The 6 Benefits of Transforming Your Health Spark into an Eternal Flame

By , SparkPeople Blogger
By Matt Garland, of Healthy Lifestyle Design

Who is Matt?

Matt is a healthy lifestyle geek extraordinaire! His turbulent yet exhilarating personal health quest has inspired his philosophy of Healthy Lifestyle Design (HLD). The HLD philosophy is simple – design a euphoric, healthy, and fulfilling life free of restrictive perspectives and conventional templates. This belief is founded on the idea that a remarkable, healthy life is among the few great ways to maximize the human experience.


Are you in a healthy relationship?

No, not with a significant other but with yourself.

Your intra-personal health relationship is like any other. It needs honesty. It needs reciprocity. It needs devotion. And above all else, it needs a spark!

But not all sparks are created equal. Some sparkle but never ignite. Some smolder but never produce fire. Others will burn intensely but flame out quickly. And then there are those that explode into an eternal flame!

Which spark is best suited to vitalize a lifetime of health and happiness? The eternal flame!

Don't get me wrong. Any health spark is good. Sparks trigger action. And action is the linchpin in designing a healthy lifestyle. But if your spark is fading then you face a choice - stay the course with a so-so healthy lifestyle, or try something new that can foster healthy greatness.

Yes, your health spark is a choice, your choice. If you're in an unhealthy or sub-healthy relationship, then you are empowered with the choice to change it. This same choice is SparkPeople's passion and mission--to SPARK millions of PEOPLE to live healthier lives and reach their goals.

Make the SparkPeople choice and transform your spark into an eternal flame!

The 6 Benefits of Transforming Your Health Spark into an Eternal Flame

1. Bulletproof Resolve

The road to healthy lifestyle greatness is imperfect and mysterious. Everyone encounters setbacks, detours, and temptations. That's normal; that's life. The secret to navigating around these would-be health derailers and finding your way is to keep moving forward, even when the world around you wants you to stop.

Finding such resolve can be difficult, but it is exponentially easier when your healthy lifestyle quest is fueled by an eternal flame. How so? Because an eternal flame unleashes your tenacious courage. It emboldens you to stand by your convictions in the face of unhealthy naysayers. It distills temptations into obscurity. It bewitches you to never give up or give in.

2. Unstoppable Momentum

Did you know that your healthy relationship is like a physics experiment? It's true because the same laws of motion apply. An object in motion wants to stay in motion. And the faster an object travels the harder it is to stop it. That's momentum, the accelerator of motion.

Why does momentum matter in building a healthy relationship? Because momentum generates the force you need to power through obstacles--shattering healthy plateaus and reviving your healthy pursuits. And if strong enough, this health force can make you unstoppable.

You need an eternal flame to kindle such an unstoppable health force. It's simple math. Force = mass x acceleration. To ignite your acceleration (aka momentum) you need a potent stimulate. And there's nothing more potent than pure desire, which is all that an eternal flame is.

3. Magnetic Inspiration

A truly healthy life is crammed with many healthy relationships. It is not a journey traveled alone. Some guide us. Some encourage us. Then there are those that inspire us. These beacons of inspiration give us hope and illuminate the healthy path forward.

This light emanates from their healthy eternal flame. And it does more than just show us the way forward. It pulls us forward. It's magnetic. A lackluster health spark cannot achieve this. It isn't strong or mature enough.

Such magnetism is the gift that keeps on giving. The more inspiration you receive the more you give forward. This creates a domino effect of wonderful consequence - inspiring ever more people to live healthier lives.

4. Priceless Charisma

Everyone has a health accent. This accent vivifies one's character. It's a gateway into one's most intimate self. So, what does your small and ordinary health spark say about you?

Conventional sparks are admirable but unremarkable. They signal that you're interested in improving your health and happiness, but that you haven't fully succeed yet. It may even signal that you lack the character to strive for greatness. Simply put - you don't have that "healthy spunk"; that healthy charisma that moves mountains and inspires a tribe of followers. An eternal flame charges such priceless charisma. It gives you a zesty accent that makes you unique and memorable. It emboldens you to explore the unknown as you seek ever greater health and happiness. And it captivates others and enables you to build everlasting relationships.

