Should I Have a V8 Fusion Energy Drink?

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Popular energy drinks like Monster, Full Throttle, and Red Bull have helped create a $7.6 billion United States industry over the last decade. Continued growth is expected with an anticipated growth to $19.7 billion in sales by 2013. These drinks typically contain the stimulant caffeine as well as other ingredients such as taurine, guarana and B vitamins all claiming to provide energy. The term "energy drinks" was created by beverage industry companies but is not a category currently recognized by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). There is limited evidence that these drinks improve physical or mental performance, improve mental fatigue or alertness. It is also unclear in the literature whether any improvements were the result of caffeine, the other herbal ingredients, sugar present in some drinks, or some combination of these ingredients.

Now two new energy drinks tempt us with the appeal of 100 percent vegetable and fruit juice in the new V8 Fusion Energy and V8 Energy Shot drinks. Offered in tempting flavor combinations such as pomegranate/blueberry or peach/mango some are already on shelves in over 2,400 Wal-Mart stores. Is the new mix of well-known vegetable juice with caffeine, vitamins, and green tea a source of energy packed fruit and vegetables servings you should including in your healthy eating plan?

The new My Plate icon reminds us that half our meals should consist of healthy fruits and vegetables to ensure we are getting key nutrients such as folate, potassium, vitamins A, C and K as well as dietary fiber. Including fruits and vegetables in meals and snacks also help people meet weight goals and reduce risks of chronic disease. One way to meet the daily goal of five or more fruits and vegetables is to include a serving of 100 percent juice. Don't be confused by the V8 V-Fusion and Tea beverages on store shelves beside V8 Splash and traditional V8. The new V8 Fusion with Energy and V8 Energy Shots are two new players in the energy drink market competing against the likes of Red Bull and 5-Hour Energy. These new drinks aim to steer you in their direction over the others because of a full serving of fruits and vegetables. Although you may be getting a serving of 100 percent juice in your energy drink, you are also getting the same caffeine as an 8-ounce cup of coffee, which is about 80 mg with questionable energy benefits. If you need caffeine but don't drink coffee and prefer not to select carbonated soda, perhaps this is a good choice. Otherwise, a piece of fresh fruit or steamed vegetables as part of a balanced meal or snack is the best choice when trying to meet your daily fruit and vegetable needs.

It is important to note that energy drinks are questionable in general. While caffeine consumption before heavy exercise has been found to be safe, caffeine with herbal supplements before heavy exercise has not yet been established. Energy drinks are very popular with adolescents but since caffeine consumption has been linked with increased blood pressure in this age group, they are not recommended for adolescents or children. Caffeine and alcohol both work as diuretics so consuming both together increases risks of dehydration and adverse cardiovascular effects and should be avoided. With these risks, we recommend limiting the use of energy drinks in general but definitely, if you are looking for a serving of fruits or vegetables. Just select a fresh or steamed option instead.
Do you consume energy drinks or shots? How do you think the new V8 options will stack up with the established market?

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PATRICIAAK 4/15/2021
:) Report
CECELW 1/5/2021
not all energy drinks are created equal Report
I do NOT drink energy drinks Report
Lots of great information Report
I've always liked V-8 juice -- but I'm talking about the ORIGINAL beverage (or the low-sodium version) that was 35 calories for an 8 oz can. They're a nice compliment for a light lunch.

And I absolutely DO use energy drinks when I need a pick-me-up, such as after barn chores in 90-degree heat when I still plan to ride or work out afterwards. But for those I prefer an ice-cold, 0-calorie Rockstar.

Not sure I find the "V8 Fusion" appealing; sounds like that's combining the two. Report
Very informative, thank you! Report
I drink on average one of these per day, for probably the past year if not longer. I do NOT drink coffee, so this is my only daily caffeine intake. I haven't had any negative side effects from it other than occasionally feeling queezy when I've had too much caffeine & not enough sleep. And I've gone a week without it before just to see if I could, and I was totally fine and did not need any other caffeine.

I love the Peach Mango flavor. I have literally posted on Facebook twice how much I love these, just to tell other people about it who are poisoning themselves with RedBull and Monster and other energy drinks that there's something better out there. I hate carbonation and can't drink even close to half of a 12oz soda (it's just too bubbly!). I love that these are 50% juice, give me a boost without giving me the jitters or racing heartbeat (which I get from even half of a regular energy drink), and only have 10g of sugar (less than half of what you'd get in an 8oz juice or soda).

