Setting Non-Diet Goals: Helpful for Overall Well-Being

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It’s that time of year again, the time when people make resolutions, or in my case, goals. I’ve never been known to make resolutions, but I do like to make a list of goals for myself for things that I want to accomplish throughout the year. However, the start of a new year is not the only time I make goals for myself – I actually do this at least a few times a year. When I do make my goal list, I like to look at what I have accomplished so far and see if I need to make any adjustments to my current goals or add new ones. I see this as a list that evolves with me and what I feel is important.

Of course though, my list always includes goals that are health-related. Actually, that is what most of my goals have been in the last few years, but this year I am trying something a little different. While I do have some health goals on my list and will continue to work towards those, this year I want to put a little more focus on some goals that are not health-related.

As many of you know, SparkPeople can help you with your health goals, but it can expand to so much more into other areas of your life, which can actually contribute to your overall well-being! So, as I work toward my non-health-related goals, I will be using SparkPeople’s tools and resources to help me reach them.

For now, I am starting out with some smaller goals and will work my way up to some bigger goals. I will be adding these goals on my Other Goals page and to my SparkStreaks page to help me keep track of how well I’m doing with them.

So, what are my non-health-related goals? Well, I currently have two that I am working on (like I said, I am starting small):
  1. Read (for pleasure) at least 1 hour per week.
  2. Go out at least a couple of days a week and take photos just for fun.
Sure, you must be thinking, well those aren’t typical goals. That’s okay, they don’t have to be - they are specific to my needs and what I want to accomplish this year. These small goals will help me de-stress and have fun all at the same time, which will help with my overall well-being. Also, I miss reading for fun. I spend a lot of time reading things that I need to, but I somehow forget to take the time to read for fun. I have also found a great passion in photography. I continue to grow as an artist as I get more experience with taking photos for others, but I also want to go out and just take photos that are simple, but creative and fun – no other purpose besides enjoying the “me time” that I can get when taking photos.

In addition to those goals, I do have one other goal that I will be adding later on this year (once my finger is completely healed), which is to continue learning to play the guitar. I started that up a while back and as life got busier, I stopped practicing, and of course, then I broke my finger a few months ago.

While these goals are simple, they are still challenging for me since I usually run out of time for myself, aside from working on my health-related goals. Not having that personal time can make a person feel run down and not as happy overall. So while they are non-health-related goals by themselves, they do affect my overall happiness and well-being. If you ask me, it’s completely a win-win set of goals in which I look forward to reaching!

So tell me, how often do you set goals and/or re-evaluate your goals? Will you join me and set up some non-health-related goals this year? If so, let us know what they are!

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You seem to be in charge and realistic. Report
In my job, I have to assess my business plan at the end of every quarter, so I try to assess my personal goals then, too. This quarter's goals include the following:
Goal #1: To floss daily
Goal #2: To identify three or four more tasks my office assistant can do for me each month. These tasks might even include non-work tasks.
Goal #3: To date my husband twice a month Report
I have one resolution to be alive in 2013. If that doesn't happen then all other resolves I may make doesn't matter Report
A couple of mine are repeats from 2010 and 2011... get out the ice skates and use them at least once this Winter, and get on a horse for a trail ride sometime in the Spring / Summer / Fall. Report
I also have a goal to read more for pleasure. In addition, I am trying to curb my negative self-talk by saying a new positive affirmation daily. My current favorite is "positivity breads positivity". Report
I already started a calander to better organize myself and want to learn to play instrument and save more money by cutting back on stuff I buy than throw in a corner to rot. lol really! Report
My goals other than to lose weight are to save more $ and to take tennis lessons. Also I am very interested in counseling teen mothers, but for whatever reason it scares me. Go figure. I read something on SparkPeople yesterday about doing things afraid to help overcome the fear of it. Hmmmm. Report
I re-evaluate my goals frequently, average once a month.
I like the small goals you've mentioned - it's nice to know that somebody else does these little non-health related ones too.
Although, come to think of it, they are health related in a way - mental and emotional and spiritual health.
My own goal is to listen to some enjoyable music daily. It's uplifting and I keep forgetting what a difference it can make in both my mood and energy level. It's also very easy to accomplish :) Report
I'm great at setting goals, my follow through has been really bad. I can't afford health wise to do that anymore. I'm looking forward to a year where my goal is simply "Follow through". This should certainly be a solution to a lot of problems! Report
This year my goals are to put my to do list/memos into my blackberry as soon as they come into my mind... that way, it feels as if I have less to remember. Also, I'd like to find more time for meditation. Report
My non-weight related goals are: to get a massage once a month, and to develop a better budget to increase my savings account. Since I have accomplished a few big goals since starting Spark, I am much more confident in my ability to meet these goals this year. Report
I've never been particularly good at setting goals and focusing on them enough to meet them. So that's actually one of my goals this year - - to get better at making and meeting goals. It's the follow through that gets me - I'll have something in mind that I want to do, but then I get caught up in the routine daily 'stuff", and put off the small daily steps it takes to get the more distant larger goal, until the whole plan drifts away.
I've used the "other goals" list for a couple of projects lately, and it was very helpful Report
I love that you describe your goals as "evolving". I'm learning to see mine that way, too. That allows me to be more flexible in reaching them and makes them ultimately much more effective than static goals.

