SparkCoach: Own Your Day With Our New Feature!

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We're very excited to share with you a new feature that's been in the works for quite some time—SparkCoach! A virtual planner and so much more, SparkCoach is designed to help you prioritize your day, reach goals in all areas of life and make changes that will be sustainable for a lifetime. Much more than just reading information, SparkCoach will lead you through an easy-to-follow, 28-day program, coaching you through the steps that will allow you to become the best version of yourself. Best of all, these new features are all part of the FREE SparkPeople Program available to any member on the site.

For new members, this program will show prominently as a checklist on your Start page; existing members can turn on the feature by clicking on "Account/Email Preferences" at the top left of your Start page and scrolling down to the box that says "Use New Start Page with SparkCoach". You can switch back and forth at any time, so there's no downside to checking it out!

Each day, you'll be able to read a coaching lesson, track tasks on the site, add new tasks (from a list of prompts or your own ideas) and prioritize these tasks, checking each one off as you go. Use this feature to get organized and make the most of your day, learning more about what motivates you to set goals and follow through for maximum success.

The daily lessons are meant to feel like our coaches are there with you every step of the way. Some are even interactive to really get you thinking about your journey to health. For example, one lesson early in the program asks you to think about why you want to get healthy. Your answer will be displayed on the top of your program page throughout the 28 days as a constant reminder of why you're making this commitment.

For those of you who have been members for a while, you might remember that our Premium Coaching program used to be called SparkCoach. Not to be confused, this SparkCoach program is something new and totally different.

What do you have to lose? Check out SparkCoach today and see what the excitement is all about!

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The new Start Page isn't too bad! It seems every time changes are made to the site, it makes things more time consuming and I don't have hours to be on this site everyday!
A link to the Friend Feed and Completing Daily Calendar Challenges should be added back to the list. Report
existing members can turn on the feature by clicking on "Account/Email Preferences" at the top left of your Start page and scrolling down to the box that says "Use New Start Page with SparkCoach". I Don't see it . Report
Why did you have to name it the same thing as the old SparkCoach? Very confusing. I'm sure you could have thought of something else and kept the old name for the premium coaching program. Report
Is there a way to restart the 28-day plan so I can reread the lessons? Report
I love this new page. I have been trying to do something like this in a planner for a while, but it was too cumbersome. Since I track anyways, adding a few more keystrokes is perfect. Report
Having trouble with this. Maybe I’m a slow learner. Report
I can not figure it out Report
I cannot manage to get to that page, even though I've cleared my cookies and cache.... clicking on the prompt on my Sparkpoints page takes me only to the Start page. Report
Wish we could get to our friends feed from new page. Report
miss being able to mark off progress on goals during the day wish i could add a counter like the one for water on the new start page Not enjoying the 3 steps it takes to get to the spark challenges Report
Thank you for the information. Report
I'll have to give it a try. Report
Thanks Report
I don't subscribe to SparkCoach. Getting time to log everything is enough for me right now. Report
Looking forward to seeing this! Report
Thank you for the information. Report
I like the new start page, although I miss where my challenges were listed on the old start page. It was easy to see them and check them off as the day went on. Report
I like the new start page, although I miss where my challenges were listed on the old start page. It was easy to see them and check them off as the day went on. Report
I would like the new start better if would give us a link to our goal board you talk so much about having one you took the time to give one and now you have to switch and back and forth. to use the goal board right now i plan to stay with old one so can see my goal board. hope a link to can be added . Report
AWESOME! Thanks! Report
Excellent! Report
Changed. thanks Report
Like the new look. How do I access my goal board? Report
CAn't wait to try it! Report
Hi everyone!

We have a made a few changes based on your feedback:

1. Under your username on the top left of your Start page, it now says "Edit Goals and Preferences" If you hover over that, you'll see you can edit your nutrition, fitness and weight goals, as well as get to the preferences page for your emails, etc.
2. The Community homepage (click on Community at the top of the page, go to Community Home) now has a number of the Quick Links that used to be on the Start page. You'll be able to access your Friend Feed here.
3. If you click on My Trackers, then select My Weight, you can edit your weight goal from the top of that page as well.

Hope that helps!

Coach Jen Report
Suggestion: don't put up the confirmation dialog, forcing another click, every time I add a task to my day. It's easy enough to remove tasks. I'm eager to try it out. Nothing on my Start page has changed, but I can get to the tasks from my SparkPoints page. Report
Miss the personal motivational boards but you did already hide and make it a challenge to get to . think we could shorten the featured blog area and add the friend feed and links to our teams and the links to jump to our favorite sites the popular blog could be listed like in the past. its not something i go to first its last on my list most days. Report
Need to work with it but right now don't like it.
think you make the popular area smaller and have a place we get to our teams . and see their feed like before. do like the check list so going to keep try it and then decide . but today i don't like it.10/10 Where did the community link go so you see friends feed . like i said will give it a try old timers don't like change. Report
Trying to figure it out. Report
This is just great! Maybe I will give it a try. Report
Love this plan will it continue pass the 28 days. Also can’t wait till there is a link on the start page. It’s a great add thank you. Report
I just switched it over and will give it a try. Thanks!! Report
Maybe, I'll try it. Report
Tried it a couple of times but not quite sure how to navigate it yet. I'll keep at it. Report
Awesome! Thank you. Report
I think I will sign up, after a few of the kinks are out of it. I DO all of these things on my own, as far as I can tell, anyway. Good luck with getting it up & running so us, non-computer people will be able to use it! I LOVE SP..... keep up the great work!!!! Report
I can't even find this anywhere on the app. Please help if you can! Report
Need all the help I can get with this. Report
When I went to click on the change in my preferences, my account reverted to my old user name, and it logged me out and didn't recognise my password. I had to go back in as my old user name, and change my user name and password again. That put me right off! Seems to me it's like a new member program? Report
I would love to see the friend feed and my team list added to the new page! Can't do without them. Noticed there is a lot of blank space so maybe??? I like the checklist and coach's lesson but NEED the friend feed.

Maybe we could have a toggle ON the start page to switch back and forth without having to go to accounts/email preferences?? Report
Cannot figure out how to check off completed tasks. Report
Saw it and clicked on it yesterday but it was too much to look at at the end of the day so i closed out of it instead. Report
I'll need to switch back and forth every day, I like the old quick tracker. Report
I LOVE IT! Makes it so much easier to check off my daily routine. I did notice a small glitch. Down in Healthy Lifestyle when you click on Say "thank you" to someone, only the Say shows on the task list. I am very pleased with this new feature. WooHoo!

Thanks, I changed mine. Report
Love the idea Report
Hi everyone!

I've passed along the request to add those Quick Links back to this new version of the Start page, so we'll see what happens. We also brought up the fact that you can't edit your weight goal, so our tech folks are aware of that issue.

Thanks for giving the new feature a try and for providing feedback!

Coach Jen Report
I'm having trouble understanding this new section Report
I would like to add my voice to the chorus of those who would like a link to the Friend Feed on the new start page. I added a task to check this feed daily. Maybe you could set that as a standard option with a link to the feed?

Another feature I'd like is a link from the daily "3 things I'm grateful for" task to a place on my personal page where I could record these. It would be great if there were an option to make this daily list either public or private.

Thank you for all the effort you put into trying to give us the best possible experience on the site. We appreciate you! Report
That will be different! Report