However, since I am trying to eat healthier now, I am looking into all the ingredients just to make sure there's nothing harmful since I drink them so often. It does contain the artificial sweetener sucralose, which is Splenda, and that has side effects for some people and can build up chemicals in the body. So if I do stop buying it, it will be because of that. Report
I don't use any energy drinks...I don't want to become dependant on them! Report
Hello! I have a thyroid problem. Sometimes I am hyper-active and simultaneously hypo-active. When I'm in hyper mode, I have no need for extra energy, so I avoid caffeine as much as possible; however, when I'm in hypo mode (under-active), I have a serious need for extra energy, just to get out of bed in the morning. I am active and I eat very small portions. For the most part, energy drinks work great in regards to giving me energy, mental alertness, and drive, however, I do suffer from an irregular heart beat and palpitations (normally) with or without energy supplements. Coffee sometimes hurts my stomach, so I usually opt for a Diet Rockstar (no sugar) or if that is not available, I may choose a low carb Monster (blue can). This gives me an amazing energy boost that I need to get everything done. My problem is, I find them to be highly addictive. I get used to (conditioned to) how much more energy I have by drinking energy drinks, that I have a hard time avoiding them when I am lacking energy, which is quite a bit (depending on hyper/hypo cycle). I would like to know if other people have had similar problems with energy drinks. Do people get addicted to energy drinks? In regards the original post question,"Do you consume energy drinks or shots? How do you think the new V8 options will stack up with the established market?" (Sparkpeople, 2015) I also wanted to add that I think that the new V8 options would be a great addition to this market. I like it, because it is a healthier alternative (including 100% fruit/veggies) than the other choices available (carbonated caffeine/0 nutrients, and (bottled/canned) coffee.
Thank you.. Report
I used to use energy drinks and got to where I drank so many (which is one or two a day) that I went to get blood work a part of my cholesterol was up !!!!
So not anymore
these energy drinks can do more harm than any good. I know some people who mix these energy drinks with alcohol, which is even worse Report
Don't trust most energy marketed products. I have always loved tomato juice and regular V8 but I go with the low sodium when I indulge and try to keep it to the little juice glass serving size rather than the 8 oz glass I'd be happy to finish:lol: I find both very filling so I try to watch when and how much I drink so I don't fill up with tomato juice/v8 and skip a real meal. Report
I have but I don't really drink energy drinks Report
Okay, is it just me or are others confused? Is V-8 fusion energy drink a safe, occasional option? Is the traditional V-8 a good choice when a traditional serving of fruit or vegetables not a viable option? (Yes, there are times when pulling out an apple or a carrot is not an a meeting, while cleaning, on mass transportation)
What was the answer? Are v8 fusion energy drinks good for you, or not? Report
I've never tried any of the energy boost drinks. While I deal with being very tired/fatigued/exhausted daily from various health issues, I have not thought to try any off them. I don't think they are something that would be very helpful for me & not knowing their ingredients would make me hesitant to try them. I can get a boost from a nice cold glass of 1% milk. I also use a B-Complex 3X/day & increase them to several time/day when I am stressed along with my vitamin C. I may not get the same boost by doing this but my gut tells me that these products are not something I'd want to try. Report
No, I do not drink energy drinks. I see no need for them. Report
V8 Fusion does not contain caffeine. It is not an energy drink. It is okay for kids or adults to have about 6 oz. of it a day. I think somebody has become too much of a purist. Report
I enjoy the V-8 fusion drinks, but not seen the v-8 shots. once in a while i will drink an energy drink, but not to much! Report
I personally do not use energy drinks because I am a coffee drinker and that is enough to get me through the day. Since I have not tried one of these drinks myself I can't really comment on their effects or danger. I have however, seen an increase in the amount of kids drinking them. Recently, I was working the concession stand at a basketball tournament and watched the coach give her preteen girls energy drinks before they played their game. I totally disagree with this because children naturally have more energy than the rest of us so there is no need for them to drink energy drinks. I think if anything the FDA needs to make sure these drinks are safe before they go on the market. Report
I'm glad there are a few people on here defending the use of energy drinks on an as-needed basis - and sad there are some attacking the intelligence of those who do consume these drinks. My work shift starts at 5 p.m., but my day starts much earlier than that, and there is not always an option to sleep during the day - with a dog to take care of and exercise, household chores to keep up with, appointments during the day (a perk of the night shift) and the continuing hunt for a job that puts me on normal hours, sometimes by 5 p.m. I am drained and can't imagine making it around the clock to 2 a.m. when my shift ends. I can't stand the taste of coffee and soda doesn't usually have much effect alone. The cafeteria at my workplace stocks the RockStar Zero Carb as well as sugar-free Red Bull so I'll usually grab one along with a small snack if I find myself in zombie-mode when I get to work. What's worse - consuming an energy drink or falling asleep at my desk or on the drive home? Report
On days I work two jobs, sometimes I will turn to an energy drink if I do not want coffee. I don't have one every day, so I don't see the issue Report
I would have to say no.

