, i believe there are probably a lot more android users than i-phone users !!!! Report
sick and tired of these things never being android ready when they come out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Report
LOVE this new app!! Report
This looks AWESOME!! Can't wait for an android version!! Report