Shut Up and Sweat

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No seriously, that headline is the topic of this blog.  If you are following along with my blog posts this month, you know we are discussing a series success factors that worked for my personal success.

Step 1 covered WHAT/HOW much we eat (track it). We talked about looking at food labels, the SparkPeople nutrition trackers, the SparkPeople reports and how those are crucial to your journey.

Step 2 is very simple: Shut Up and Sweat.

I want to discuss the first half of the title first.  This seems pretty simple, right? 

I've been a member of SparkPeople for more than two years now and would you believe I STILL hear people talking about it?  I hear people still talking about weight loss, yet, they aren't doing anything about it.  I've heard of people waiting for a given day, maybe they are planning their next steps, but they are taking no action.  I'm absolutely positive that talking burns calories, but I'm not sure that burns enough to make a difference at the end of the day.

It's time to stop talking and time to start moving. It's time to shut up and sweat!

The only way I know to get the unwanted fat off your body is to burn it off.  The only way I know to burn it off is to sweat, a lot!  If you are like me, you didn't put the weight on in an hour; therefore, it's not going to come off in an hour, right?!  It will take time, it will take work.  It may very well take lots of work and that's OK.  This will be a learned behavior for many of us.  We will have to learn that fitness must be a scheduled part of our daily lives, not an "added something" we squeeze into our already busy daily schedules.

You can start with 10 minutes a day.  This is the principle that SparkPeople Founder Chris Downie started with, remember?  10 minutes a day can carry you miles down the road without overwhelming you.  When you first start your fitness routine after NOT doing any fitness for a very long time, you muscles will get sore, especially if we push too hard too fast. This soreness can be very discouraging. Trust me, I speak from experience.  Set your alarm clock a little earlier tomorrow, or carve out 10 minutes later in the day and do something. You'll feel better for it--that's a promise.  Please know that SparkPeople recommends that you start slow and increase your fitness minutes slowly. 

You say you aren't sure where to start?  You aren't a fitness expert and don't know what to do?  Lucky for you that SparkPeople has fitness experts who have created videos that are easy to follow!  These videos are located here. If these videos seem a little overwhelming to start with, then go for a walk.  That is all I did for several months.  I walked.  As your ability increases, increase your fitness time.  Challenge yourself to do more.  Push yourself.  I promise after you start seeing a little success, you'll want to do more!

Now that you are getting at least 10 minutes of fitness a day, you need to remember to track that fitness on the SparkPeople fitness tracker.  The fitness tracker is very simple to use and has hundreds of exercises listed.  Have you ever considered mowing your yard as fitness?  How about heavy cleaning in your garage? Is that fitness?  According to the fitness tracker, yes, those are trackable fitness functions.  I like to call those FUNctional fitness activities.

For me personally, I've become a runner and love it.  I hear many people who are still in the "talk" mode say that they can't lose weight because they can't run.  I'm here to tell you right now that there are SO many other options when it comes to fitness. There are no excuses.  If you do a little bit of research, you'll find hundreds or thousands of exercises that will get your heart rate up and create a little sweating action!

But what if you don't like going to the gym or can't afford a membership? I agree completely!  Personally, I've lost 100 pounds, and I've never stepped foot in a gym.  Oh, my wife and I paid for our family to have a membership to the local recreational center several years ago, I think we went three times all year.  Sigh!  Did we lose weight that year? Nope.

You do not have to belong to a gym to make this happen for yourself.  Anybody can walk anywhere they can find a sidewalk or park.  The SparkPeople videos are absolutely free online, or order Coach Nicole's DVDs and do those at home. Create a walking group at your church or office a couple days a week event, socialize while doing it. Get CREATIVE to burn the calories that are holding you back. 

Now that you are making a habit of tracking your calories and knowing WHAT/HOW much you are eating, it's definitely time to Shut Up and Sweat!  Use these tools to your advantage and start losing those unwanted pounds.

What was your first step toward fitness? What will you commit to do for fitness today (or tomorrow)?