5. Euphoric Joy

A little, fledgling spark is good. A roaring eternal flame is fantastic! A little spark kindles brief and sporadic moments of joy. But an eternal flame unleashes torrents of unbridled euphoria! Which sounds like a happier and healthier lifestyle to you?

Naturally, the eternal flame itself cannot magically conjure such impressive results. Instead, it fills you up with such hope, passion, courage, and resolve for remarkable health that whatever actions you take to design your healthy lifestyle will be euphoric. You'll love the journey, and that's the point!

The secret to a euphoric lifestyle is to lose control of life's uncontrollable banes and devote yourself to the best lifestyle for you. Not someone else's definition of a healthy life, but a life how you define it. Focus on becoming a first rate version of yourself, not a second rate version of someone else.

6. Superhuman Results

It's insane, pompous, and insincere for anyone to promise superhuman results. All the fitness gimmicks and supplement shenanigans don't work because they lack the one (and only) ingredient that does - your internal spark. That may be cheesy, but it doesn't mean it isn't true.

Choosing to transform your spark into an eternal flame isn't a promise of superhuman results. It's a pledge to achieve healthy lifestyle greatness. Only you can make this pledge. And if forged honestly, it will become your superpower.

What can this eternal flame superpower do? You already know - it forges your bulletproof resolve, it generates your unstoppable momentum, it triggers your magnetic inspiration, it accentuates your priceless charisma, and it stimulates euphoric joy!

And that's the crux--the greatest secret of all. A healthy eternal flame can't produce superhuman results. But it transforms you into a person that can.

Matthew Garland is the author of the blog Healthy Lifestyle Design.

Do you have a healthy eternal flame? What fuels it?

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I needed to read this more than you could ever know. Thank you! Report
Awesome! This is going into my "Favorites" for sure!! It will be a great motivator on the days I need a little something extra! Thankyou!! Report
WOW! Report
Awesome. The key to happiness in a nutshell. Unfortunately my biggest road block is that relationship with self. Overcoming this obstacle is my greatest challenge. Thanks for sharing your incrdible insight. Report
Thanks so much for sharing some really great insights and tips. Hopefully we'll incorporate what each of us needs at the time we read it and 'make it our own.' Definitely . . . "Spark On!" Report
"Magnetic Inspiration" exactly why I am here. My coworkers inspired me to make changes and start leading a healthier lifestyle. Sure, I am only on day 3, but their determination, laughter, and kind words of encouragement are making this journey bearable. I want to be healthy, for me, and my loved ones will reap the benefits as well. I will save your blog post to my favorites to re-read again and again. Report
This article is truly inspiring and opens up my thought processes......Wonderful Report
Pure inspiration. Thank you. Report
WOW! All your comments have been great. Thanks so much everyone! I'm thrilled that this has made a positive impact, if only a small one, in your day and Spark'ified life.

Thank you for inspiring me!