This year, I'm becoming more organized! Report
Find joy in the little things. And finally housetrain my dachshund. Report
I've actually come to my journey to get fit and healthy on SparkPeople from making and reaching goals in other areas. September, when I started, also marked when a garnishment on my wages for a very old student loan ended as well as when I moved into a small place of my own rather than continuing to house and feed adult children - both things I built toward over two years with various goals.

Even now, while I make the seemingly obligatory "weight loss" goal, it's the least of my concerns on a daily or weekly basis. Improving my walking, form, speed, and distance, is more important. Improving my ability to plan for and prepare meals is more important. Saving up money for a big purchase planned in early March is more important. Getting back into creative writing is more important. (No "goal" on the last, but I committed to a project that supplies inspirational prompts, about two a week, and I write to those.) Report
I always include a "non-health" related goal when I re-evaluate my goals. Including something relaxing into my daily routine is essential for my peace of mind and makes me a happier, better person to be around :) Report
Very nice. Thank you. Report
Thank you for a most inspirational blog. Report
It pays to be organized. Report
My non-health related goal is to spend time with friends and/or family at least once a month; to go somewhere fun or new. Also to talk on the phone to them at least twice a week. My schedule is always so busy with work, school (working on my Masters), and trying to exercise that I don't have time for anyone else. So keeping in touch with friends and family is a very important goal for me. Report
I made my resolutions last week and I will work on three each month and if I feel I suceeded I will move on to the next three. I also am trying to add some non fitness goals. I really want to be more positive and less pessemistic so I figured I would start with a simple small goal that would start leading me there. My goal is simply to say something nice and sincere to three people everyday. Report
I'm new to setting up goals. I never been the one to establish middle & long term goals, but I'm making it a priority this year to be more focused on setting short-term & middle-term to get to the long-term. I'm always the person who kind of wings it daily & weekly, so I've been reading the "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" & they've got some great tips on how to make your life more goal oriented & organized. Can't wait to see what this year brings! Report
My big goal this year is to recognize when I'm getting fearful, stressed, or letting something annoy or worry me for no good reason, and then do deep breathing to master it. Report
I am taking one month at a time - this month I am finishing a couple of quilting projects I have been wanting to do for a very long time. Report
I like to make sure my goals are measurable/attainable. And it's always good to evaluate every couple of months. There's nothing wrong with changing them if you need to! Report
I commit to saying 'I will think about it' at work, instead of yes. I also will set a goal to wear makeup to work. Report
Because I grew up with teaching parents and I also teach, I usually evaluate 3 times a year: August, January, May - the beginnings of semesters and summers. Evaluations include all areas of life but I usually try to only act upon 2 or 3 areas that need it the most. One thing I do to de-stress is to "de-junk" my house at least once if not twice a month. This always gives me a lift! We all change and grow, evaluation takes into consideration our growth and changes in vision for our lives. I know it is true for me. "And whatever you do, do it all to the glory of God." Report
I'm doing the same thing, lots of different goals but I didnt think to track the non health goals on my tracker! thanks Report
I do set up goals and usually work through them during the year because I let some go and start new ones. This year my health goal is to become healthy. I am not going to diet but live a healthy lifestyle. I am also going to work on not focusing on weight but how I feel. :) For a non health goal it would be to finish the job of purging my house, started and got the downstairs mostly done. Now for kitchen and upstairs. Also, I want to get caught up on my daughters scrapbooks. I am way behind! Report
The "Other Goals" section is one of my favorite SparkPeople features, and one which sets it apart. Checking off a goal and seeing a visual of how I am doing "sparks" me on! Request: I'd like to be able to move a goal up/down the list -- I group them together in categories, would like to be able to add a goal and place it where I want it in the list. SparkPeople rocks! Report
Thank you for reminder that we all need to set simple, yet challenging me time goals! Here is to your finger healing quickly so you can add your third goal to the list and a well balanced 2012! Report
My goal is to camp 2-3 times each month this summer. My husband and I have been married for 3 years in March and together for 5, we have never spent a night away from home with each other. Last year was full of stress for both of us, and it's time to de-stress. It has been so much fun setting up goals to get our camping equipment and researching camping options! We can't wait to hike, run his RC Boats in lakes, take pictures, swim, sit around the camp fire, dance to music on the radio... it is going to be awesome! Report
I'm looking forward to traveling (God willing), and sent my passport in to be renewed. Report