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The days I know I've created a calorie deficit, I can smell the ketones in my sweat. It makes me proud! Report
I'm sweating 5 days a week. Some days 2x a day and it's paid off. I lost over 70lbs in a year. Working on my last 40 as we speak. Report
This blog was meant for me! Yes, I need to stop spending so much time on talking about losing wt. and doing something about it! Thank you! Report
Great blog! Report
I hear you Jerome! I have already spend time on the treadmill and done a bootcamp workout! Keep preaching it--you set a great example!! Report
The title got me here and I must say this blog tells it like it is... I started with the 10 minutes a day workout.....Today I will walk for 30 minutes. Report
GREAT blog! Report
You are soooo right! I am coming to the same realization. Shut up and do it. I don't like exercising in the morning but I find if I don't, I won't. so getting going before my brain can come up with excuses is a good thing. Pop in a dvd and Do It.
So glad you posted this.
Barbara Report
I love this title and blog. This is what I've been feeling for awhile now. Just shut up and sweat! Report
"Shut Up and Sweat "
* Why did I know that this was one of yours when the title came up in the "More from Daily Spark" pop-up :D

Me? Shut up? Not going to happen. I spent and entire month blogging about my motivation and establishing it before starting to exercise. It's totally paid off. I'm exercising regularly and still blogging about it. When I go to the gym there are five visions and purposes. They are on my SparkPage and constantly referenced in blog and board posts.

I will shut up when the scale says 195 and 15% body fat.

OK Maybe (read probably) not.

I like what you say about starting @ 10 minutes and not having to set foot in the gym. that kept me from working out for a long time. I was amazed @ how good the 10 minutes felt at first and how I actually made progress.

It is hard to start exercising for only 10 minutes when one doesn't understand the battle/war ahead (especially if one used to exercise regularly). Downie actually drilled that into my head in the Spark.

Thanks for the Blog. Hope that you have a gr8 week! Report
Thanks Jerome another enlightening lightbulb moment for me...and I am making the steps towards fitness - Hey, Im just going out there and Im working it. Report
Excellent blog! Very clear, concise, and simple for everyone to understand. It's always amazing how much people need to shut up and sweat. I used to be like that too, and now I exercise regularly, have more energy, and am much happier. Report
Amen - that was me, too! Report
I am loving this new series. Very well written, tells it like it is and from someone who has been there done that!
LIKE :-D Report
Amen brother! Preach it!
I am not sure what 'clicked' in me, but it just did, I quit smoking, gained 5 pounds of the weight I had been working so hard to take off, and hit 2nd...took off and have never looked back.
great blog! i definitely agree. for me, buying a gym membership was vital. i'm so strapped for cash that i knew if i put money into something, there was no way i'd slack on it. i make it to gym everyday now but i have no dellusions about: i have to go and i have to work hard to lose weight. i hate that argument " no pain, no gain," but i guarantee, if it isn't hard, you're not doing anything. Report
My first step was to increase how much I walked. I started from walking only to and from work or to get groceries - even during the time I was gaining weight. After adjusting how much I was eating, I worked at how long I was walking for and how fast, trying initially for at least 1 mile every day. (It was actually one of a Team's challenges.)

It has multiplied from there. I'm at the gym every day now for either cardio alone or cardio plus ST. Report
Jerome, you are so right. I sometimes waste my whole day waiting to exercise, instead of just getting up to walk outside or do a video. Report
Absolutely! Just talking doesn't do a thing, except maybe keep your mouth too busy to eat. Great post, thanks! Report
Portion control and 10 minutes of fitness per day. Report
So true........I'm keeping my weight off this time around and exercise is the key! Thanks for the reminder! Report
Me too im getting better at staying on track. Report
I needed to hear this today! I am going to get up and exercise for 10 minutes. No excuses. Report
note taken! Report
It really does work! My first steps toward fitness was "just 10 minutes at a time" on January 1, 2010, My first day of the 28 day challenge. Wow has my life changed! I could barely exercise then, now I walk miles, enjoy cardio, ST, I'm more toned than I've ever been. Without the "10 mins" idea, I would never have stuck with exercise. I actually enjoy it now, miss it when I don't exercise, and it doesn't bother me to sweat anymore.

You can do it too!! Report
It works. Report
Gotta keep reminding myself of this...
So true I hear you completely. Report
So true!! My Spark page is titled "willing to work" but not until I made the commitment 100% is it really starting to work!! I have a challenge going on right now (30 day shred) and just finished Day20 and yes I just shut up and sweat!! Report
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