Matt Report
Wow, thanks! I've always said that about momentum: it's either an upward spiral (I'm exercising so I crave healthy food and feel great which makes me want to exercise, etc.) or a downward spiral (ugh, I feel so sluggish, no way can I exercise, I'll just go hang out with my friends and drink red wine and eat to cheer me up). I also know what euphoria feels like and I love it. Thanks again! Report
Awesome morning read! Thanks for making my day it has for 27 years! ;) Report
Awesome blog, I needed to hear. Thanks. Report
Matt, I, too, have an eternal flame! I have been blessed with a naturally positive attitude! I find something to be thankful for everyday--even in the worst of circumstances--(my first husband died unexpectedly15 years ago at the age of 37 and yet I found something to be so very thankful for on that day). For some reason that I'm not sure of, I smile almost all the time. No one is a stranger to me (it is said that I'll know your life story 15 minutes after I meet you). I'm not saying that my life is perfect and that I'm surrounded by tons of friends, but I have soooo many things to be thankful for-a loving new husband, a successful grown son, , good health, I good job, enough money to cover all the bills and a few extras, a pretty good family system, and a small group of amazing friends , and a strong faith in God. I LOVE your blog and plan to visit it every day.Thank you.
Great blog thank you Report
I love #1, 3 and 5. It's true that I've gained these when I'm improving my lifestyle to become healthier. But I still have long way to go. Report
Awesome Blog. thank you Matt..really inspiring!:) Report
Matthew, thank you so much for that great dose of inspiration. I will keep this article for any time I feel my spark dwindling. I'm in a euphoric state already, but after this I was flying. Everything is possible.
Carol Report
I enjoyed your article. On the topic of momentum: So much of the battle to get healthier, to exercise etc is one of overcoming inertia...the tendency of a body at rest to stay at rest! We must get momentum. I walked this weekend at a nature preserve with my husband for 1-1/2 hours. He normally throws in the towel at 30 mins because he has the mindset that there is some "limit" and he caves in to inertia. We talked about momentum and inertia out there, and I was happy that in the end, he just kept moving! On the topic of giving up the notion of "control": I read your blog link and I agree, we are only fooling ourselves if we think we can control everything. It is a source of great unhappiness; this false sense of power and the resulting feeling of failure when it all comes apart. It's too much responsibility; I've learned to let the Higher Power take care of the universe and I trust that in the end, it'll all come out the same anyway. I'll take care of the relatively few things I CAN control and then I can have a fulfilling life.
PeaCe! Report
Definetly makes you rethink and evaluate your outlook Report
Thank you for this inspiring article. I am slowly learning how to live a healthy life and your words have provided a very large spark to keep my enthusiasm burning. Report
That was inspiring, positive and upbeat motivation, there, buddy! Thanks for throwing some fuel on my Spark. I'm working toward that eternal flame. Right now it's a blazing torch! Report
thank you for sharing these wonderful words! i loved reading this! Report
YES!! YES!!!! Report
That is the difference with SparkPeople and with this time around for me--I am making changes that will last a lifetime because there is an eternal flame that has been sparked and burns from within. Thanks, Matt! Report
Seems to me that this is the philosophy of SparkPeople overall, written with the view from the mountain top in the background. Thanks Matt, the view is fascinating! Report
Awesome blog...thank you for making my day!

Fabulous comments everyone! Keep'em coming!

I'm thrilled that you all are going after your eternal flames! Well done!

Matt Report
It's a 'triple threat' for me that fuels my flame...
1) SP site and the book 'The Spark'
2) SparkFriends
3) ME! Report
It's a 'triple threat' for me that fuels my flame...
1) SP site and the book 'The Spark'
2) SparkFriends
3) ME! Report
Thanks, great blog. Report
This is the best thing on this topic I have ever read and as I was reading I kept saying YES! YES! YES! MATT YOU GOT THIS RIGHT!
PJ Report
WOW Thanks Matt you truly inspired me today.
One of the reasons I love SP

What can this eternal flame superpower do? You already know - it forges your bulletproof resolve, it generates your unstoppable momentum, it triggers your magnetic inspiration, it accentuates your priceless charisma, and it stimulates euphoric joy!

THANKS! That was exactly what I needed to hear today! Report
Just what I need this morning. My spark has turned into a small flicker under the coals. I need to fan the fire and get it started again. Thanks. Report
Thanks for the many awesome comments thus far! SparkPeople and your successes are the true inspiration. Great job all, Spark on! :)

Matt Report
One of the best blogs on Spark. Deserves to be re-read now and then. I look forward to more from Matt. Report
Loved it, loved it, loved it! Too often too many people try to down the eternally 'happy camper'... if everyone would read and incorporate your changes into their much happier could the world be???? Report
Wonderful. Your philosophy certainly fits in with the SparkPeople lifestyle focus, Matt. I look forward to reading more of your work. Report
This Blog has inspired me, and I'm not that easily inspired. Well Done for writing that very inspirational Blog. Yes,Yes,Yes. Report
This was incredible pompous...and cheesy. Report
absolutely awesome - Had to share the link on FB Report
thanks matthew Report
AHA! This is what has been missing in my life, my eternal flame became dampened!
This is a blog that inspires me to search for MY passionate reason to get out of bed and reaching for my personal best - in everything! Thank you Matthew.
Very Inspiring!!! Nice job! Report
This is a great blog and inspires me to get my eternal flame burning a little brighter Report
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