1. its way too easy to go over on calories by drinking flavored stuff

2. sometimes sweetened beverages leave you feeling very hungry

3. I think they're bad for your adrenals, liver, etc.

my 2 cents Report
No energy drinks or shots pass these lips! I am grossed out by them. I do buy V8 Fusion for my kids once in a while, but I am always after them to EAT their fruit and veggies; not DRINK it. I believe one gets much better nutrition from the real thing! Report
No way would I have a commercial energy drink!! Pumping yourself up with caffeine and/or sugar for energy?!? That's gonna kill you! I prefer my Shakeology for a more steady energy. No peak/crash like I used to get with the coffee and sugary things. Plus more vitamins, antioxidants, prebiotics... things that will get my body to actually FUNCTION better. No fake energy for me. Once you find the best, you never go back to the others. Report
Thanks so much for posting this Blog! I never drink energy drinks and have been suspect of them. I certainly don't think they're healthy. I might have tried the V-8 brand just because it comes from V-8 and has a serving of fruits and veggies in it. But, when I know I would have read the list of ingredients and when I saw caffeine, I probably wouldn't have tried it. Report
I love a sugar-free Red Bull occasionally. It doesn't make me jittery and gives me the boost I need to finish my work day, especially if the night before my 3 year old woke up at 3:30 am dreaming about monsters like he did last night.
After getting maybe 4 hours of sleep last night, I'm going to need a little something to help me get through. But I don't drink them everyday. Report
I do not do energy drinks, but I know I drink more coffee than I should. As for friuts and veggies, I love them! Not hard to get my quota most days. Report
Not for me, I can't handle caffeine in any form. It really messes with my system. Report
Energy drinks mess with my blood sugars so I avoid them as much as soda.
I find a 30 minute walk energises me just as good and it costs so much less. Report
Energy drinks play havoc with my blood sugars and the number of other chemicals in them I just avoid. I never did find any that had good taste so they are easy to avoid for me. A good exercise walking 30 minutes always energises me and it sure costs less. Report
water or non fat milk that's all I drink Report
Having worked night shift for 8 years I have consumed a lot of energy drinks in my time. I found it to be the taurine not the caffiene that keeps you more mentally alert and energized, which they definately do, at least the brands I regularly drank. There is no doubt they are bad for yah, I had one too many on top a few coffees one time and lost full feeling in my hands ands arms, no joke. After about a year I did go back to drinking one once in a while as "needed." these are not the same, at least for my body as the old wake up pills that sent your toes tapping at a hundred miles an hour, but they are definitely not healthy, but they were the best choice for me when I was not getting enough sleep, which was often working nights and tending to other responsibilities in the day time. They do work, though when I worked at a retail convenience store we would not sell them to young kids who weren't old enough to make bad decisions for themselves Report
Not for me! A V8 now and then is fine or a fusion. But real food is for me! Report
I totally agree! Report
Why would you put that highly processed stuff in your system? Eat right and drink plenty of water and you'll have all the energy you need! Report
There is no substitute for eating well!! It's only water and lots of vegetables and fruit for me. I get mad that they are marketing these 'quick fixes' and people fall for it. If you need an energy drink to stay awake, there are far deeper problems... Report
I love V8 and vFusion, but avoid vFusion Light and V8 Splash because they are not 100% juice. I can't imagine me buying an energy drink very often, although I have tried 5 Hour Energy a couple times (once because I was desperate, once because it was free). I suppose if I would want to try an energy drink, I would consider one from V8 first because of the juice in it. Report
I get so mad that my adult children waste money on those Monster & Red Bull energy drinks. They are just total crap as for as I'm concerned. Years ago they use to sell NO DOSE tablets which were nothing but caffeine, but at least they weren't the pathetic price that they charge for these drinks. I worked 3rd shift at the hospital years ago and one night I tried one NO DOSE and it tore up my stomach so I NEVER took one again. I got a "Sleep mask" and "ear plugs" so I could sleep during the day! Report
I do drink V8 fusion but would not do the energy one, nor have I ever had an energy drink. I do believe for some trying to eat there fruits and vegetables can be a chore and so then a vitamin and some V8 can help. The goal is to be able to eat your veggies and fruits though. Report
Oh, my goodness- no!
Why on earth would any intelligent person drink that crap?
I never drank any energy drinks, I prefer to eat fruit and vegetable on a daily basis. Some fruits where I live can be expensive but you have to try and purchase as much as you can. Report
Much better to eat your calories anyway. Never been a fan of the energy drinks. Some people think I have too MUCH energy anyhow! *LOL* Report
Today I saw a commercial for bottled water that said eliminating one sugary beverage a day will save you 50,000 calories a year. Naturally skeptical, I did the math. A 12 oz soda = 150 calories x 365 days = 54750. Closer to 55,000 calories!

For people who don't like vegetables and fruit and need a way to start getting used to them, I'm ok with V-8 or V-8 Fusion - as a start. Still, I think we rely too much on caloric beverages and not enough on good, solid freggies and plenty of water. Report
No really have no use for them. My husband drank a 5 hr drink shot and it kept him alert to finish our drive. I wouldn't recommend them. Report
I've tried energy drinks before and, like BLUEWOLFCHICK, my heart went crazy. It does the same with diet pills. Now I stick to a daily B-Complex supplement. Report
I drink a Rockstar every day and have never had an issue. 5-Hour Energy made me sick once, but I was flying from SF to Denver, so the altitude change played a huge part. Other than that, I'm down 40 pounds, so it doesn't seem to be hindering me. Report
I've tried energy drinks in the past but after feeling like my heart was going to beat out of my chest I stopped. Now I try to eat fresh fruit and veggies. I doubt I'll try an energy drink again. Just the smell of it alone makes me turn my head and say no. Report
Nope, I am a firm believer I got past baby food years back.. The stomach needs solid food, many people drink themselfs satisified the more processed the faster it burns off.. No win situation.. Report